K-Pop Quick News 08/25/14-08/27/14

Staying up to date with everything coming out of K-Pop can be a hassle, but worry not for KPOPme has you covered with our new section, Quick News. This list will compile and summarize the top stories in the industry in the last three to four days.

Our first installment covers the most relevant news from August 25th through the 27th. Check out the stories below:

 August 25th

Dispatch Releases Alleged Texts Between Kim Hyun Joong & Ex-Girlfriend Implicated in the Assault Case
After Kim Hyun Joong’s agency’s, Key East Entertainment, statement regarding the assault charges and the ex-girlfriend’s police report didn’t match, Dispatch pointed out the differences, and sought and released a series of text messages between the idol and the woman. [Allkpop]

NU’EST Will Officially Debut In Japan
NU’EST will debut officially in Japan on September 5th with Shalala Ring.  [JpopAsia]

discover nu'est

SS501’s Park Jung Min Signs With New Agency to be an Actor
SS501’s Park Jung Min recently signed with Ji Ho Entertainment in hopes of pursuing a full-length acting career.  [DaebakKpop]

August 26th

Kim Hyun Joong Will Be Summoned for Investigation on Assault Case Next Week
Kim Hyun Joong will allegedly be summoned for investigation in early September regarding the assault case against him by his ex-girlfriend. Key East Entertainment stated that they would cooperate with the investigation.  [HelloKpop]

Kim Hyun Joong

Teen Top Announce Comeback Date with “Exito”
Teen Top will comeback with Exito on September 15th. The members are expected to show a more mature and masculine concept marking their coming of age.  [DKpopnews]

August 27th

Song Ga Yeon Set To Leave “Roommate”
Following in the steps of fellow cast members and literal roommates Park Bom and Lee Sora, Song Ga Yeon is set to leave the SBS reality show Roommate. The reason? She wants to focus on her MMA career. The last episode featuring the maknae will air in mid-September. [MWAVE]

Dispatch Releases Evidence Against Kim Hyun Joong
Dispatch published a series of documents showing the alleged assault bruises on Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend “A” inflicted by the idol himself. They show bruises on “A”’s chest, both arms, left buttock, and left shoulder. KeyEast Entertainment, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, said they’re sticking to their previously released statement: the altercation was a single event fight between the couple that got physical. Kim will be summoned for investigation next week. [Allkpop]

Billboard Hot 100 Song Might Have Plagiarized Composer Joo Young Hoon’s Song, Asks for Clarification
Netizens pointed out similarities between Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass (2014) and Koyote’s Happy Mode (2006), leading the composer, Joo Young Hoon, to ask for a clarification from the first’s composer, Kevin Kadish. International fans brought the matter to Joo’s attention after finding the melody, tempo, and rhythm very similar. However, others have pointed out that both songs drew inspiration from a 1989 song by Phish. The ordeal is currently being revised by lawyers. [Buzzfeed]

”Fashion King” Rep Addresses Rumors Surrounding Sulli
After a series of scandals and news surrounding Sulli’s hiatus from f(x), representatives for Fashion King stated that no talks about the idol not promoting the movie have happened yet. The film is set to be released in October, and representatives said that they haven’t checked with the cast about their schedules to coordinate promotions. [Kdramastarz]

Sulli Red Light

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5 Fantasy Collaborations with Non K-Pop Artists

Have you ever had any fantasies about your non K-Pop artist collaborating with your favorite idol? Some collaborations have happened before (the most recent one being Psy and Snoop Dogg with Hangover) but there are not that many out there. Having exposure outside of Korea with this type of collaborations would be beneficial for both artists.

Non K-Pop fans would be exposed to the idol, and if they like the collaboration, they will certainly research more about the artist. Same goes for the idol fandom being acquainted with the foreign artist. Here at KPOPme we want to give you a list of our top five fantasy collaborations that we would love if they happened.

