5 Songs to Get You Ready for Dok2 & The Quiett’s NO RE$T US Tour


If you’ve ever scrolled past Dok2’s Instagram, you know that, together with The Quiett, the Illionaire Records CEOs are no strangers to the US — especially if we’re talking about partying. But this time around, the “YGGR” rappers are not only dropping stacks in Las Vegas or displaying their #blessed lifestyle in Hawaii. Dok2 and The Quiett are finally embarking on their first US tour, NO RE$T, stopping in four major cities to unload their trap masterpieces upon K-rap fans.

The NO RE$T Tour kicked off in Chicago on July 21 at the Concord Music Hall, then heads to New York on the 22 at Terminal 5, Atlanta on the 23 at Center Stage, and lastly Los Angeles at The Wiltern on the 29. Tickets are still available here and general admission prices vary depending on the city and range between $65 and $80.

Saying you can’t miss the NO RE$T Tour is an understatement, given we can’t even begin to describe how lit it will get. So let’s start getting in the mood with 5 Illionaire songs to get you ready and turnt.

1. “2 Chainz & Rollies”

Let’s start off this list with a classic. The rappers released “2 Chainz & Rollies” back in 2013 and it has quickly become an Illionaire staple given that it epitomizes their whole concept and aesthetic. With a music video that follows them through the Vegas strip and their hotel, the track is only meant to make you turn up rather than focus on meaningful lyrics. You know turnin’ up is a universal language.

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2. “Beverly 1lls Remix”

Released just this week, viewers got an early taste of “Beverly 1lls” when Dok2 lent the track to their “Show Me the Money 5” team members Superbee and myunDo. And while that version was alright, they had nothing on Illionaire’s CEOs. The official version with is a bop, with its haunting bells, subtle piano, and signature trap snares. Also, good luck getting that chorus out of your head after listening to it.

3. “Profile”

While “Profile” is label mate Beenzino’s song originally, the verses Dok2 and The Quiett dropped on it as featured artists are so fiery that they deserve to be performed even without the main attraction. Beenzino is better known for his artsy rap rather than signature Illionaire turn up trap and self-promoting narrative, so it makes sense that the CEOs have taken this song on tour given it suits their style better.

4. “Don”

Another song that the Illionaire heads took on the road from another artist is “Don.” The track was originally released by rapper Vasco to mimic their sound and entire concept, so Dok2 and The Quiett took it, dropped their own verses, and released a music video just to show off their newest rides. If that doesn’t scream “Illionaire” to you, I don’t know what does.

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5. “Rockin with the Best”

Circling back to songs that epitomize the Illionaire sound and concept, “Rocking with the Best” essentially embodies what Dok2 and The Quiett are all about: making money, being at the top of the game, and trap beats that will make people jump and dance. We can already picture both rappers bouncing all over the stage throwing water at the audience. We can’t wait.

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Weekly K-Pop Faves March 27-April 2: Boys Repbulic, Dok2, DAY6, N-Sonic, 10cm


Every week, our writers pick their favorite songs and share them. This week, four songs by male Korean acts caught our eyes.

“Get Down” by Boys Republic (March 29)

The title track of Boys Republic’s third mini album, “BR: evolution,” combines a pulsating tribal drum beat and edgy hip hop with unconventional jazz elements. The guys display incredible vocal harmonies alongside fierce and hardcore rapping. It comes as no surprise that “Get Down” was co-produced by renowned songwriter Ryan S. Jhun, who has previously worked with the likes of numerous popular K-pop acts, ranging from EXO to U-KISS. The music video presents a very dark concept, with the band members cast as a rebellious faction in a post-apocalyptic scenario; they are sullen, brooding characters living on a knife edge and the intense choreography highlights their harsh environment perfectly. (It is important to note here that the video has a 19 + rating, as it features bloody decapitation). This new facet to the band could prove disturbing to some fans unused to seeing Boys Republic as anything other than wholesome and appealing but it is a testament to the members’ talent that they are so convincing in their roles. It’s a brilliant comeback by the group, who have upped the ante in every way possible!

— Eve

“Bad Vibes Lonely (feat. DEAN)” by Dok2 (March 27)

As far as Korean rappers are concerned, Dok2 isn’t among my favorites. His music style and lyrics, for me, come off as a little try-hard and he seems more like a caricature than an actual rapper. With that said, “Bad Vibes Lonely” is a whole other thing. For this release, Dok2 slowed it down and penned more humble lyrics about him wanting to be happy and not forget his roots. Not to mention Dean’s input at the chorus makes the song sound that more compelling. Because even without knowing what the lyrics say, that Dean verse finds it way to your feels. Overall, it’s nice to see Dok2 step away temporarily (because, c’mon, we know that’s not his actual style) from the #YOLO, swaggy, #turnup vibe.

— Alexis

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“First Time” by DAY6 (March 30)

This track is vastly different from DAY6’s title track “Letting Go” in terms of its tone and lyrical content but similar in the high production quality of the song. While DAY6 members have always had a hand in the creation of their albums, this is the first song in which all five members collaborated and wrote the lyrics together, making it extra meaningful. The instruments are also layered very nicely, creating an overall uplifting and full sound in which all the varied vocals of the members are able to shine. It’s an addictive track and stands out amongst the various different styles displayed in this album.

