Playlist Sunday: Hard to Forget

It’s no secret that we at KPOPme are all avid K-Pop fans, just like you, who follow all the new releases and enjoy the old ones. That’s why every Sunday we’ll bring you a small playlist of songs that the writers have been listening to all week. These can be chart topping hits, non-single gems, well-loved classics, or pretty much anything that we’d like to share with our readers. This week, the writers have enjoyed G-Dragon, Orange Caramel, Hong Dae Kwang, EXO-K, and SPICA. Check out our list below.

G-Dragon’s Coup d’état album came out in September, but I only started listening to it last week. I listened to it the whole way through and as soon as R.O.D. came on I was in love with it.

The very first notes of R.O.D. sound very similar to MGMT’s Time To Pretend (one of my favorites) and immediately after, we get into a reggae vibe and a deep base, which I totally love. From the get-go, R.O.D. has a great beat that will make you bop your head and enjoy the groove. GD’s rap opens the song and then Lydia Paek graces us with her vocals during the chorus (which is in English). As Lydia sings, a dubstep beat takes over from the reggae-inspired music present when GD raps.

G-Dragon’s R.O.D. is perfect for blasting in your car with the windows down, in your house, in your apartment, in a barn, while walking down the street, wherever. It begs for you to turn it up and just enjoy it. Listen to the audio of R.O.D. here:

— Tara

Earlier this week, Orange Caramel released their latest music video Abing abing and has had me dancing to its very 1990’s electronic beat ever since. The After School sub-unit has made it their staple to mix just the right amount of cute and weird, and that’s exactly what we’re getting with this new song.

Following Catallena’s sushi concept, this song is about the weather being too hot and curing your bad temper with ice cream. And although summer is still a month away, Abing abing is a great song for a pool or beach day. Check out the video here:

— Alexis

In the middle of March, Hong Dae Kwang released the upbeat love song Thank You My Love. Ever since hearing it, I couldn’t get the tune and his voice out of my head; some of the comments on YouTube compared him to a male version of IU, whose beautiful love songs are impossible to ignore.

The music video for Thank You My Love matches the lyrics in a unique way. While the song is about someone in love who can’t wait to meet his lover and hear her voice, the music video  depicts Hong Dae Kwang as the best friend of a girl who he’s in love with. But while he is singing the song to her, she is completely in love with someone else. The cute love song becomes instantly sadder, but it’s  still a beautiful song and music video that everyone should take a look at. So check it out here and tell us what you think!

— Tamar

EXO’s second mini album Overdose is one of the newest releases in the K-Pop world.  One of the songs that really captured my attention was Run. It takes me back to EXO’s first album and reminds me so much of 3, 6, 5.

Everytime I’m listening to the album and that song comes on, it makes me very happy. I love the upbeat feel of the song, and you can tell that they had so much fun recording that song. Enjoy below:

— Alejandro

SPICA made their formal debut with Russian Roulette back in January of 2012, and their re-release of the mini-album, Painkiller, got me hooked and still has me in its grasp.

The song begins with a powerful piano and vocal combination, as it sets into a strong bass that resembles a heartbeat. The lyrics deal with a failed relationship, as the speaker can’t deal with the breakup. The music video takes place in a dark, urban setting as the choreograph reflects the feelings of the song. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks from the group; I always listen to it whenever I need to take a break from my life.

— Thuc

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K-Pop: Korean Music or Music From Korea?

K-Pop is definitely a distinct genre from Western music, but it’s not exactly Korean music either.

Obviously, K-Pop is created in Korea, but it’s not like there’s anything unique about it. It may not sound like mainstream Western music (meaning American music), but Western producers write many K-Pop songs. SM Entertainment in particular makes use of Western producers. There are even trial versions of Girls’ Generation and f(x) songs recorded by Ke$ha and Ariana Grande:

Most K-Pop songs incorporate lyrics in English or some other language. Numerous songs have English titles rather than the Korean ones, which new fans often get confused by,  so why does Korean music have English titles?