 5. HyunA and Miley Cyrus

hyuna and miley cyrus fantasy collaboration When HyunA made her comeback with Red, Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop was undeniably the inspiration, so that’s how this fantasy came about. Can you imagine an English remix of Red featuring Miley Cyrus? The Wrecking Ball singer would add her signature raspy voice to the song and dance along to the sexy choreography with HyunA, and it would be flawless. The two ladies know what they have and they are not afraid to flaunt it!

4.BEAST’S Junhyung, Lana Del Rey, & Woodkid

Junhyung Woodkid and Lana Del Rey Fantasy Collaboration Lana Del Rey and Woodkid have previously collaborated together plenty of times, like the time he directed her video for Born To Die or when he sang with Lana her hit song Video Games at one of his first showcases. When you put together Lana Del Rey’s vocals with the raspiness of Woodkid’s voice, it creates a very special collaboration. Add Junhyung from BEAST’s powerful yet soft rapping skills and his creative mind, and we have a very interesting song. Plus, this trio could definitely create a very visually stunning video filled with beautiful imagery.

When Junhyung came out with his solo track FLOWER, you could see how much he got involved in the creative process. He loves captivating visuals, and his video is full of that. The rapper took a very artsy route for his solo project, making a collaboration with Lana and Woodkid ideal.

I can see this trio creating a very sad and powerful ballad, where Lana is the lead, Woodkid adds his raspy voice to the chorus and directs the video, while Junhyung also raps and produces the song. Here’s Woodkid’s video for I Love You.

3. HAIM featuring Lee Hi and Lim Kim

Lee Hi Lim Kim and HAIM fantasy Collaboration American pop rock band HAIM is the work of three sisters: Alaba, Danielle, and Este Haim. Their distinctive music style is a mixture of ’70s rock and ‘90s R&B, captivating the hearts of a lot of fans around the world. On their song The Wire, the ladies display their vocals, which would be perfect for a collaboration remix with powerful vocalists Lee Hi and Lim Kim.

The song is really fun, and fits very well with Lee Hi’s and Lim Kim’s personalities. Hearing their vocals mixed with the Haim sisters’ would be amazing. Picture Lee Hi and Lim Kim adding their ad libs during the chorus and/or have their own verses before the climax of the song. So good!

2. 2NE1 , Lady Gaga, & Beyonce

2NE1 Beyonce and Lady Gaga Fantasy Collaboration We can only dare to dream, but imagine having 2NE1, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce on the same song. It would certainly make the world stop or crash the internet. Even if 2NE1 is very popular around the world, if a collaboration like this were to happen, the exposure it would bring them would be immense. Lady Gaga and Beyonce are two of the most talented performers out there. Together with 2NE1’s stage presence and talent, it would make an epic song .

Gaga and Queen B have already worked together before on Gaga’s smash hit Telephone and Beyonce’s Video Phone, so we already know how well they compliment each other. Bring 2NE1 into the mix, and the potential track would be further complemented with Park Bom’s power vocals (which would balance very well with the mega stars’ voices), Minzy’s and Dara’s fierce voices on the bridges, and CL could smash everyone with her rapping (joined by Beyonce, of course).

Since their song I Am The Best was the one that brought them international recognition, they could come out with I’m The Best Part 2 featuring Lady Gaga and Beyonce. The track would be very fun and very truthful to the style that has made 2NE1 appeal to a lot of fans: strong lyrics, easy to follow choreography à la Bad Romance, and amazing fashion.

And while we’re talking about music here, I’m already picturing the music video… The ladies would all be styled by Jeremy Scott and Donatella Versace –in their own creations, of course. All of them have been muses to these fashion designers, so the idea is not far-fetched. In addition, who could say no to a 10 minute long music video with this army of fierce women?

1. G-Dragon and GRIMES GD and Grimes Fantasy Collaboration This is a collaboration that I personally have been waiting for desperately. Experimental Canadian singer-songwriter and visual artist Claire Boucher, known as Grimes, is an avid J-Pop and K-Pop fan. Furthermore, her music and aesthetic has a lot of influence from multiple Asian acts. She is a fan of BIGBANG and G-Dragon, having interacted with the leader himself on Twitter for all the world to witness their first exchange of words (which was every fangirl’s dream!). G-Dragon and Grimes Talk On Twitter Later, Grimes took to Twitter again to express how excited she was to meet him for the first time. Grimes Tweets Excitement Before Meeting G-Dragon Grimes is rumored to have worked together with GD on a project, and was even allegedly escorted by Mr. Kwon Ji Yong himself to her show in Hongdae.

