g idle oh my god review song omg

Fast take: (G)I-DLE’s ‘Oh My God’ song review

g idle oh my god review song omg

Now almost two years into their blazing careers, the six women of (G)I-DLE have learned to express and perform with the style and individuality of K-pop greats. On their newest song “Oh My God,” however, they demonstrate a knack for genre-bending with innovative—and haunting—prowess. 

The track’s intro rings through the air with the chilling aura of a horror movie soundtrack. “Beneath the dazzling sky covering my eyes / I run into your arms / I was drawn into the music and fell right into it,” Minnie sings, her voice echoing as if preaching to a church full of corpses sitting in the pews. A beat comes in, and the members play off of one another in a sonic dance of death, accelerating the tempo until a climactic drop in the chorus.


“Oh my god / she pulled me to the sky,” Soyeon’s vowels linger in the air, carrying both dread and desire over eerie, low-tempo dubstep. In (G)I-DLE fashion, the track quickly reverts back to electro-pop in the verse, and even dips into a rap break just before the second pre-chorus. As new EP I Trust’s chief lyricist, Soyeon clarified in an MTV interview that, like much of the song’s enigma, the use of feminine pronoun “she” is purposefully left open to interpretation. 

On “Oh My God,” (G)I-DLE sacrifices tempo for emotion, delivering their deepest, darkest convictions on a track that still fundamentally maintains the structure of K-pop sound. While the song carries a bit of familiarity with previous single “LION” and critically underuses members—most tragically, main vocal Miyeon—it makes clear that (G)I-DLE has a mission to weave art and pain into the fabric of pop music. As you listen to the outro, let yourself feel the pain in Minnie’s voice. She convinces you that, perhaps, love and pain aren’t so different after all.

GI-DLE’s ‘Oh My God’

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