Mostly because K-Pop is now an international phenomenon, and while everyone may not be able to read Korean writing, just about everyone can read English. Another reason is because Koreans think that if someone speaks English they’re more educated and successful.

There are also K-Pop idols who aren’t Korean, and K-Pop groups that primarily promote in China or Japan, and yet those songs are still called K-Pop.

That’s not to say that every K-Pop song is created by foreign producers or even contains lyrics in another language, but the sound of most K-Pop songs don’t sound remotely Korean. There is a very distinct sound to traditional Korean music, but that is typically lost in K-Pop.

Anytime a K-Pop singer attempts to sing traditional Korean or trot songs, it’s almost like the singer must be joking. Only a few idols have attempted to incorporate traditional Korean elements into their songs, like Super Junior-T, a Super Junior subgroup where the members sang trot songs, and ToppDogg’s song Arario, which incorporated Korean pansori music.

Moreover, the real reason why I question whether K-Pop is truly Korean is because it doesn’t really appeal to the average Korean. K-Pop is aimed at teenagers and young adults, and is very popular abroad, but most Koreans don’t care about it half as much as international audiences do. Some K-Pop songs do become popular, because they’re catchy, but not because they are K-Pop songs.

The most popular songs in Korea are actually typically indie songs, like Busker Busker’s Cherry Blossom Ending, Junggigo X SoYou’s Some, etc. Coffee shop songs have a unique genre in Korea, and are generally more popular than K-Pop, since the calming style suits more people’s listening palate.

Urban Zakapa, Nell, and even IU are generally better accepted in Korea than K-Pop idols, since they’re generally considered to be unartistic pawns of entertainment companies. Also, calmer sounding songs are more attractive to older listeners. This is why Akdong Musicians, AKMU, is also increasingly popular in Korea. Although AKMU is run by an idol company, YG Entertainment, the duo doesn’t sound like typical idol acts.

Now, that’s not to say that Koreans aren’t proud of K-Pop and don’t listen to it –I have many Korean friends who like EXO, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, etc. But there’s very little in most K-Pop songs  that appeal to Koreans because it doesn’t evoke Korean values and culture.

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Taeyang’s Music Video Style Evolution: Real or Fake?

Following last year’s success with Ringa Linga, YG Entertainment announced early last week Taeyang’s upcoming comeback Rise, which comes out on June 2nd. And while the suspense for the beat, lyrics, music video, and choreography builds among fans, I’m left wondering about the overall style concept

Taeyang has had a few changes in fashion as a solo artist and within the group, but it’s safe to say that, up until BIGBANG’s Alive, the R&B influence in his style was there: from the snap backs to the baggy jeans to the fedoras. But then he made a major turn with Monster, which back then, I thought was just due to the music video’s plot line. Ringa Linga proved that this trendier version of Taeyang was staying. And while fans (me included) loved it and everyone received it well, including the media, it was hard not to notice G-Dragon’s staple all over it. This made me wonder, is Taeyang maturing as an artist or is he allowing his fellow BIGBANG member or YG Entertainment to craft him into a brand name similar to G-Dragon? Let’s take a detailed look at his solo concepts over the years:

His first mini album Hot was released in 2008.  His singles were Prayer and Only Look at Me, written and produced by Teddy. The R&B track displayed Taeyang in the music video shirtless, in jeans, diamond earrings, snapback cocked to the side –very à la Usher.

Then came his first full-length album Solar in 2010, also R&B, where he delivered hits like I Need a Girl, Where U At?, Wedding Dress, and I’ll Be There. Most of the aforementioned songs were produced by Teddy again, while I Need a Girl was not only co-written by G-Dragon but he also appeared in the music video and featured on the song. In this music video, we see a more sartorial look to Taeyang with the R&B-Soul flow. Wedding Dress has a good balance of casual and formal (I mean, he is at a wedding after all).