Them potentially working together raise so many questions: What on Earth could these two amazingly creative and innovative persons come up with? And why is it not out?! Grimes is known for doing pop melodies that are filled with dark undertones and very obscure lyrics that range from feminism, alcoholism, love, and sexual assault.

One wonders how her creative ideas could pair with G-Dragon’s equally creative and twisted mind. Both of their imagination to create outstanding visuals would make the perfect collaboration. And whether the end product is a remix of one of their songs or an entirely new one, it will surely be amazing. g-dragon and grimes Here’s Grimes’ Genesis,  just in case you are not familiar with her work.

Everyone has different tastes in music outside of K-Pop, so do you have any fantasies about Korean and foreign artists working together on a track? Let us know in the comments below.  We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Let’s Discuss: Making Excuses For K-Pop Idols

Fans are what make any form of entertainment successful, and K-Pop fans are more intense than most other fans. In light of the recent scandal with Kim Hyun Joong, it has become apparent that K-Pop fans have lost their sense of reality when it comes to K-Pop idols.

K-Pop fans are known for being loyal to the genre, but also for being incredibly intense. In South Korea, overly intense fans are known as sasaeng fans. Sasaeng literally breaks down into the words “private” and “life.” These so-called fans are invasive and have a reputation of being tormentors more than fans. They do things such as following idols to their homes, sometimes sneaking in and vandalizing, etc.

There are also anti-fans, which torture Korean entertainers; there have been cases of idols who have been poisoned by anti-fans. One of the most infamous instances involved an anti-fan who gave TVXQ’s Yunho a drink filled with poisonous glue that nearly killed him.

Most people acquainted with K-Pop know about both sasaeng and anti-fans. So what is there to discuss? Well, there’s still the issue of delusional fans who don’t seem to recognize problems with celebrities.

No, not celebrities, but idols. This terminology is very important –Korean idols are treated as if they’re deified and held on pedestals, like the idols of a religion. Because of this, fans react in ridiculous ways. Recently, this week in particular, there has been an uptick in fans who seem to support idols’ illegal actions. This is, of course, in regards to Kim Hyun Joong’s accused beating of his girlfriend.

Kim Hyun Joong, Hallyu star and the leader of now-on-hiatus SS501, made headlines this week when his girlfriend of two years brought irrevocable proof of his abuse to police in Korea. While many fans around the globe were disgusted with his actions, especially when his company tried to claim that he and his girlfriend were merely being rowdy and it was an accident, many fans seemed to come out in support of Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong fan comments on official Facebook

Kim Hyun Joong fan comments on official Facebook

In fact, a battle seems to be waging between fans that support him, and have started to accuse the girl of lying to the police, and between the fans that recognize how severe domestic abuse is.

Even when Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon was brought into a domestic fight with her now ex-boyfriend, fans defended her; it was as if people couldn’t stomach the idea that Hyoyeon could get into a fight. Idols are people, and fans do not seem to recognize this.

Even when domestic abuse isn’t involved, there are always fans who ignore the facts and support “their” idol. Regardless of the fact that Park Bom had definitely been involved in something illegal in South Korea, fans from all over the world said that the 2NE1 vocalist had been wrongfully smeared across headlines —that may very well be the case, but many fans ignore the fact that these idols are human and should be reprimanded like the average person when they have done something.

Keep Calm And Support KHJ

The reverse situation reveals the irony of K-Pop fans; when idols do something human that is offensive to fans, it causes upsets—something illegal is acceptable, if it makes the idol look bad. But when idols are revealed to be dating one another, or someone else, fans tend to freak out. While there are some very well accepted idol couples (such as Lee Seung Gi and YoonA, and Nichkhun and Tiffany), other idol relationships have literally led to rifts in fandoms.

