5 Super Easy Last-Minute K-Pop Halloween Costumes

October 31 is a day for costumes and candy, but sometimes people are too busy to put together extraordinary costumes that need tons of planning. If you’re one of those people and you’re looking for some last minute inspiration, or heading to an exclusive K-Pop themed Halloween party, then you’ll need a great costume that’s simple, and that you can make from what you have in your closet.

An oldie but a goodie, Gee.

For many people, Girls’ Generation’s Gee was the song of 2009, and is still one of the most iconic songs in K-Pop. But the outfits that the nine members of Girls’ wear are so simple, just about every girl has something to work with inside her own closet. You have two options here- You can go the minimal look that Girls’ Generation dances in by wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a solid color pair of shorts and white shoes. Blow dry your hair straight, or throw in some soft waves.

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment

Or, you can go the skinny-jeans look. All you need is a graphic t-shirt, preferably with cap sleeves or no sleeves at all, and a a colored pair of skinny jeans. Throw on one iconic accessory, – a long necklace, a costume pilot’s hat, a fedora, a sequined hoodie etc- add a pair of killer heels and you’re all done. Britney Spears outfits in music videos can also be used as an inspiration to create an outfit and might make you look like a bombshell!

Costume ease level – 5/5
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 1/5

Crayon Pop’s helmet look from Bar Bar Bar.

For this one, you need a polo shirt, a short skirt, a pair of leggings that are the same color of your shoes and preferably the skirt (try all black if white is not an option,) and throw on a bike helmet. Add some white gloves from your winter closet, or else run to a local pharmacy and buy a pack of medical gloves. Put multiple ponytails into pigtails to get Soyou’s look. Finishing touch? Put your name on your chest and on your back with some name tag labels or use a safety-pin to clip paper to your shirt.

Chrome Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment

Costume ease level – 4/5, helmets aren’t always easily accessible
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 3/5, but people may theink you’re Yony and Zony, the two twins who appeared on Ellen rather than Crayon Pop.

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No More Dream-era of BTS

While Hood By Air clothing that BTS wears may be a bit hard to get last-minute, but you can definitely pull off the look. Anything black and white that you own, layered with gold jewelry and/or bandanas, the more athletic-looking the better. If you have a varsity jacket or athletic jersey, you just owned this outfit. For your feet, black-and-white tube socks pulled up rather than rolled down with black and white sneakers complete the outfit. Surround your eyes with thick black eyeliner, and, if you want, add a baseball cap or bandana. If you’re trying to be Rap Monster, sunglasses are a must, but if you don’t have his intense-visor type, just wear a black headband over your eyes.

Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment

Don’t forget to walk with swag! (But do so carefully if you’re wearing a headband over your face!)

Costume ease level – 4/5, it sounds easy but putting the outfit together and layering properly can be difficult.
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 1/5, people may think you’re just trying to be a random rapper, which is also cool.

Orange Caramel’s My Copycat

Again, two options here. Take a solid color dress, or tight shirt and shorts/jeans combination in the same color, and put large graphic stickers on them. Ideally, iron on stamps would be great, but then you’d ruin your clothes. Add white sneakers, cream eyeshadow with coral lipstick, a faux pearl necklace, bracelets, and big earrings– you’re ready to imitate the copycats. If you want to really rock it, match your nails to the color of your outfit.

Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment

Alternatively, put on a short jean skirt and a horizontal red-and-white striped shirt for the look from the end of the video. If you have overalls or a jean romper, that’s even better. Add a striped bow headband, and you’re all set. Don’t have one? Use paper and draw stripes, then attach it to your headband. Not ideal, but it works! Don’t forget the dark red lipstick!

Costume ease level – 2/5, the decals are a bit annoying
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 2/5, people might think you’re Where’s Waldo.

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in Fantastic Baby

Fantastic Baby has an intense concept, and you’re going to have to tone it down a bit. The first thing about G-Dragon’s outfit is the hair, which may seem like a problem, but it can actually be pretty easy. You may have to run to a drugstore for some hair extensions or, if you have long hair, red hair spray. You may need both, let’s be honest. Unless you have a black-and-white pinstriped suit, you’re not going to be able to do G-Dragon’s most iconic outfit. But there’s another one that will definitely do! Pull on a black beanie or winter hat, with a red jacket, a white/beige t-shirt, gray pants, and gym shoes. Red and white shoes would be best, but hey, there’s not much you can do last minute so just go with it!

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment

As for accessories, bedazzle (or put gold stickers/tape) on an umbrella, and put on some intense bracelets and necklaces.Add a smoky eye, with eyeliner on the lower lid, and the rest of the face pretty clean of makeup, and you’re going to be a great GD!

Costume ease level – 5/5, other than the umbrella, the costume’s pretty simple.
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 4/5

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7 K-Pop Halloween Costume Ideas

K-Pop artists and their music video ensembles make the greatest Halloween costumes because of their creative fashion. There’s everything from high fashion to concept costumes to the WTF looks. But if K-Pop music video and artists’ styling have one thing in common is that they’re always created with that eye-candy factor in mind while still being innovative.