The last sighting of the Usher-esque Taeyang was probably in BIGBANG’S Fantastic Baby, where we saw him incorporate more color and vividness to his attire. It was then definitely gone by Monster. But I digress; I won’t reference BIGBANG’s concepts and genre too much since that’s a whole different thing.


Monster marked the pivotal moment where Taeyang switched styles, going from soulful R&B to electronic glam Hip Hop –or G-Dragon-fied. Yes, by Ringa Linga, his influence was apparent and probably due to G-Dragon himself producing and writing the song. The BIGBANG leader also had a few cameos in the music video.


Ringa Linga mixes EDM with Hip Hop and loses track of the R&B influence he previously had, musically and fashion-wise. On his behalf, it came at a time where R&B lost its popularity of the 2000’s and Hip Hop resurfaced in mainstream music. The only traces of the Usher-esque Taeyang are the vocals and dance moves –but even that became stronger and focused more on the choreography itself as an art than being sex on a stick.

Furthermore, both guys collaborated and created the TY & GD for the Stampd collection that included a series of shirts, snapbacks, and sweatshirts they sported on the video. They also wore pieces by Rick Owens and Givenchy to create a ghetto gothic look.

However, this change did not hit us with surprise. The boys had long paraded themselves last summer at Paris Fashion Week, where we spotted Taeyang wearing outfits that were far trendier than baggy jeans and a crisp white tee. Taeyang and G-Dragon attended all the hot ticket shows such as Rick Owens, Givenchy (his favorite brand), Kenzo, and more.

Rise will mark Taeyang’s third solo project, so what can we expect? I believe it will probably be the same ghetto gothic concept with some sort of twist. Maybe adding more trap like in CL’s solo MTBD. And, while I completely dig this look and sound since I am a fan, I have to wonder about the authenticity of it all.

Sure, K-Pop idols are known to be plastic figurines put on stage by the companies that manufactured them. But YG Entertainment artists are equally known for having creative freedom –or more so than most. Taeyang must have some say in his solo projects, right? After all, he did compose and co-write Solar, Wedding Dress, and Where U At and wrote the lyrics for Take it Slow on his own from the Solar album. Ringa Linga, on the other hand and as mentioned before, was written and produced by G-Dragon and another producer.

As I said previously, I’m a fan of this ghetto gothic plus the Hip Hop/EDM concept Taeyang has embarked with,  but I would love it even more if it came from his own creativity and being inspired by G-Dragon or other artists, rather than recreating what people in control tell him to. Maybe Taeyang has matured into a trendier, more playful style. Or maybe YG noticed that G-Dragon’s Coup d’état and One of a Kind were well received around the world and want to cash in on Taeyang as well. I guess we’ll have to wait until June 2nd to see what Taeyang, G-Dragon, Teddy, Choice37, and/or anyone else working for YG have in store for us. I know I’m eager to find out.

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Let’s Talk About Kris, EXO, & SM Entertainment

Ever since Kris, a member of EXO and the leader of EXO-M, moved to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment, there has been a lot of mixed feelings flying around. Hopefully, I’ll lay things out in a way that makes the entire situation simpler for fans to understand.

This is going to be long, so bear with me. Here is the timeline of facts:

On September 15th, it was revealed that Kris had his lawyer file a suit to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment. Within twenty-four hours, EXO’s leader Suho made a comment, calling Kris irresponsible and asking Kris publicly to apologize and return to SM Entertainment and EXO.

Other members also took to SNS and posted confusing messages, which many fans assumed were aimed at Kris’s departure. Other fans claimed that the members, including Suho, were being forced to say these things.

Netizens caused a storm, rallying support for Kris and accosting SM Entertainment, accusing the company of forcing EXO into a horrible situation. There were even calls for Kris to reach out to YG Entertainment, generally seen as the “good” agency in comparison to SM Entertainment, which is reviled because of its contract disputes and lack of artistic freedom.