The reactions of fans in defense of idols when they have done something both illegal and morally wrong and to berate idols for living their lives, is a ridiculous situation. Getting upset about something happening to your favorite idol is all right. You can be jealous that they’re dating someone, but cursing them for being happy is not really appropriate (even though many fans do it). But saying that idols who legally do something wrong are merely being framed or mistaken is akin to saying that you’re all right with the thing that they’re doing.

The fact that fans have such a twisted sense of reality in regards to K-Pop idols, that goes beyond the norm of fandom, is almost dangerous and fans need to recognize that there is a problem when people make excuses for mere human behavior.

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Playlist Sunday: Danger

KPOPme’s Playlist Sunday series features different themes, and this week, we picked a single word to describe these songs: Danger. Every once in a while, we all feel it, a sense of danger.

This summer’s releases from BTS and SHINee’s Taemin were both called Danger, so there was no avoiding this week’s theme. In addition to the two recent releases, KPOPme‘s staff included songs by 2PM, f(x), and BoA that aptly fit into the theme.

Being a die-hard Shawol, I got very excited when SM Entertainment announced that Taemin from SHINee was their next artist to get a solo album. ACE is the name of his first mini-album, and his first single, Danger, was the perfect track for Taemin. He has always been a fan of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, and I love how this songs and video is almost like an homage to him.

The song has a very cool beat, and there are different genres mixed in that create a very unique sound. We all are used to see Taemin as the cute maknae from SHINee, but here, he gives us a very cool bad boy image. His incredible dancing talent really makes the amazing choreography shine, and you need to see the live stage for this song to fully appreciate it! The “Bbam, bbam, bbam” part is very addicting. And as he says in the song “It’s my showtime,” and it definitely is. Taemin’s time to shine is here.


Continuing on with the theme for the week, my choice is BTS’ DangerThe boys perfectly continue the theme from Intro: What Am I Yo You as they explore more of their relationship woes in Danger. The song begins will a somber piano and a haunting chorus, and then, all of sudden, we get BTS’ hip-hop with some beat boxing.

The song is calling out their so-called girlfriend like no one but BTS can do. They hit hard right from the beginning with Rap Monster’s hard-hitting rap, and Jungkook adds some verses as well. It then goes into Jin’s gentle vocals, as the builds throughout Jimin’s part, and then we get the hook/chorus, the meat of the song, with rock-inspired instrumentation. At first listen, Danger was not what I expected. But as I listened to it a second time, the song grew on me immensely, and the video shows off BTS’ amazingly in sync dance moves.

– Tara

f(x) definitely was in danger when they released Pinocchio, as they fell victim to the throngs of love and fascination with their sweetheart. The song’s title seems to refer to their inability to confess the truth of their obsession with their love, and that’s quite a dangerous situation. Besides the meaning behind this song, it’s quite addicting and just a great listen, especially if you need a quick picker-upper for your day.

The music video might not make that much sense, but the dance is really fun! It’s not the most difficult choreography, especially in the chorus, so it’s an enjoyable experience trying to follow along. While the fashion styling was a little interesting at some parts, the ladies still rocked this concept and it’s one of their most iconic songs.


Taking the danger concept a little further, what about dangerous people and situations? This week, I picked 2PM’s Dangerous out of their album Grown, which showcased a more mature side of the guys than in previous releases. Dangerous talks about how much they want a girl, and how this desire is, well, dangerous. .

The track is an easy listen not cluttered with over-produced sounds. It complements the guys’ vocals and image perfectly –that whole tough guy with a soft heart concept, that is. I definitely enjoy this song when I want something more calm than, say, Hands Up.


In celebration of her tenth anniversary in 2010, BoA released her album Hurricane Venus, and on that album is one of my favorite BoA songs, Dangerous. The electric style of the song was conducive for the singer to show off her amazing dancing skills. With a heavy beat, BoA’s throaty voice declares how she learned from her “dangerous experience” with a guy.

