Weekly K-pop faves: Sept 5-11

kpop playlist songs september 2016

While school’s getting under way for many of our readers, K-pop’s also starting off again. Although there were some more high profile releases, a few of our writer’s fell in love with new music by Clazziquai and K-Tigers. Take a listen and let us know what other songs we missed from the past week!

“#curious” by Clazziquai (Released Sep. 5)

After being absent for two years, Clazziquai and their smooth vibes are back with “Curious.” The track is the first single off their upcoming full-length album “Travelers” and keeps it simple by focusing on the feel-good melody. The trio is famous for their synth-y, groovy songs and this is no different, nor does it disappoint. It’s a nice little preview of what’s to come from the album, and I can’t hardly wait.

— Alexis

“Arirang” by K-Tigers feat. Eun Ga Eun & Microdot (Released Sep. 5)

Korea’s popular Taekwondo performance team K-Tigers began releasing original songs earlier this year, but “Arirang” is the first one to capture my attention. Based on the Korean folktale of the same name, the electronica hip-hop offering is the best K-Tigers have released so far and I’d love to see more like it. The powerful song gives the athletes a space to perform their choreographed moves (and a few members a chance to sing along with the lilting melody) but it’s featured artist Eun Ga Eun who steals the show. Her vocals act as the emotional backbone of the song and brings the power vocals that the team itself has yet to develop, although some of the members do show potential. (And if they were to just pull the vocalists and Eun into a group, I’d be alright with that too…)

— Tamar
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