Lee Byung Hun taunts the public and Kang Dong Won in ‘Master’

The most intriguing moment of South Korean film Master comes within the first five minutes, when actor Lee Byung Hun preaches to an audience about the capricious state of public opinion and naysayers. While it’s a speech given by his character, charismatic con artist Jin Hyejang, it’s as if Lee breaks character from his role in Master to speak directly to the viewer.

“Even if there’s a person you trust and respect, when he becomes a subject of rumors and ridicule and is criticized by society, your trust in him slowly fades too.”

Lee has been involved in multiple lawsuits relating to his sexual conduct, resulting in negative public opinion despite the fact that he has more or less successfully crossed over to the American film industry. Master isn’t only about Lee Byung Hun (it also stars the talented Kang Dong Won and Kim Woo Bin), but it sure feels like the movie focuses quite a bit on his wrongdoings.

The question that hangs in the air throughout the film, thanks to this first scene, is whether the viewer can separate the actor from his role. Like many Korean action movies, the first hour is relatively slow and sets up the more blockbuster second half, giving the audience more than enough time to digest the film’s opening dialogue. Lee is daunting as Jin the conman, a bit crazed even. He takes pleasure in controlling others, enjoys hunting, drinking what appears to be blood, and has little problem with victimizing others for his gain. Clearly this is a character and not the actor himself, but the first few lines pull together fiction and reality.

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But just as villainous as Lee’s Jin is, he has a counterpart in Kang Dong Won, a police officer intent on taking down the man robbing thousands of people. Both characters are extremely intelligent and sly, but Kang’s detective Kim Jae Myung regrets the violence and pain that accompanies his investigation as he inches closer to capturing Lee. There’s a sense of desperation from Kim as he hunts Jin; every moment that he doesn’t have the conman in custody, somebody else is losing their livelihood and, occasionally, their lives.There are moments where Kim appears to be enjoying the game of cat and mouse, and the finale is positively cathartic, but the character repeatedly expresses distaste at how things are turning out. While Kang Dong Won is a terrific actor, Kim has no real backstory to support his intensity and overall this leads to the film feeling a bit lackluster. Master seems to have shunned the excess of sentimentality found in many Korean movies in favor of focusing on the action, to its detriment; it may as well be a study in stereotypes of cops and robbers.

While Lee and Kang are overpowering actors in their own right, their characters were written a bit flat and one sided. In comparison, Kim Woo Bin’s Park Jang Goon is the only character to go through true growth in the film as he contemplates how his past and future actions affect those around him. He tries a bit of double crossing, and attempts to use his charm as a weapon, but it’s never quite clear where his loyalties lie. Park is like the odd man out with the other lead two characters: he’s a computer genius and the mastermind behind Jin’s plans, but when he gets involved with Kim’s police operation he seems at a total loss. (Neither Jin nor Kim ever seem baffled by what life, and the other, throws at them.)

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For an action-crime film, Master is two hours of a solid face off between the law and the lawless. It offers Lee’s nefarious Jin as an antagonist for audiences to revile while Kang’s detective Kim is the eternal Good Guy, with Kim’s Park serving as the only character with any real depth. Master failed at giving either of the primary two female characters, played by Uhm Ji Won and Jin Kyung, a whole lot to do, as most of the time the men were pulling all the shots. There’s plenty of action, and some great surprises, but this cast deserved a bit better than the rather straightforward plot.

Master is directed by Cho Ui-seok, and was released in Korea on Dec. 21. According to Korean media, the film earned over $20 million USD in less than a week. It opens in the US & Canada on Jan. 6.

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5 Things To Know About ‘Uncontrollably Fond’

Uncontrollably Fond

Every few months, there’s a big K-drama that garners a lot of hype either because of the popular actors taking a roll in it or because the plot is something truly innovative. Right now it seems like everybody in the K-drama world is talking about Unaccountably Fond, the new show featuring Kim Woo Bin and miss A’s Suzy. The show premiered yesterday, so before you start watching we have a few things we think you should know.

1. Kim Woo Bin is a Rising Star

Rising? He’s already here according to many die hard Kim Woo Bin fans. But in actuality this is Kim Woo Bin’s first time as the main lead of any Korean drama; he was relegated to the second male lead role in both “The Heirs” and “School 2013.” After years of modeling and impressive roles in film (including my personal favorite “Twenty”), Kim is ready to transform himself into a swoon-worthy K-drama male lead who is set to romance a certain K-pop princess.

2. Suzy is the Reigning Darling of South Korea

The miss A member and actress Suzy (Bae Suji) had a breakout role in the film “Architecture 101” in 2012 and has been in demand ever since. “Uncontrollably Fond” is the fourth drama that Suzy takes front and center in, her first since she partnered with Lee Seung Gi in 2013’s “Gu Family Book.” Suzy has charmed the hearts of many South Korean and international fans of K-pop and K-dramas, and now it’s time to see if she can win over the heart of Kim Woo Bin.

