5 Reasons To Watch Kim So Eun & Song Jae Rim’s ‘We Got Married’

With the departure of the Wooyoung-Park Se Young couple from We Got Married 4, a new couple is stepping up to the plate. After a slew of idol-dominated relationships, We Got Married is adding a new couple made up of two actors whose names you may not recognize, but whose faces you very may well. Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim are definitely a couple to keep an eye on.

The first episode with the new couple will air on September 20, and you may be thinking about watching. Here are five reasons to definitely tune in to the show.

1. This Preview

You don’t need subtitles to see how fun this couple will be. In just a few seconds, Song Jae Rim goes from being introduced as a charismatic man, fighting and riding a motorcycle, to being a complete dork who Kim So Eun is practically appalled by.

We Got Married Song Jae Rim Kim So Eun

We also see the couple drinking, initiated by Kim So Eun (ruining her sweet, innocent image), something that brings a more mature side to We Got Married. The two are already seen feeding one another and acting familiar, which looks so different from the coyness other couples have shown.

2. You Know Them, Even If You Don’t Think You Do

Kim So Eun played Cha Ga Eul in Boys Over Flowers, the best friend who falls in love with Kim Bum. Everyone rooted for her the entire show, hoping that she could win over his heart, and she end up winning over all of ours. She’s starring in the upcoming tvN drama Liar Game, and recently appeared in the Cannes Film Festival film, Mourning Grave.


Song Jae Rim, on the other hand, is currently in tvN’s drama The Idle Mermaid, but it’s his reputation as a tough warrior that has gained him a lot of attention. In The Moon Embraces The Sun, he played the loyal bodyguard Woon, and in Two Weeks he was the fearful assassin hunting Lee Joon Ki.


3. Song Jae Rim Is Really Sexy

There’s really no way to be less blunt about it. The actor has proved his manliness and charisma time and time again (while pulling off long hair), and if the two of them go to the beach in an episode, people will be very excited.

Song Jae Rim Sexy

4. Kim So Eun’s Variety Skills Will Make The Show Exciting

Kim So Eun has done variety shows before about her relationship with another celebrity, f(x)’s Victoria. The two of them showcased trends that 20-somethings would be interested. The first episode began much like an episode of We Got Married, with the new “couple” meeting one another anonymously and going to different locations on “dates.”  

5. Because We Got Married Needs More Realism And Less Idols

We Got Married isn’t really a place for idols. Idols are meant to be seen from afar, not in relationships. The season began with three idols involved in couples (MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Secret’s Sunhwa, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee), and it kind of threw off the whole show. We Got Married appears to be trying to get back to more “realistic” faux-marriages with this couple that looks like they get along really well.

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