And since going on Youtube means opening a pandora box of overwhelming choices, here’s our picks of great costume ideas that will make you stand out at a party or event:

1. G-Dragon

Despite G-Dragon’s personal style being high fashion and avant garde, for the regular public, his music video and everyday ensembles make the perfect costumes. He’s widely known for his innovative and out-of-this-world showstopping fashion, so focusing on only one look would be ludicrous.

Whether it’s black and white or full-on technicolor, GD has done it all. So if you want to be BIGBANG’s leader for Halloween, here are a few iconic ensembles. In Michi GO!, he wore a huge afro and a harness in the bathroom scene, while in Knock Out he sat on a war tank dressed in a studded leather jacket and knee high yellow socks. But if you want a more colorful look, Crayon’s laidback look with the Wonder Woman robe or Bad Boy’s iconic jacket with fur on the back are the winners.

Dressing as GD is all about being the center of attention, and these outfits will definitely have people looking.

2. Red Light Witches

f(x) red light fashion

This was the first time SM Entertainment’s experimental girl group took on a dark concept, making it the best (and newest) option for Halloween costumes. To tell you the truth, every look on f(x)’s Red Light music video could be a great costume (revolutionist? yes please!) But the most striking and memorable one is definitely the all black witch-like ensembles à la American Horror Story: Coven. Why be a sexy witch when you can be an editorial-yet-easy-to-wear one?

It doesn’t get more dramatic than the one eye lined, the eye-patch, or the porkpie hat. And bonus points if you include a burned book!

3. Orange Caramel Sushi Pieces

Orange Caramel is a group known for their quirky-weird overly-cutesy costumes, so the choices for Halloween are endless. However, “Orange Caramel on X video” is very expected. So how about Orange Caramel as sushi pieces, seen in Catallena?

The looks are very DIY friendly, given that they use print dresses to simulate the shrimp, mackerel, and salmon. The rice piece could easily be a pillow with smaller ones attached to it. And if you want to take it to the next level, be Catallena herself as an octopus.

These costume picks are innovative, and the accessories give the ensemble a Harajuku-like vibe. Even if your friends don’t know you’re doing an Orange Caramel costume, they’ll definitely get the sushi reference.

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4. Girls’ Generation as Flight Attendants

girls generation flower power flight attendant

Girls’ Generation are among the girl groups with the most iconic costumes. Sightings of fans cosplaying their Genie, Run Devil Run, or Mr. Taxi music videos are very common at K-Pop events. But one that is definitely pushes to the back burner (maybe because it’s a Japanese single?) are their flight attendant costumes for Flower Power.

Channel your inner Barbie with these futuristic stewardess costumes. Because if you’re going to wear a metallic dress, might as well be on Halloween. But other than the dress, everything else about this costume would be toned down. The girls’ styling is very minimal while still being their signature feminine chic selves.

So if you’re going to be SNSD for Halloween, go for the less tried options.

5. HyunA’s Golden Playboy Bunny

hyuna red fashion

The playmate costume is anything but original. And yet, HyunA’s stylist found a way to give it a new spin on Red. HyunA dons a gold metallic suit with matching bunny ears, statement shoes, and superhero bracelets rather than your typical store bought costume.

For obvious reasons, this look is for someone who’s confident about herself (or himself? No judgement!) and her body. The key to pulling off this look, just like HyunA, is all about confidence rather than a rocking body, although having the latter helps.

6. Reply 1997 Students


The sexy schoolgirl is also one of those standard, prepackaged, ready-to-buy costumes. But just as people have reinvented it to fit their desired theme (Hogwarts student sans robes, Britney’s Baby One More Time), this can also happen with your favorite K-Drama.

Reply 1997 was ahead of the game when they foreshadowed the ‘90s revival trend. And since regular student uniforms won’t be as meaningful by themselves, add the ‘90s pieces that made the drama’s poster stand out, such as Shi Won’s puffy hair pieces or the guy’s hair parted down the middle or any H.O.T memorabilia as accessories.

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7. B1A4’s Pizza Delivery Boy

sandeul solo

Just as Orange Caramel, B1A4 is also known for it’s kooky music videos. Consequently, their looks also follow down the path of the quirky cute. Take for example their music video for Solo Day.

If you have an eye for fashion, the Moschino bag he casually sports caught your attention almost immediately. But you don’t have to break the bank to buy this purse in order to recreate Sandeul’s pizza delivery boy. The outfit itself and accessories are pretty doable, while the purse and pizza boxes are a cool DIY craft waiting to happen. Also, if Halloween isn’t really your thing but you feel the pressure to dress up, this pick suits you given that it’s very easy to recreate. Plus, you get to eat pizza in the name of your costume.

Here’s an example of Sandeul’s Solo Day outfit done at KCON 2014 by a cosplayer.

sandeul b1a4 solo day cosplay

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