BlackPink & 2NE1: Unexpectedly Different

On Aug. 8, 2016, YG Entertainment’s long-anticipated girl…
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Quick thoughts on K-pop journalism by a K-pop journalist

International news reporting, whatever the content, is always…

Op-ed: Trump, BTS, & the state of K-pop journalism

A few minutes before I planned to go to bed last night, I…
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BlackPink vs. 2NE1: The ultimate analysis

Around the time of their debut earlier this month, I wrote…
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SHY SHY SHY: Why Girls' Generation-SHY Needs to Happen

Back in 2012, SM Entertainment announced that the Nation’s…
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The I.O.I Debacle: K-Pop's Newest Conundrum

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How Beenzino Differs To Other Korean Hip Hop Artists

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The Curious Case Of Super Junior's Kim Kibum's Quiet Departure From SM Entertainment

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‘Unpretty Rapstar’ is Sexist & Promotes Girl-On-Girl Hate

[Disclaimer: This article is based on the first three episodes…