Suzy also released the “Ring My Bell” as part of the soundtrack so make sure to take a listen.

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3. Writer Lee Kyoung Hee Is A Queen of Melodrama

While “Uncontrollably Fond” appears to be a simple K-drama romance featuring two popular actors, that’s not all there is to it. Lee Kyoung Hee wrote the heart wrenching 2012 drama “The Innocent Man” featuring Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Park Si Yeon. If that drama had anything to show for it, it was that the writer had no qualms stomping on the viewers’ hearts and putting characters in difficult positions If this lives up to Lee’s reputation, prepare to keep a tissue box close. Warning:  Be cautious of getting too fond of Kim’s character based on a life-altering issue we find out about in the first episode.

4. Director Park Hyun Suk Loves Spies

While “Uncontrollably Fond” doesn’t appear to be a spy drama, director Park Hyun Suk has a reputation as a bit of a spymaster between 2015’s “Spy” and 2011’s “Perfect Spy.” Does that mean that we want this drama to have spies? Definitely not. That would be altogether too dramatic, even for K-dramas. But it’s just something to keep in mind considering that the show is setting itself up to deal with mistaken identities, terminal illnesses, and who knows what else.

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5. Watch Until the Very End

As far as Korean dramas go, “Uncontrollably Fond” starts a bit slow. But within the last few moments of the first episode, things pick up and set the tone for the rest of the series. This is a spoiler-free list, but let’s just say that you’ll be itching to watch the next episode right away so you can see what past connection the main characters share.

“Uncontrollably Fond” is available on DramaFever, so head over there and check out the first episode.

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If Korea Remade ‘Game Of Thrones,’ This Is What The Cast Would Look Like

With Game Of Thrones returning with its newest season this past Sunday, we couldn’t help but wonder who would be cast if Korea ever remade the series with Korean actors. The series is one of the most popular ever in the history of television and is loved all around the world. The story is so strong and the characters are very solid, that’s why they’re beloved by many fans around the world.

We wish we could re-cast every single character in the series but won’t because that would be a huge list. However, we gathered the main characters for you and selected who could be the best to play the part. If you think this will be difficult to imagine, don’t sweat it, we even photoshopped some images so you can get the whole picture. So here are our picks:

Siwon as Jon Snow

The obvious choice to play Jon Snow is Super Junior’s Siwon. Yes, everybody wants to cast him on everything, but the man is perfection. Jon Snow is a very strong character that needs an actor that has masculine features and, of course, that trademark Jon Snow beard. Siwon is one of the only K-pop artists that we know can grow a good beard and look good, highlighting his manly features. We’ve seen Siwon already play period roles, so we know he looks good in an armor.

Siwon as Jon Snow KultScene

Nana as Daenerys Targaryen

Nana is the perfect cast for Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons. The character calls for someone whose beauty will shine through with or without makeup. Nana can show a sexy but innocent side that is required for the character. Daenerys is a strong leading character who is compassionate and beloved by the people who follow her. We have already seen this duality in Nana; her sexy and powerful side with After School and her innocent and softer side with Orange Caramel. However, the description of the character says she is short, and even if Nana is not of short stature, that doesn’t matter since that can be tricked during filming.

Nana as Daenerys Targeryen KultScene

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Lee Min Ho as Rob Stark

All the Starks are powerful, handsome, and honest men. We are already used to seeing Lee Min Ho as a leading man, and as Rob Stark, he could play more with his powerful side like we saw in City Hunter or Gangnam Blues and combine it with his caring side that we have seen in other dramas like Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs. The only thing that Lee Min Ho will need to be fully characterized as Rob Stark would be to build up some muscle. The character requires a lean but stocky build, so if he lifts up some weights, he will be ready to go.

Lee Minho As Rob Stark KultScene

Jun Ji Hyun as Cersei Lannister

We’ve seen Jun Ji Hyun play serious characters multiple times, and she has the acting skills to play Cersei Lannister; a very complicated character who also happens to be one of the villains. Cersei is sinister and crazy and deals with a lot of struggles. And as all fans of the series know, she has an incestual relationship with her twin brother Jamie Lannister. Jun Ji Hyun would be the perfect villain that we would all love to hate. Plus, her beauty is an important part for Cersei’s character.

Jeon Ji Hyun as Cersei Lannister

Kim Woo Bin as Jamie Lannister

Jamie Lannister is a very complicated character. He is one of those villains that have good intentions but are betrayed by their previous malicious decisions. Kim Woo Bin has a very powerful stare that demands everyone’s attention. As Jamie Lannister, he would be the perfect seductive villain. He is described as being extremely handsome and with great stature, which Kim Woo Bin is no stranger to. He would only need to dye his hair blonde and get green colored contacts to fully portray the role.