There have also been rumors flying that Kris has heart issues that SM disregarded, or that Kris was offered an acting career in China. Kris’s legal representative has also reportedly said that Kris wants to end the situation quietly. So what’s going on?

The Difference Between SM & YG, and Why Fans Think What They Think

First, I just want to say: It is entirely unfair to request that YG pick up Kris, when YG may not even want Kris. He doesn’t have unique vocal or dance talent, and is just one rapper among many – YG picks extremely talented artists, so calling for YG to pick up Kris just because SM may have mistreated him is ridiculous. Kris is good enough to be an idol, yes, but he’s not really YG’s type. They go for unique, and while he’s definitely a unique, funny person, he’s not YG’s style.

Now back to SM, YG, and business. SM Entertainment has definitely been embroiled in more lawsuits than YG Entertainment. JYJ and Hangeng are the most prominent ones; JYJ’s was because of income and slave contracts, and Hangeng was because of both income and improper treatment, as SM Entertainment hadn’t prepared adequate arrangements for foreign artists (his contract was worse than the Korean members, and he originally wasn’t allowed to appear on television because of visa issues).

Because of these prominent legal suits, SM Entertainment has earned a reputation as a company that treats its artists badly. It puts money before idols, and that upsets fans, who see YG Entertainment as a friendlier, more open company – the idols have some ability to create their own music, they have their own personality, and are generally able to say whatever they want.

The difference may be because SM has a more business-like organization, which leads to the idols being simply employees rather than artists; therefore, they are bound entirely by their contracts. I think if they do, they could at the very least like every other corporate organization, look at improving their ’employee’ engagement aspect using development tools such as Qualtrics. But that however, does not seem to be the case!

As a large company, it is not in SM Entertainment’s benefit to sign contracts that will overly favor the idol trainees. Idols are invested in, and then they have to earn back their money to pay back the company; this is not very different than companies in the United States that hire people and help pay for their graduate degrees, taking the payment out of the employee’s paycheck.

YG Entertainment does the same thing, but on a smaller scale – SM has 12 acts to manage under the SM Entertainment label alone, but numerous other acts including actors and Woollim artists. At the same time, YG Entertainment currently has 6 acts to manage, with WINNER rumored to debut any day now.

With more acts, SM Entertainment makes more money than YG, each entertainer on average is worth less because there is a wider distribution of wealth – if one idol group is making less money, SM is able to still allow them to promote since other groups are bringing more money to the company. With fewer acts at YG Entertainment, the highly successful acts bring in enough revenue for the entire company- at SM, even the most popular acts like Girls’ Generation don’t bring in enough to pay for the company’s expenses.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the companies’ income, but this is common sense – the bigger a company, the more revenue you need each department to bring in. Departments that do poorly end up being cut.

Because SM Entertainment has more holdings than YG, it makes everything about the money – SM’s idols have often spoke about how grueling their life is, while at YG the idols generally don’t publicly address how difficult their company has made life for them.

This business-oriented company has generally garnered unfavorable impressions from the fans in comparison to a more artistic company. But at the end of the day, each company is aiming to make a profit – they are both companies and all idols suffer for their dream.

Speaking of Dreams, Let’s Get Back to Kris.

Kris has reportedly left EXO before. There were rumors that the delayed comeback after EXO’s debut (a year between MAMA and Wolf) was due to Kris leaving to Canada for a variety of reasons. Whether Kris left EXO for family issues, or because he didn’t want to be part of EXO, doesn’t matter – I’m not judging Kris, and nobody should either. That said, nobody should judge EXO’s members either. But I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Kris filed his lawsuit for any number of reasons – time will tell if he continues his career as an idol in some capacity (either as a singer, actor, or whatnot), or if he returns to Canada and to a normal life. Idol life may have worn Kris down, or he felt that SM wasn’t offering him the right opportunities, or some other crazy reason that I can’t think up.