BoA exudes power during the performance, with her dance moves being both feminine and powerful. The song is heavily auto-tuned, but with solo artists, it’s usually easier to tell when someone is singing live. That’s the case with this performance; BoA’s live singing feels almost electric, as if the song’s style is just meant to meld with her voice. When people say that K-Pop’s girl groups are just sexy or cute, BoA’s Dangerous definitely make it clear that female singers can perform just as powerful stages as any male idol.


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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/17/14-08/23/14

The middle of August brought a lot of amazing comebacks from some of K-Pop’s top stars. Even though it’s the middle of the summer, many stars were active and released amazing songs.

KARA returned with a new member in Mamma Mia, Orange Caramel made an interactive music video, and we also saw comebacks by BTS, Sunny Hill, Jay Park, Boohwal, and many other great releases.

Music Videos

KARA – Mamma Mia

Orange Caramel- Copycat

BTS – Danger

Big Byung (Big Bottle) – Stress Come On (Yook Sungjae of BTOB, N & Hyuk of VIXX, and Jackson of GOT7)

Boohwal – In Love

Sunny Hill – Monday Blues

Jay Park – The Promise

JJCC – BingBingBing

SKULL – Ooh Baby

Peppertones – Thank You

Melody Day – You’re My Everything (You Are My Destiny OST)

Girls 2 School – Hands In The Air

In The Soul – Losing You Official


Humming Urban Stereo – Side Kick Highlight

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Artist Spotlight: HISTORY

Debuting in 2013 with Dreamer, HISTORY is a great group that hasn’t gained as much popularity as it deserves.

When LOEN Entertainment (now known as 1theK) announced its first boy group, there was a lot of anticipation. This would be the first male idol group coming out of LOEN, which produces IU, Sunny Hill, Fiestar, and several of the Brown Eyed Girls’ solo songs. As a result, the Korean entertainment industry knew that the new group would have its own unique style.

LOEN advertised its upcoming group as an “alternative group” to the usual idols

HISTORY was introduced via several teaser videos, beginning with “Do You Know Us?” which starred IU. Next came a set of teasers called, “Real Dating Tip Book,” where each member gave comical advice about dating. However, instead of being helpful, the members acted out the exact things that would disgust the object of their affection.

The quintet debuted on April 26, 2013 with Dreamer, a song with a big band sound that seems more suited for Broadway than K-Pop. IU narrated the song, and Son Dambi appeared in the music video.

While Dreamer was HISTORY’s debut song, the public already knew several of the members. Leader Song Kyungil was well known as a dancer, who appeared in several of IU’s performances; he was also known to be friends with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and T.O.P.  Rapper Kim Si Hyoung had appeared in the third season of Ulzzang Shidae while main vocalist Jang Yi Jeong had become a smash hit on Birth of A Great Star 2; Na Do Kyun went by the name “Na Yul” when he was a member of the rock-ballad group Buzz. Only Kim Jae Ho hadn’t been known in the past.

HISTORY’s first comeback was the following August, with Tell Me Love. In comparison to Dreamer, Tell Me Love is a much more typical dance song. The video, like so many Korean music videos, had the members in stylish outfits and dancing on a single set.

In November, HISTORY announced yet another comeback, with the mini album Blue Spring. HISTORY filmed the music video for title song What Am I To You in Germany, and featured yet another side to HISTORY; Dreamer was a showtune, and Tell Me Love was a dance song, but What Am I To You is a Latin-inspired pop song that featured the members as bad boys living the rough life. The video had a 19+ rating for drugs and violence, which is rare for rookie idol groups to discuss.

After the Blue Spring comeback, Jang Yi Jeong featured on IU’s self-composed song, Friday. The sweet song emphasizes both IU and Jang Yi Jeong’s vocals and showed a different side to HISTORY’s youngest member. (IU recently sung the song with Teen Top’s Niel at KCON.)

HISTORY made their 2014 comeback only after several months of not hearing from them—the group made a comeback in June with Psycho. The song and music video are most thematically similar to What Am I To You, showing HISTORY’s darkside.

However, each song from HISTORY has a unique sound and style, and this latest song was influenced by the classic Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho; the members depict a man suffering from multiple personality disorder who is obsessed with a woman. The song is haunting, and the dance is one of the sexiest to come out of K-Pop this year.

