Music Video Fashion: BEAST’s “Good Luck”

When it comes to BEAST‘s music video fashion, it changes for each songs’ concept. With their recent comeback with Good Luck, they nailed it with the styling. They really bring out the urban feel of the clothes and turn it completely into high-end fashion.


It’s already well known that throughout the past years BEAST reinvented themselves into fashionistas. They’re known for wearing the latest pieces by Givenchy and edgier Raf Simons, not only in real life, but also on their TV appearances and concerts.

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But let’s get to the point: When I first saw the video, I got instantly drawn to the fashion. Not only is the song good, but the styling is impeccable. We have already seen the varsity-inspired looks in other idols like EXO, SHINee, BIGBANG, B.A.P., and many more, but BEAST took it to another level.

The guys are decked out mostly in Hood By Air Spring 2014 collection. There are other designer pieces here and there, but this brand stands out the most. The band was very well coordinated and every outfit showcased each members’ personalities. There are mesh jerseys, dress shirts with the number 69, shorts paired with knee-high striped socks and amazing tennis shoes.

BEAST Music Video Fashion

Talking about shoes, which is one of my favorite topics in fashion, the boys wear a variety of brands, from commercial VANS and Converse, to high-end designer shoes like Rick Owens for ADIDAS. We also see Timberland classic boots that bring back the feeling of 1990’s hip-hop acts.

Many fashion houses around the world are being inspired by the 90s fashion. That particular era was full of sportswear, hats, and oversized clothing. The mixture of music genres also appeared in fashion, mixing hip-hop clothing with flashy pop dresses and grunge while creating unique styles.

Hyunseung Wearing Hood By Air
Now, lets take a look at the video:

styling, I’m really fond of the varsity style.  So this one is for all of our male readers out there. If you want to recreate a look similar to BEAST in Good Luck, here are some fashion tips and, if you want to shop the look, click on the pictures below:

Find a jersey or a shirt with numbers on it, put some gym shorts on (like the ones pictured below), find a cool looking snap-back, a faux leather vest, and the ever-classic creepers to get the look.

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K-Pop Fashion Icon: SHINee’s Key

SHINee‘s Key is already a K-Pop Fashion Icon among international fans since he’s definitely one of the most avant-garde fashionistas who stand out in the industry.

And even though most of the idols’ looks are curated by fashion stylists (Choi Minhye has been in charge of SHINee’s styling for a few years now), Key is one of the few that you can genuinely tell loves fashion. But can we really say that Key has his own style, even if it was advised by a stylist?  Yes, we can!  Not everyone has the opportunity to have a stylist advising them and he surely takes advantage of its perks. So how can we define Key’s style?

Key Wearing Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson Sweater

Throughout the years, we have always seen Key stand out from the rest of his band members. When he’s not part of a performance or music video, he always takes the fashion runways to the streets. Key’s style is a perfect mixture of new and old trends, and he not only follows them but sets them. Key is not afraid of mixing a classic Burberry coat with ripped denim jeans, a KTZ shirt, and Underground creepers. He loves to mix different styles like punk, preppy, and Gothic together to create a very fun and original look.

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In order to properly define his style, one word does not suffice for he’s constantly changing and mixing his looks. He loves his androgynous features and embraces his feminine side. He is not afraid of wearing women clothes and making them his own.

Key’s wardrobe contains many designers that he loves. You can always spot him wearing Jeremy Scott, KTZ, Givenchy, Moschino, Cheap Monday, CassettePlaya, and many more.


SHINee’s busy schedule never stops Key from attending Fashion Week.  He even walked the Jarret show at Seoul’s Fashion Week alongside his on-screen wife Yagi Arisa. 

Every time I see a new episode of We Got Married Global Edition, or SHINee at the airport, I can’t wait to see what Key is wearing.  He has become a fashion icon for many fans around the world. There are series of Tumblrs and fan pages dedicated to his style and many fashionistas acknowledge him as an inspiration.

The mixture of styles in his looks makes it easy for anyone to recreate them. Websites like YesStyle and Virgin Black carry amazing Korean fashion at very affordable prices.

key at fashion show

When it comes to his hair, Key has done it all. From pink to blonde, from black to brown, and every other color of the rainbow. And not only does he change the color of his hair constantly, but he is always changing his hair styles.  My personal favorite one is the blonde parted in the middle look à la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.


He even dyes his own hair sometimes. Here’s footage from SHINee’s One Fine Day:

Need more proof of Key’s undeniable fashion icon status, or just want to delve in cool pictures of him? Check out this gallery of my favorite looks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is no stop for Key! His fashion is so fun, and we can’t wait to see how his style continues to evolve!