But why are so many fans sure that SM treated him horribly? The general consensus is that SM practically tortures its idols during training and their career. But if you step back, and realize that K-Pop idols have been around for long enough that trainees know what’s in store – JYJ and Hangeng’s contract issues were in 2009, but H.O.T and Shinhwa’s issues with SM were several years before then.

I do not know Kris personally, but at the time he started down the path towards idol-dom, he probably thought it was what he wanted. It may still be what he wants. But if he ducks out of the industry, how is that any different from someone else who thinks they want one career and then, after getting their dream job, they discover that it’s not for them?

Anybody who wants to be a doctor knows that the path will be hard, and that it won’t be an easy job. Even so, they do well in college, taking the hardest science classes so that they can go to medical school. After passing four years of college with top marks, fighting their way into a medical school, and then going through three years of medical school, they finally become doctors. But being a student who wants to be a doctor and being a doctor are two very different things. While rare, it’s not unheard of for doctors to leave their medical career and pursue something else.

Kris may very well be interested in pursuing something else, and his exclusivity clause with SM Entertainment may be stopping that so he moved to terminate his contract.

There are also rumors, as mentioned earlier, that Kris has a heart condition. If that’s the case and SM is disregarding his health, then he is definitely in the right. Idol companies often put promotional activities before the health of idols, because of how rigorous the lifestyle already is, and how much companies invest in these idols.

If that’s the case, then SM is definitely in the wrong – heart conditions are not to be taken lightly. However, it is also unlikely that SM would want one of EXO’s members to drop dead on stage from a heart problem.

The story also is shady, since it came from a Chinese source, Sina, which has had sketchy reporting throughout the Kris affair – Sina reported that it interviewed Kris’s lawyer, but the law firm, Hankyul, denied giving Sina any statement. Again, I’m just an outside observer, and I know nothing of Kris’s thought process. This is all conjecture.

But fans should not immediately think that EXO has been treated poorly and Kris has been forced down this path – there are eleven other members of EXO, and they’re not filing contracts to leave.

EXO’s Members

They’ve expressed sadness and pain over Kris’s departure, and fans have claimed that this isn’t really what they’re feeling. Suho was forced to say what he did during the interview; the member’s Instagram and Weibo accounts were taken away and SM representatives posted instead. So what?

Idols are fake. As much as fans like to say that they know what idols are like, everything about idols is just about perception, not what they are actually like. Idols are molded to be idols – people to be worshipped because they’re perfect.

You should always assume that companies are, at the very least, okaying what idols are saying, Tweeting, posting, etc. Older idols may be freer with their words, but EXO only debuted two years ago; of course SM is going to keep the group under control and teach the members how to act.

SM is extremely successful – many of SM’s groups are some of the most popular acts in Asia. If people go to SM, accepting its standards of what idols are like because they want to be SM idols, then SM Entertainment will do whatever is in the company’s best interest – if the EXO members said that they understood Kris leaving, it would admit that SM’s methods, to some degree, are wrong.

But that’s going with the assumption that yes, EXO says things that SM wants them to – but why can’t EXO’s members be hurt and mad towards Kris? Working with a team is one of the hardest things in the world. Ask anyone who has ever had a group project at school or work. Getting everyone to do their job is so difficult, and then the different personalities come into play. It’s hard.

Not to mention that EXO had twelve members to deal with, some of whom hardly spoke the same languages. Even now, some of EXO-M’s members struggle with Korean. Yet they managed to work together, and debuted and promoted as one of the most popular groups in Korea and Asia.

Imagine working together, towards the same goal, sweating day and night, and then one of the team members ditches the project before the due date? Sure, idols don’t have “due dates,” par say, but EXO just released Overdose, and then the news broke that Kris was departing from the group. Suddenly, instead of six members for EXO-M’s performances, there are five; EXO is having a concert soon and now they’re missing one of the performers.