HISTORY has also starred in a handful of variety shows featured on Loen Entertainment/1TheK’s YouTube page, but has yet to star in any popular variety shows or dramas.  Hopefully HISTORY’s unique style and talented members will get more attention soon, so that fans can see more from the members.

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Let’s Discover: Exit

The power of the Internet is unbelievable. I didn’t know about this group until recently. And by recently, I mean a few minutes before sitting down to write this article. But, as I listened to a video of a cappella group Exit, I wanted to write about them for a number of reasons. So let’s get started:

Who is Exit?

Exit is a five-member a cappella group who just released their first mini album on August 12th. But looking at their YouTube channel, it’s clear that they began to “promote” themselves well before the release of their mini. They have been on YouTube for three years, but are only now gaining commercial recognition. Their channel consists of a cappella covers of famous Korean and Western artists. Each video shows a bit of the members’ personality and is a great way for people to see the talent these guys have.

They also sing in English. It may not be perfect English, but does that really matter? No, it does not. Exit’s English is perfectly understandable and the fact that everything you hear is created with just these five guys’ voices is more than enough to overlook mispronunciations. It’s not important. What is important is that native English speakers can understand them and therefore feel more connected to them than other groups. They are marketing themselves to English speakers as well as Korean speakers.

Obviously choosing popular songs to cover will also increase their views online and therefore their name will (theoretically) spread around the internet and thus popularity will ensue. It will be difficult for Exit to break into the K-Pop scene, which may not even be their goal. But the fact that 1theK uploaded one of their videos makes it seem like they want to broaden their fan base.

Why should you care about Exit:

You should care about Exit because, well, they’re talented. There are A LOT of talented K-Pop groups, artists, individuals out there now, but Exit brings things to a whole new level. They are the first a cappella group (that I am aware of) that is being promoted by a large company, 1theK (even if it’s only one video). In the about section of the video of Exit, 1theK states:

[K-POP Rare Clip] introduces various videos from artists in diverse genres including pop, indie, hip-hop, R&B, jazz.

From their videos online, Exit definitely deserves to have their music and talent shared in Korea and around the world. 1theK is helping to shed light on a cappella in general, and on Exit in particular. These five men use only their voices to create music. They are the instruments, the vocals, and they create an atmosphere of joy with these amazing talents.

A cappella groups in general are obviously full of talented individuals and Exit is no exception. So why should you care about them? Because they are a Korean a cappella group that have been around for a while, but are just releasing their first mini album and getting recognition for their talents online.

Each member not only adds to the production of the song, but they also lend their vocals. In some a cappella groups there are people who are strictly vocals, but Exit utilizes everyone’s voices and vocals to create beautiful harmonies and performances.

Even if you are not a fan of a cappella groups or are only into K-Pop, you should take some time to listen to Exit. Their skills and talent will entice you to watch more of their videos and hopefully you will become a new fan and explore their music collection. I leave you with this:

Are you a fan of a cappella groups? What groups are your favorite (any nationality)? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Let’s Discuss: WINNER As A New Type Of Idol

It may be a bit of a stretch, but YG Entertainment’s latest group WINNER may be introducing a new era to the K-Pop idol genre. But this isn’t the first group to have done that, and it won’t be the last.

The K-Pop genre as a whole is split into segments, generally based on the current trend for male idols. The concept defined by each era is not definite, and there are, of course, exceptions to the rules. These are general, widely-accepted viewpoints of what defines different periods in K-Pop male idol groups.

[Disclaimer: Please note that I am loosely using the term “generation,” due to the fact that these differences have happened over time. However, there is, of course, overlap.]

Original male idol groups (Seo Taeji and Boys aside) H.O.T, g.o.d, SHINHWA, etc. all had similar concepts; they had masculine charm. Idol groups from the second generation, like Super Junior, TVXQ, SS501, and BIGBANG, had pretty, flower-boy concepts; sometimes they pull out more masculine concepts, but fashion is always important for male idols ever since the second generation.

