XIA Junsu’s ‘Flower’ Imagines A World With No Future

Is K-pop the future? JYJ’s XIA Junsu certainly thinks that he is the future. At least, that’s how it appears upon first watch of the singer’s music video for his latest song, Flower.

Flower is XIA’s first solo comeback song since 2013’s Incredible, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. With a rap from Epik High’s Tablo and lyrics about love, truth, and lies, Flower is already complex enough before the music video begins. But the music video takes the cake.

Post-Apocalyptic Haven? Or Horrific Wasteland?

The music video opens with XIA Junsu appearing as a despot in pristine white ruins among the rest of a dark, black world. XIA sits in a chair, wearing bright colors and having his hair and nails painted unnatural colors, while surrounded by lackeys. He is godlike, and the symbolism, golden eagles, stone lions, and thrones are all associated with tyrants.

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