Other idol groups have lost members or added new ones, but it’s rare for something like this to happen at the start of a promotional period – maybe in the middle, or right after one, but Kris has now caused EXO and SM Entertainment to scramble to try to keep this promotional period active. If EXO stops promoting Overdose, it will cost the company a lot of money, and the members’ efforts will have gone to waste. So EXO is still promoting, and persevering, and I understand why the members would be upset.

So Why Are Fans Saying It’s Not Them Feeling This Way?

Like I said before, it may very well not be how they’re honestly feeling (remember, idols are fake). But it could be their honest opinions and fans won’t listen. Most fans are siding with Kris, saying that the other members should also follow suit. Everyone likes the little guy going up against the big man, and that is what this is. Kris’s lawsuit is about one person leaving a large company, so of course people want him to be in the right rather than the company. If EXO’s other members support the company, it means that there may be something wrong with what Kris is doing. I think that when it comes to right and wrong, you can’t really point fingers here. SM’s done bad things and Kris’s decision will affect all of EXO, having a ripple effect.

This situation may lead to EXO’s popularity in China to decrease because Chinese fans will most likely side with Kris, or the Chinese fans may say that Kris should have stayed so as to represent EXO-M. The EXO-M members may be seen less favorably in Korea, since they may be seen as less loyal than their Korean counterpart, as their leader left the group. Thousands of other scenarios may ensue, including EXO ending up as an eleven-member group rather than twelve, or even adding a new member. For all we know, Kris could come back, although that is highly unlikely.

Whatever it is, the fact that people are calling SM out as evil and calling for Kris to go to YG is ridiculous – they are both businesses, and this is a business matter. Until Kris finishes his business dealings with SM, namely the lawsuit, he will be unable to really do anything else in the entertainment industry.

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C-Clown’s Rome is the Producer Idol

I’m sure a few of you have seen C-Clown’s series Crown the Clown on YouTube recently, which gives fans a look into the members’ daily lives. You’re probably thinking this has been done many (MANY!) times before, so why is this one different? Well for starters, the man behind the creation and filming of Crown the Clown is none other than C-Clown’s leader Rome.

Rome films and produces the Crown the Clown videos for C-Clown’s fans, which already sets them apart from other idol groups who have a so-called “YouTube reality show.” Many idols have the stigmas of not singing or acting or only being able to do these things. But Rome is proving that there is more to him than being an idol who can rap and dance. Aside from this series being completely created, filmed, and edited by a member of the group being filmed, there are also English subtitles graciously added to each video. Rome uses English quite often in the videos as he mans the camera and partakes in banter with his fellow members.

The description for the new series on YouTube says all you need to know about Crown the Clown:

Crown the Clown a series made and directed by ROME (The Pink Reel). The series made especially for the fans, shows an up close more insight view on the life of a K-pop idol as well as going in depth to each of the members true characters. FUN, CRAZY, WEIRD and most of all REAL.

The Pink Reel is the name of Rome’s start-up production company. If you follow him on Instagram, you already know that Rome has been creating videos brought to you by The Pink Reel for months now. Although I am not a video or editing expert, it is evident that Rome has a knack for directing and editing. His 15-second videos are enough evidence to prove that. If you’re not following Rome on Instagram, I highly suggest you do.

Rome uses his presence on Instagram to not only interact with fans, but to help promote C-Clown as well as his own endeavors. In fact his Instagram updates informed me about Volume 1 of Crown the Clown and Volume 2. Many artists and idols already do this through Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, and other social media platforms. But I have noticed that Rome seems more personable, in my opinion, on Instagram. He films videos of the members of C-Clown as well as personal videos from him to all of his followers. There’s something about opening Instagram and seeing a new video or picture posted two seconds ago from someone you follow. It feels more personable and that you are part of the moment.

