The Soccer Idols: Doojoon, Junsu, & Minho

In light of the 2014 World Cup starting next week, I’m going to look into a few of our favorites male idols who cannot live without soccer (football). Being a soccer fan myself, it’s fun to watch idols play with each other and see a different side to them compared to their singing and dancing. Soccer brings out the competitor in those who play it and show each person in a new and attractive light.

The first idol I want to talk about is BEAST’s very own Yoon Doojoon. There’s no question that Doojoon loves soccer. He was even dubbed Soccer-dol in the idol world. His thick thighs are evidence enough that he loves to play the sport as often as possible, and could be a great addition to anyone’s fantasy soccer team. It is even said that he carries around a fold-able goal post, so when he and his members have some free time, they can have matches verses the staff and managers.

Doojoon helped his team score at the 2013 Idol Athletic Championships and displayed an array of skills and knowledge of the game. He is currently on Cool Kiz on the Block with fellow BEAST member Gikwang. They are only two episodes into the soccer episodes, but from these two episodes alone, it’s clear that his reputation as the Soccer-dol is known throughout the entertainment business and is a just title. It wasn’t until the second episode that he had a chance to find the back of the net when he was put on offense as a forward.

Doojoon’s love of the game is evident every time you watch him play soccer or talk about it. With this type of passion for the game, it’s no wonder Doojoon was recently named honorary ambassador for the Korea Professional Football League, or the K-League. He will help promote soccer in Korea while promoting the K-League with a series of events and online and mobile channels.

Doojoon Juggling Skills

Another idol I want to mention is Kim Junsu of JYJ. Junsu is actually the captain of the celebrity men’s team FC Men (of which Doojoon also plays on), which is made up of actors, singers, and models. That title of captain alone tells us that Junsu genuinely loves the game as well as understands the various aspects of soccer. Not only is he knowledgeable of the game, but his teammates look up to him as someone who will lead them during each game and each practice to enhance their skills and teamwork. Junsu’s skills, persistence, and thirst for competition, are only a few of the attributes that make him a great player and leader.

Finally, we have SHINee‘s Choi Minho. Anyone who is familiar with SHINee knows that Minho loves soccer. With a soccer coach as a father, why wouldn’t he? Minho is a very competitive individual in any sport he plays. Just watch some of the Idol Competitions and it’s clear he is there to win.

But soccer is a sport that Minho always goes back to and loves. I’m sure many of you remember SHINee’s reality show, Wonderful Day (One Fine Day), where each member chose to go anywhere they wanted for a mini vacation. Without hesitation, Minho chose England so he could watch the pros in the Premier League. From the response of his members, it’s clear that soccer is always on his mind. He even goes as far as to try to change the start date of his trip in order to watch a game.

In this episode, Minho looks like a kid in a candy store. He cannot contain his excitement leading up to the match. But the most memorable part for him was getting a high five from Queens Park Rangers player Park Ji Sung. Minho’s pure joy as he recounts the match clearly shows how much he loves soccer, whether he’s playing it or watching it.

I only touched on a few idols who are massive soccer fans and I know there are many more out there. Who is your favorite soccer-loving idol? Make sure to cheer for Korea during the World Cup as they take on the best teams in the world and don’t forget to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.