Weekly K-pop Faves March 19-26


Last week saw a lot of great releases from K-pop, but our most recent KultScene weekly K-pop faves playlist found us in love with parody K-pop act BGA and a CNBLUE b-side.

”Who’s It Gonna Be” by BGA (Released March 25)

What started out as a parody K-pop group created by a bunch of Asian Youtubers actually became a legit(ish) one with their comeback release “Who’s It Gonna Be.” Featuring a familiar and somewhat realistic MV storyline (especially for fans of K-pop) as well as smooth vocals and much improved Korean lyrics, the release actually makes for a pretty addictive song. I also really loved the equal line distribution in the song, giving listeners a chance to hear the (less autotuned) singing voices of each BGA member. The talents of the various members really shone as well, with David Choi’s songwriting, Ryan Higa and Jun Sung Ahn’s directing and so on. This group is certainly one that I can count on to never take itself seriously and is pretty refreshing amongst regular K-pop releases, as can be seen by its surprisingly amazing performance on iTunes charts or on Youtube (it racked up around four million views within a day of its release) I can’t wait to see more of this group in the near future!


”When I Was Young” by CNBLUE (Released March 20)

CNBLUE has always been a band that I kinda respected but didn’t really love them or their soft rock sound. But this new album, 7°CN really impressed me and nothing stood out more than “When I Was Young.” The synth-heavy song is exactly the type of electronica-influenced poprock that I love, and the mellow sound–which honestly reminds me a bit of The Chainsmokers– hits all the right notes for me. I personally think that the album version is better than the live since songs like “When I Was Young” benefit from sleek production, but take a look at the quartet performing live:


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