Rome’s first Pink Reel video shows six photos of some of the members in a montage set to Jon Mcxro’s Girlfriend. All of the photos were taken by Rome or The Pink Reel as shown by the hashtag #photobyrome and #photobyPR in his previous photos. The filters used on the photos really highlight the whites and show off the blacks of each photo. A couple of the photos clearly show a pink ‘PR’ mark on the photo, whereas for the other photos it shows up in the corners or off to the side. Even though the video is a montage of photos, it shows Rome’s passion and interest in creating these types of videos and shows that there is more to Rome than rapping and dancing.

There are currently two volumes of Crown the Clown on YouTube and fans can expect to see a new episode every Sunday on C-Clown’s official YouTube channel.

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2NE1 Style: Top 5 Music Video Fashion

We already know that when it comes to fashion, 2NE1 has done it all. They’ve showed us from punk to glamorous femme fatale styles.   And to celebrate 2NE1’s fifth anniversary, we’ll take look back at their best music video fashion.

YG Entertainment is a trend setter; 2NE1 became the first female K-pop group to show us a different style than the cookie cutter cutesy style. The always bad ass members CL, Bom, Minzy and Dara never seize to amaze us with their transformations.

Here are my top five options of the best outfits worn by the girls:


2ne1 Scream Fashion Outfits

This is not only my favorite song, but the styling for all the girls is simply amazing. We get to see both sides of 2NE1: their badass, I-don’t-care-I’m-the-best attitude, and the ultra chic one.  They wear outfits from designer houses like KTZ, Versace, Balmain, Givenchy, and Burberry Prorsum. Check out the video below, you need to see it in full to appreciate all the outfits.


From Rapunzel length hair to feathers and green wigs, 2NE1 looks fabulous while being sad. The Tim Burton-inspired video has the girls adopting a very gothic look.  Those huge braids that Dara sports in the video gives me life! They could have gone another route with the style and concept of the video, and I’m glad they went this way. The Gothic Lolita trend was very popular in 2010 and 2NE1 adapted the concept very well. Take a look at the amazing piece of art below.



Dara Purple and Magenta Hair

After many years of telling boys to go away and telling them they don’t care, 2NE1 came back with I Love You, and we fell head-over-heels in love with them once again.  Who could forget all those gorgeous Versace  pieces paired with Chanel and Roberto Cavalli? Plus, the  Mary Katrantzou  pieces at the dancing scene were to die for! Two of my favorite looks where CL in the all black unitard dropped it low scene. Dara looked amazing with the purple and magenta wig. Love, love. love!

CL Unitard I Love You


2ne1 Come Back Home Fashion

2NE1 took us to the future with Come Back Home. People are obsessed with the virtual world and our girls hack into that world and destroy it.  Our lady rebels were decked out in AMBUSH, HOOD by AIR, Alexander McQueen, and Rick Owens for ADIDAS. Once again, Dara takes credit for the best hair in the video.  They also took us back to the 1990’s by channeling Seo Taiji and the Boys, with the beanie and blue wig. Even the YG Entertainment building sported the same beanie during promotions for the song.

Dara Come Back Home Beanie


2NE1 Missing You Wearing Saint Laurent

The number one spot goes to all the fashion on the Missing You music video.  The video has really beautiful visuals that are paired perfectly with an amazing styling. It’s nothing new that the ladies love Versace, but this time around, the Saint Laurent pieces stole the show. The styling for each members is flawless. It makes me think that we are watching a fashion spread from Vogue. Even the only male in the video is styled perfectly, wearing a Maison Martin Margiela mask that makes his scenes that more dramatic.

Maison Marting Margiela Mask DramaticMaison Martin Margiela Hat

CL in Versace Fur Coat

2NE1 always surprises us with amazing fashion, not only on their videos but also in their live performances and on the streets.

To continue 2NE1’s fifth anniversary celebration in good spirits, here is a bonus entry for Happy. I really love the styling on this video  and I couldn’t pick a spot on the countdown. The video even has a cameo from their good  friend and designer Jeremy Scott.