The third generation began with 2PM, who redefined manliness to mean “beastly,” for the lack of a better word. BEAST and MBLAQ are two other male idol groups that followed this trend.

The fourth generation of idols is defined by androgynous-ness and youthfulness, with groups like SHINee, INFINITE, and Teen Top having members who can easily pass for girls. This conceptual era is a bit different from the earlier flower boys, who still were more “handsome boyfriend” material; the newer groups are fashionable and pretty for the sake of being fashionable and pretty.

The fifth type includes groups like B.A.P and Block B, who debuted with powerful images, most similar to the original idol groups, but perhaps without the lack of theatrics and a more powerful message.

It would seem that all the different concepts have gone through their period, and we will see the cycle repeat, but there is always something new under the sun, and WINNER has proven just that.

[Disclaimer: I did not watch even a single episode of Who Is Next: WIN. I expected, as I believe many people did, that YG Entertainment would promote the group as the next generation of BIGBANG. I was very wrong.]

WINNER debuted with two songs, Color Ring and Empty. Idols in general, especially ones from YG, debut with songs that are more suited to a club than to a rainy day. Even idol groups like JJCC, who debuted with more ballad-sounding songs, have some sort of dance beat to the song; a complete debut without any dance songs is very rare.

The songs are not unique among the K-Pop genre; there’s no reason idol groups can’t produce rap/r&B/pop medleys. BIGBANG’s songs like Blue and Bad Boy are part of this genre. But to debut with a video like this seems like a statement done on purpose in order to differentiate WINNER from the rest of the debuting groups. And it did just that, but so much more.

Concepts overlap, but when one iconic idol group does something different from previous idol groups, it sets trends. WINNER, a high profile group from YG Entertainment ,is in the perfect position to do that; to start a new trend of debuting idol groups that focus more on melodies of song and a sentimental image. Sentimental, of course, is the key word.

Stylistically aside, WINNER also dresses a lot more like an average Korean in Empty and Color Ring than most idol groups do. There’s no real synchronization, no overly fashionable outfits. In fact, in comparison to YG’s top boy band, BIGBANG, this is as far as YG could get.

So, why? BIGBANG is immensely popular, and on Who Is Next, the group’s seemed to create typical YG Entertainment dance songs (I listened to the two team’s final songs to make sure I knew what I’d expect from WINNER).

Why would YG Entertainment debut something so stylistically new, and, essentially, simple? Not that the songs are simple musically; but they are a lot less flashy than songs coming out of SM Entertainment and JYP nowadays.

Because simplicity is now favored in South Korea; the most popular songs in Korea recently are by another seemingly incongruous YG Entertainment act, AKMU. The simplicity of AKMU’s songs is very similar to WINNER’s debut sound.

But while AKMU is recognized to be an artist, WINNER is most definitely an idol group. Idol groups have been consistently topped on Korean music charts by indie artists like Roy Kim, Busker Busker, etc. As Korean music tastes turn more towards indie and alternative sounds than to traditional K-Pop, the trend of K-Pop will be to produce more artistic songs.

There is no doubt that WINNER is a complete idol group; YG Entertainment trained the members, produced them to perfection. WINNER’s songs debuted at the top of the charts, partially due to the group and YG’s popularity, but also because the sound is more reflective of popular taste than other recent K-Pop debuts.

It’s expected that WINNER comes out with a dance song in a more typical K-Pop group style in the future; idol groups tend to do really well with catchy songs. But while many groups focus on international markets nowadays, WINNER is the type of idol group that South Korea needs, and YG Entertainment has read the signs. More idol companies will follow the trend that YG sets.

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Playlist Sunday: Co-Ed Duet Version

Since we focused on girls and guys the past couple of weeks for Playlist Sunday, we thought this week we would merge the two and showcase some of our favorite duets by male and female artists. Our list goes from power ballads to up-tempo jams, but all in all, some great picks from even greater performers.