Kim Woo Bin As Jamie Lannister KultScene

Amber as Arya Stark

Arya Stark is a badass character that would be perfect for f(x)’s Amber. Even if the character is younger that Amber’s actual age, she is the perfect fit to play Arya. She is a strong character with an amazing personality and a tomboy nature and plays an important part in the series. Amber would have so much fun with this character, learning how to sword fight, fencing, and she would spend most of the time running around set and having a blast. Amber’s personality is perfect for Arya and she would surely bring an excellent quality to this fun character from Game Of Thrones.

Amber Liu As Arya Stark KultScene

Joy as Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark is a character that evolves throughout the series. She starts with an innocent image, and as events happen in her life and after being tortured and humiliated by the Lannisters in King’s Landing, she starts becoming a strong and powerful woman. Red Velvet’sJoy’s image is very similar to what Sansa is portrayed to be: innocent but also strong and sexy. Joy has showed exactly that in her group, which plays with the concept of duality very well. We are not yet sure if Joy is a good actress, but she has shown great performances within the group.

Joy As Sansa Stark KultScene

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 D.O. as Tyrion Lannister

Ok, before anyone kills me this is just for laughs. But given D.O’s short stature, he could play the dwarf Tyrion Lannister. However, he would have to go through major special effects and makeup to portray the role. But all jokes aside, Tyrion Lannister is one of the best characters in the series. We don’t know his real intentions since the beginning, but he ends up surprising us with how the character evolves and has all the viewers and readers falling in love with him. D.O. is loved my many and he has shown his excellent acting skills in It’s Okay That’s Love, where he portrayed a very troubled teenager. He would be great for the part of such a complex character.

DO as Tyrion Lannister KultScene

Do you have any more ideas of who could be casted if Korea remade Game Of Thrones? Or any other characters that are not on the list? We wouls love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

‘Twenty’ Is The Korean Coming of Age Film That Will Make You Laugh Until It Hurts

Twenty, directed by Lee Byung-Heon, premiered in New York City on April 14th  and quickly filled the theater with laughter and praise for the coming-of-age film. Twenty, starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and Lee Junho of K-pop idol group 2PM, is a story of three extremely different friends who struggle with first loves, family issues, sexual urges, and career paths.

Kim stars as playboy slacker Chi Ho who is obsessed with sex and has no goal other than to breathe. Kang plays type A college student Kyeong Jae who falls in love for the first time with someone already in a relationship, and Lee rounds out the crew as cartoonist Dong Woo who works part-time to support his mother and brothers after his father goes to jail on corruption, leaving the formerly wealthy family penniless.

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Essentially, the movie is about three men who have no idea what to do with their youth and who are nowhere ready to be adults, leading to many humorous situations.

The movie is a comedy with many poignant moments, highlighting the struggles and strengths of being twenty years old: Old enough to have responsibility, but young enough to make mistakes and learn from them. The three friends antics were full of humor but dealing with tough situations (bank account balances at zero, enlisting in the Korean army, heartbreak) kept Twenty grounded in reality.

Even while the situations are sometimes ridiculous, such as Chi Hoo deciding to hit a woman with his car in order to get her sleep with him and a memorable scene where he pitches a movie idea to a director, Twenty portrays these things as normal craziness from twenty-year-old men in Seoul who don’t really know what they’re doing with their lives.

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The three leads dominate the film, but out of the primary four female characters in the movie, Lee Yoo Bi’s character So Hee is the most captivating. So Hee, the younger sister of Kyeong Jae, brings youthful innocence to the film, a counter to the other women who tend to be a bit more bitter about their lives. She makes fun of her brother and his friends for things twenty-year-old men find natural, like masturbating and drinking, while still showing wisdom despite being a high school student. She puts the whole film into perspective in one line: “The three of you remind me of dumb and dumber, and dumb again.”

Director Lee Byung Heon, who was a screenwriter for Sunny and the director of indie Cheer Up, Mr. Lee, used familiar elements from his previous works including fight scenes and characters working on the set of films to help portray the confusion and exuberance of the three men in the beginning of their roaring twenties. The film utilizes a bright palate of colors, but some of the more serious scenes hint to Lee’s indie elements. The choice of songs for the soundtrack, particularly during a memorable fight scene towards the end of the film, adds some depth and additional humor to the comedy.

Twenty takes itself seriously enough to have a point as Dong Woo, Kyeong Jae, and Chi Hoo figure things out, but doesn’t do so in a way that makes it anything other than a feel good, laugh-until-you-cry film. CJ Entertainment and MOI’M worked to bring the film to the US, and there will be several showings throughout North America on April 17.