2ne1 Happy Jeremy Scott

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Review: SHINee World III in Mexico City

After a long wait, SHINee brought their SHINee World Tour III to Latin America, with Mexico City as the first stop. The concert took place at Arena Ciudad de Mexico on April 4th, 2014.  Members Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, and Minho took the city by storm and didn’t cease to amaze their Mexican fans.

The arena was full with 8,000 attendees and no one could contain their excitement. Everywhere you looked around you saw the shining sea of pearlescent blue. Light sticks turned on and everyone felt ready to start singing along with SHINee. At 9:04 p.m., the screens displayed a countdown to the start of the show. As the clock reached 0, a beautiful landscape appeared, along with the introduction of each member. As per usual, attendees screamed their lungs out.

When the visuals ended, the lights went off and fog filled the stage. The song Spoiler came on and five silhouettes appeared, standing like statues on stage. And there they were; SHINee ready to explode with their explosive charisma and stage presence. They started right away with their classic hits like Juliette and Lucifer.

After the latter, the boys greeted their Mexican fans for the first time in person. You could see the excitement in their faces. They seemed really happy to be in Mexico for the first time. They introduced themselves in Spanish and Korean, but Key was very enthusiastic and kept on talking in a mix of Spanish and English. He even mentioned how he loved tacos, but specified “No cilantro,” since he hates it. Jonghyun told the audience that this concert was going to be different from the shows in Korea and asked to expect a lot from them and for support.

After a quick costume change, the boys came back and performed Replay. Everyone went crazy as they took us back five years to their debut song. Afterwards, SHINee’s staff hustled microphone stands to the end of the runway and we all knew which song was coming next. Dream Girl, of course. SHINee kept us dancing with Hello, JoJo, and Love Like Oxygen. They started the ballad section of the show which included Aside, Sleepless Nights, and Symptoms. Then the lights went off and SHINee disappeared from the stage.

Suddenly, they came back with a different costume. Jonghyun even wore a Mexican Mariachi sombrero (which was gifted to him by a fan while touring the city). We all heard a very familiar tune from the 1990s and the guys started singing the world famous, wedding favorite song, the Macarena. They had so much fun with it, fans really appreciated the unexpected surprise. Taemin and Key Instant Photos Beautiful really got the crowd going; everyone danced and sang their hearts out. They continued with 3,2,1, Ring Ding Dong, A.M.I.G.O, and ended the set with Everybody. Videos of messages that SHINee wrote to thank their fans in Spanish appeared on the screens. They came back to perform Selene 6.23. After this, the lights went off again but this time for almost ten minutes.

The concert seemed to have ended, but everybody screamed for an encore. A new video started, revealing letters one by one. The words spelled Clue + Note, and everyone went crazy. We all knew they were about to perform Sherlock. Why So Serious? came next, and the shining boys gave the performance of their lives. You could see how happy they were. They sang Colorful and the fans started their fan project. They turned on different color light sticks for each section creating a rainbow. After that song, they started talking to the fans again, and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jonghyun, whose birthday is on April 8th. SHINee ended the show with Green Rain, but they took about fifteen minutes to get off stage.

They couldn’t stop thanking their fans and saying goodbye. But when it was really over, everywhere you looked, people were crying. Nobody could believe that they had just seen SHINee. Even though Mexican Shawols were sad, there was hope of seeing them again, for the boys promised to come back on their next tour. Jonghyun Instant Photo SHINee truly is one of the most talented boy bands in K-pop. Their stage presence is incredible and rarely matched. They dance amazing and you can see how passionate they are about their fans. They give their all in each performance and for this concert in Mexico City, it was indisputable. Didn’t make it to the show or did and want to relive the magic? Make sure to check out our playlist of official videos by KPOPme here: What was your favorite performance by SHINee? Let us know! And don’t forget to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.