Eric Nam and SPICA’s Boa Kim paired up for a simple yet beautiful cover of A Great Big World’s Say Something at the beginning of this year, and it’s definitely my pick for this week. From the somber video to the great combination of their voices, what’s not to like about this pair? I really like how their vocal tones, while different from A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s, still retain the feeling of the song. They add just a hint of that uniqueness that brings this piece together in their own special way. Also, they’re really cute at the end of the clip, so that’s a bonus!


G-Dragon and Jennie Kim sing about the dark side of love in Black. There are two versions of Black on GD’s Coup D’Etat album, the second with Sky Ferreira, but I prefer the version with Jennie Kim. To me, her voice carries more raw emotion, which is a perfect fit for this song. GD’s frustrations are apparent as he raps the verses. This song is simple in musicality and at first glance in vocals as well. But both GD and Jennie Kim carry in their voices the emotions needed for this song.


7989 is a sad love song that combines two of SM Entertainment’s top voices, Kangta and Taeyeon, to tell the story of a couple that is in love with one another but doesn’t confess. The lyrics are heartfelt, addressing a situation where both is aware of his/her own emotions, but not confident enough to say that they want to spend more time together with the other, that they don’t want the other looking at anyone else. Their evocative vocals make the confusing yet touching situation clear, even if the listener is unaware of what the lyrics mean.

Although the two never released a music video for the song, they have performed it together, and Kangta has performed it at several SMTOWN concerts with various artists (including f(x)’s Sulli and Go Ara). Fans probably want to now see Taeyeon perform it with her boyfriend, EXO’s Baekyeon, but the song is firmly Kangta’s, so it seems a bit unlikely. Regardless of who is singing it, the song is a beautiful one that any listener can enjoy.


The first time I heard My Ear’s Candy was at this year’s L.A. Korea Festival. I had no idea who Baek Ji Young was, but I knew I wanted to go to the restroom before, let’s say, INFINITE or 2PM came out. But then, the latter’s Taecyeon came out wearing a plastic-y hot pink button down shirt, ridiculous but hot at the same time, I just had to stay and watch the performance.

The plot of the video seems to be set in the future, judging by Taecyeon’s series of similar futuristic ensembles that highlight his hotness. My favorite look is the white suit with silver lipstick, swoon! Oh, and Ji Young looks lovely too… Moreover, the duo seems like they’re close, so the dance moves where they caress each other don’t seem awkward.

Despite the video and even beat seeming incredibly dated by now (song came out in 2009), it still has a good ring to it and is as catchy as ever. Besides, the hook where they alternate saying “I love you” in four different languages is fun to sing along to.


Henry’s 1-4-3 (I Love You) brings me back so many good memories. Not only did I love that song when I first heard it on the album, but then, it was announced that he was doing a duet with one of my favorite f(x) member Amber. I got really excited. Both of them have amazing personalities, and, at that time, I thought it was going to be an amazing match.

When the song first came out, I blasted it out loud every weekend in my car. Then KCON 2013 came and I had the chance to witness the live version of the song. Even if Amber only comes at the end of the song to rap, it is a very memorable duet to me. I really love the beat and how well both of them compliment each other.


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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/10/14-08/16/13

In case you may have missed some of the latest released songs and music videos, KPOPme has you covered. Here’s a look at all of the K-Pop releases from the second week of August.

This week was filled with high profile releases, including the two debut MVs from YG Entertainment‘s new group WINNER, and SM Entertainment’s new solo release from SHINee‘s Taemin. Girl group SECRET also made a comeback, and the Peppertones released several music videos that you can’t help but loving.

[Music Video]

Taemin – Danger

WINNER – Empty

WINNER- Color Ring

SECRET – I’m In Love

ESNA – I Love You

Peppertones – New Chance

Ian Thomas & Tiny-G – Love X 4 Remix

Hong Junghee – Scenery

Tae & E.SANG – How Much Will Come

EVE –Mystery Love

Peppertones –Youth

Peppertones –I Don’t Know

Peppertones –Good Morning Sandwichman

Mayson The Soul- 6 to 9 feat. Loco

Jace – My Serenade

The Vinylhouse – Just Dream


Park Ga Eul – Help Earth

Bobby – Go

Vasco- Guerilla’s Way

Wheesung – For You (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

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