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Why We Love Kim Woo Bin [& Don’t Miss Out On A Chance To Meet Him]

Let us just start by saying, what’s not to love about Kim Woo Bin? But because that’s absolutely no fun at all, let us elaborate. Kim Woo Bin is one of the most popular young actors in Korea, and thanks to Hallyu, one of the most internationally beloved Korean actors. That’s why an ode to his greatness is completely called for.

Flawless Acting Skills

Models-turned-actors aren’t a rare species or an endangered one; it seems like this is a shortcut to fame. With that said, these breed of men are not necessarily the best actors, but Kim Woo Bin is the exception. However small his roles were in A Gentleman’s Dignity or To The Beautiful You, it was clear he had a knack for it.

why we love kim woo bin gif

via tumblr

And while it may take TV actors a while before starring on films, Woo Bin cemented his place in the game with popular movies like Friend: The Great Legacy and The Technicians. Sure he’s handsome, but if he weren’t actually good at his craft, he wouldn’t have so much applauded work. Moreover, he has range, for he can successfully play both dramatic and comedic roles.

why we love kim woo bin acting gif the heirs

via Soompi

Bad Boy Image

why we love kim woo bin gif smoking

via woobinizm @ Tumblr

We know, we know, he might not actually be a bad boy in real life, but he plays one on screen damn well. You can’t deny you weren’t torn between him and Lee Minho on The Heirs, secretly leaning towards the misunderstood Choi Young Do. Curse you second male-lead syndrome!

The boy has a niche, and being the bad boy is it. Whether he was the bully on The Heirs, a rebel on A Gentleman’s Dignity, or a crook on The Technicians, Woo Bin has the anti hero character down to a T.

why we love kim woo bin bad boy gif

via woobinizm @ Tumblr

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His Bromance with Lee Jong Suk

We might ship different idols together, but few are more popular among actors than the Lee Jong Suk-Kim Woo Bin bromance. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to where it all started: School 2013. This drama might have dealt with hardcore issues like bullying and suicide among high school students, but that didn’t stop the producers from showing a love-hate relationship between the two actors. The love interests were never the emphasis of the show’s relationships. Instead, it was all about Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo’s relationship and all of their bonding times.

kim woo bin why we love gif

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Being friends in real life successfully sold us the idea of them as friends, and we just loved watching every second of it. School 2013, because of Jong Suk and Woo Bin, proved that viewers don’t necessarily need a love triangle for a drama to work.

why we love kim woo bin school 2013 gif

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why we lov ekim woo bin gif school 2013

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Greek God-Like Good Looks

Now that we’ve established how talented this man is, we can get to the other main reason hundreds of girls around the globe drool over Kim Woo Bin: his handsome looks, of course. This guy used to be a runway model, for god’s sake! And like a pro, he still models in all of his dramas and movies.

why we love kim woo bin gif bad boy

via kimwoobinseyebrows@ Tumblr

I mean, can we all just agree that he’s too damned handsome for his own good? He’s as tall as a tree, has a sexy, chiseled body as if carved by Michelangelo himself, and his strong almost lizard like facial features give him a hot edge to his attractiveness. I’m just saying that even if we didn’t have something as wondrous as DramaFever, I’d watch his dramas and movies without subtitles just to watch him being his magnificent, talented, stallion self. But I’ll stop there before the thirst gets any realer…

why we love kim woo bin shirtless gif

via DramaFever

Because Eyebrows

As mentioned before, Kim Woo Bin has benefit for his atypical looks; he’s so strange looking that he’s absolutely handsome. However, it seems that his signature feature are his eyebrows. Who can forget that one scene on The Heirs where his character was asked to put his eyebrows away? Simply epic.

why we love kim woo bin the heirs gif

via DramaFever

They might be manly, big, and bushy, but the boy’s eyebrows are on fleek; actresses wish they had such game (which is totally on trend right now, mind you). Aside from making him look good, they are also part of the package as to why his facial expressions are awesome. A simple rise of an eyebrow can go from indifferent to mischievous, or even yet, seductive. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is sheer talent; whose eyebrows can have such duality and a personality of its own?

why we love kim woo bin eyebrows the heirs gif

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DramaFever recently released Kim Woo Bin’s latest film The Technicians. And if that’s not enough, the site will also host a Google Hangout live-chat Q&A session with the actor on March 24th. Unfortunately, only premium members will be able to have their questions considered. However, DramaFever is offering a discount for those interested in a premium account. Submissions will be accepted until the 22nd at 12:01 a.m. EST. To join, click here.

why we love kim woo bin the technicians gif cutie cute aegyo

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