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What do you find at the end of a Rainbow?

The inevitability of my favourite K-pop groups coming to an end is something I’m used to now. The demise is nearly always slow with groups who were once household names dropping lower in the charts with every new release. So when DSP recently announced that Rainbow would be disbanding, I was not surprised nor was […]

Reviewing the Korean Film Archive: Sweet Dream

When Yang Ju Nam’s Sweet Dream was found in a Chinese cinema in 2006, it was thought to be the oldest surviving Korean film. This title was eventually taken by Cheongchun’s Sipjaro, a silent film released two years prior to 1936’s Sweet Dream. Sweet Dream does however, remain the oldest sound film in Korea that […]

DIA’s “Mr. Potter” Music Video & Song Review

Lesser known girl groups losing their unpredictability after becoming overnight successes is something that plagues my mind all too often. This was a distinct possibility with DIA, a group who were capable of profoundly weird and exciting music before their increase in awareness. Their first song since Produce 101’s and particularly Chaeyeon’s rise in popularity,“On […]

Artist Spotlight: D.Holic

It may seem like a strange to be writing about D.Holic given they are coming to the end of their promotions for “Colour Me Rad.” It was so hard to pin down exactly how they were promoting that I wasn’t fully aware when it was actually happening. Now that they’ve gone through their full swing […]