Let’s Discover: EXID

The five-member female group EXID recently made a comeback with Up & Down. And with their new single out, it seems like these girls should be receiving a lot more love, and this article will hopefully help build upon that.

Although EXID started out as a six-member group, they are now a five-member group with three original members. For this article’s sake, the focus will be on the current five-member group and their music collection starting from their debut as the reformed EXID.

I Feel Good. Everyone loves to say those words because it says exactly what you feel. And who doesn’t love to feel good? EXID chose to promote I Feel Good as their debut single in the summer of 2012.

The song itself is an upbeat club track that showcases the talents of each of the ladies of the group. The music video shows EXID enjoying their day and night after a few hiccups, but nothing too serious. Throw this song on at a party of the club and everyone will soon be singing the chorus.

After I Feel Good, EXID released their single Every Night, which was a completely different feel from the debut single. Every Night is a slower track that utilizes elements of R&B and pop music. It again perfectly showcases the vocal abilities of each individual member.

This quintet offers something that a lot of other girl groups do not. They have amazing vocalists (all of them) and rapper in the group. Not that other girl groups do not boast superb vocalists or rappers, but the quality of the EXID members’ abilities is above many other groups.

Let’s take a look at sub-unit Dasoni, made up of Solji and Hani. They released their debut music video in the winter of 2013, and although they did not promote the song or the sub-unit for that matter, one cannot overlook the amount of talent Dasoni has. They perfectly showcase their strong and controlling vocals with Goodbye.

As mentioned above, the vocal abilities and talents are not the only thing that makes EXID impressive. Their resident rapper LE always flawlessly showcases her rapping abilities on each of their tracks. That should be expected of someone who was member of an underground rap group.

In every EXID song, LE’s rapping is phenomenal. After she collaborated with BEAST’s Junhyung and Bigstar’s FeelDog on You Got Some Nerve, it became much clearer that LE can clearly roll with other rappers as well as with male ones. She showcases her unique sound in You Got Some Nerve and she more than holds her own on the track in the music video with Junhyung and FeelDog.

Aside from the talent of EXID, they’re just like the rest of us. They have an online series titled BUTBUT TV that shows the group members’ personalities and what they do during their time off.

EXID’s song Up & Down (release date August 26th, 2014) begins with a peppy saxophone that brings to mind Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty. The music video is reminiscent of an Orange Caramel-style video and the dance features hip thrusting as the ladies’ wear skin tight pants and crop tops.

Up & Down is an appealing and fun song with a strong beat that is perfect to listen to at a party or when you just want to have a good time.

EXID only debuted two years ago and they do not have an extensive music collection, but with their latest comeback and the singles they do have, it is clear that their talent is deep and it is only a matter of time before they gain more popularity.

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