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Taeyang’s Music Video Style Evolution: Real or Fake?

Following last year’s success with Ringa Linga, YG Entertainment announced early last week Taeyang’s upcoming comeback Rise, which comes out on June 2nd. And while the suspense for the beat, lyrics, music video, and choreography builds among fans, I’m left wondering about the overall style concept

Taeyang has had a few changes in fashion as a solo artist and within the group, but it’s safe to say that, up until BIGBANG’s Alive, the R&B influence in his style was there: from the snap backs to the baggy jeans to the fedoras. But then he made a major turn with Monster, which back then, I thought was just due to the music video’s plot line. Ringa Linga proved that this trendier version of Taeyang was staying. And while fans (me included) loved it and everyone received it well, including the media, it was hard not to notice G-Dragon’s staple all over it. This made me wonder, is Taeyang maturing as an artist or is he allowing his fellow BIGBANG member or YG Entertainment to craft him into a brand name similar to G-Dragon? Let’s take a detailed look at his solo concepts over the years:

His first mini album Hot was released in 2008.  His singles were Prayer and Only Look at Me, written and produced by Teddy. The R&B track displayed Taeyang in the music video shirtless, in jeans, diamond earrings, snapback cocked to the side –very à la Usher.

Then came his first full-length album Solar in 2010, also R&B, where he delivered hits like I Need a Girl, Where U At?, Wedding Dress, and I’ll Be There. Most of the aforementioned songs were produced by Teddy again, while I Need a Girl was not only co-written by G-Dragon but he also appeared in the music video and featured on the song. In this music video, we see a more sartorial look to Taeyang with the R&B-Soul flow. Wedding Dress has a good balance of casual and formal (I mean, he is at a wedding after all).



The last sighting of the Usher-esque Taeyang was probably in BIGBANG’S Fantastic Baby, where we saw him incorporate more color and vividness to his attire. It was then definitely gone by Monster. But I digress; I won’t reference BIGBANG’s concepts and genre too much since that’s a whole different thing.


Monster marked the pivotal moment where Taeyang switched styles, going from soulful R&B to electronic glam Hip Hop –or G-Dragon-fied. Yes, by Ringa Linga, his influence was apparent and probably due to G-Dragon himself producing and writing the song. The BIGBANG leader also had a few cameos in the music video.


Ringa Linga mixes EDM with Hip Hop and loses track of the R&B influence he previously had, musically and fashion-wise. On his behalf, it came at a time where R&B lost its popularity of the 2000’s and Hip Hop resurfaced in mainstream music. The only traces of the Usher-esque Taeyang are the vocals and dance moves –but even that became stronger and focused more on the choreography itself as an art than being sex on a stick.

Furthermore, both guys collaborated and created the TY & GD for the Stampd collection that included a series of shirts, snapbacks, and sweatshirts they sported on the video. They also wore pieces by Rick Owens and Givenchy to create a ghetto gothic look.

However, this change did not hit us with surprise. The boys had long paraded themselves last summer at Paris Fashion Week, where we spotted Taeyang wearing outfits that were far trendier than baggy jeans and a crisp white tee. Taeyang and G-Dragon attended all the hot ticket shows such as Rick Owens, Givenchy (his favorite brand), Kenzo, and more.

Rise will mark Taeyang’s third solo project, so what can we expect? I believe it will probably be the same ghetto gothic concept with some sort of twist. Maybe adding more trap like in CL’s solo MTBD. And, while I completely dig this look and sound since I am a fan, I have to wonder about the authenticity of it all.

Sure, K-Pop idols are known to be plastic figurines put on stage by the companies that manufactured them. But YG Entertainment artists are equally known for having creative freedom –or more so than most. Taeyang must have some say in his solo projects, right? After all, he did compose and co-write Solar, Wedding Dress, and Where U At and wrote the lyrics for Take it Slow on his own from the Solar album. Ringa Linga, on the other hand and as mentioned before, was written and produced by G-Dragon and another producer.

As I said previously, I’m a fan of this ghetto gothic plus the Hip Hop/EDM concept Taeyang has embarked with,  but I would love it even more if it came from his own creativity and being inspired by G-Dragon or other artists, rather than recreating what people in control tell him to. Maybe Taeyang has matured into a trendier, more playful style. Or maybe YG noticed that G-Dragon’s Coup d’état and One of a Kind were well received around the world and want to cash in on Taeyang as well. I guess we’ll have to wait until June 2nd to see what Taeyang, G-Dragon, Teddy, Choice37, and/or anyone else working for YG have in store for us. I know I’m eager to find out.

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