Beast Excites Fans for Fall Comeback

With the release of their individual photos and group photo, Beast has announced its official fall comeback. October 16th is the day of their comeback, which also happens to be the date of Beast’s fifth anniversary since debut.

The images of the guys show them on an empty beach at sunset and dusk. The warm glow from the sun contrasts beautifully with each member’s fall-inspired wardrobe. Sweaters of gray, black, and white are worn and give off the feeling of the cool fall air. Boots and hats are also used in the photos, which again alludes to the fall season and gall weather. The setting offers a romantic feel to the photos with the warm lighting and, of course, the handsome men in each photo.

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Each individual photo, as mentioned above, takes place on a beach. Either the members have large rocks as their backdrop, or the actual ocean. Both backgrounds are simple while highlighting the natural beauty of that particular beach. Each photo utilizes the textures found in nature, which adds substance to the otherwise simplistic photos.

A video teaser was also released, which focuses on the same beach as the teaser images. Written on the beach is Beast’s comeback date, “1016” as well as, presumably, the time of release, “1230.” The music in the teaser is again simple, like the photos, and the musical notes have a minor quality to them, but toward the end of the teaser there is a possibility of those somber notes turning into major notes.

The waves of the ocean are also included in this teaser, which helps set the scene for the song. Yoseob sings the only lyrics in the teaser, “drive, drive” clean and crisp and beautifully teases fans. Whether the teaser is for their single or just a general teaser, fans can expect a great comeback.

Based on the teaser we can speculate that the song might be titled Drive and will be either a ballad or a mid-tempo song. It could be along the lines of Midnight or Shadow, that type of style and tempo, which have both slow and faster moments in the song. Also there’s the question of whether or not the ocean sound is included in the actual song or if it’s just there for the teaser. If it is in the actual song I can’t perceive it being continued throughout the song. Maybe only in the opening and/or ending of the song. No matter how the song turns out, it will be worthwhile.

Beast’s Good Luck comeback garnered a lot of music show wins for the group and further showcased the producing skills of Junhyung. The group’s fall comeback will hopefully play off of the success of Good Luck and give fans more wonderfully-produced hits. Beast’s 7th mini album may take a completely different direction from Good Luck, which will allow the group to further showcase their talents and that the members can effortlessly pull off different styles.

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There is also another group teaser photo with the word TiME in the middle with 12:30 beneath it. The way TiME is stylized implies that it is the title of Beast’s 7th mini album. 12:30 is still ambiguous because both TiME and 12:30 are separate hashtags. 12:30 could still allude the time of release or the title of the song. In the top right hand corner is the date: 2014.10.20, which is the date of release.

via Beast Official Facebook

via Beast Official Facebook

It also says Special 7th Mini Album. I did mention earlier in the article that October marks Beast’s 5th anniversary in the business. Maybe there will be bonus tracks, or a track specifically dedicated to their fans, or a golden ticket to meet Beast in each hard copy… we can dream, right? We’ll have to wait until October 20th when all of our questions will be answered.

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