— Anna

“Excalibur” by N-SONIC (March 29)

N-SONIC’s “Excalibur” is exactly the type of song I would have ignored if it wasn’t for this feature. An unknown boy group with a title linked to mythology. I’ve had enough of that with VIXX alone. “Excalibur” however, is not something to be missed. It contains the most satisfying rolling drums that at first sound like they could come from a 1950s dancehall but are used to drive the electro hip-pop. Sustaining these drums allows the song to transition easily between parts and vocal styles. The choreography also reflects this by having a natural quality to its movements and transitions too (despite silly things like the air drumming). A solid release that is, along with Boys Republic, by far the strongest boy group song of the week, easily beating weak offerings from more popular counterparts.

— Joe

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“What The Spring??” By 10cm (April 1)

One of the most bittersweet spring-themed songs out there, “What The Spring??” is a comical attack on people who are in love during. The duo’s typical acoustic sound turns into a query of why some people expect perfect springtime relationships, why some people are alone, and why springtime is perceived as the time of love. “Do you think cherry blossoms are pretty, you stupid?” sings 10cm’s vocalist Kwon Jeong Yeol. The song did well on Korean music charts despite the bleak lyrics because the song’s style and the amusing, realistic take a single person’s attitude towards the happiness of couples (“Actually, your boyfriend loves games more than you” is one of the bitterest but bemusing lines of the song.”) The music video, featuring “Little Prince”-inspired graphics, is an added bonus. The anti-romance song, both for its sound and unique opposite to many of the love songs popular in Korea, is one of this year’s most popular springtime Korean songs.

— Tamar

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Dok2 & The Quiett Made Us Feel The Link Between Them & Us in Los Angeles

illionaire dok2 the quiett los angeles

by Yasamine Entesari

The Illionaire show at the Belasco in Los Angeles, CA, last Friday night was the most lit Korean hip hop show year. I arrived early to get the feel for the place and to steak out a spot at the corner of the stage, not realizing just how insane this show would be. You never know what kind of crowd will be drawn to concerts that headline international stars. Friday nights are known to host a very eclectic crowd from the Ktown Elite, such as Dumbfoundead and Sean Rhee, to the hardcore Illionaire fangirl. The crowd was a sea of diversity, all ready to lose their minds the moment Dok2 and The Quiett stepped on stage.

And boy did they deliver! Dok2 and The Quiett both showed up on stage just before midnight and greeted the suddenly intensely screaming crowd with free hats from Dok2’s new brand, 808 Hats. They fired off hats into the crowd and even a few in the skyboxs above the stage. They greeted the crowd and immediately started cranking out the hits live.

Songs like The Quiett’s “2 Chainz and Rollies” warmed the already hot crowd up as they danced and surged against the stage. It was a packed house singing along to “Profile,” as the rappers hopped around the stage and made contact with fans. Dok2 teased fans by reaching out with his hand and yanking it back while The Quiett stared a few women down, making them instantly scream for more.

by Yasamine Entesari

by Yasamine Entesari

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But it was “YGGR” that really fired up the crowd. The entire club shot up their Illionaire signs with their hands in the air and sang along so loud you could barely hear the DJ spinning the track. All in all, it was a hardcore show that was all adrenaline and no downtime. Albeit a short show, ending just after 12:30 a.m. and Illionaire doing a short set of songs. However, no one was complaining because by the time they stepped off stage, we were all spent.

the quiett los angeles illionaire belasco

by Yasamine Entesari

Once the guys were off stage, I decided to head down to the green room and see if I could ask a few questions. Mind you, Illionaire is one of the most hardcore hip hop record labels in South Korea. I wasn’t expecting to even get the chance to see them, let alone meet them and enjoy a few questions while they posed for pictures for us.

“Welcome to LA. How are you liking the city of Angels?” I asked while rifling through my camera bag. “It’s LA,” Dok2 replied and chuckled as he put his phone down. I then mention how he seems to always be hanging out in Hawaii or Las Vegas, to which he told me he actually did come here every month for work and smiled wide. I guess the availability of CHARTER FLIGHTS BETWEEN LOS ANGELES AND HAWAII and vice-versa makes way for worry-free travel for celebrities like Dok2. As I juggle trying to keep my cool, be a professional, and pull out my camera and flash, we talk about future collaborations, to which Dok2 only gives an aloof “We’ll see.”

dok2 los angeles belasco illionaire

by Yasamine Entesari

I quickly lift up my camera to take the shot and both Dok2 and The Quiett go from smiling sweet hearts to thug life in an instant, flashing that Illi sign and looking hardcore. I take a few shots and and thank them profusely. They are so sweet, thanking me back for coming to the show and suddenly we’re in this never ending cycle of compliments and thank you’s until luckily my friend steps up and brings up the big question: why didn’t they bring any Illionaire hats?! Dok2 had a good answer though, they sold out fast. We joked we wanted to give them our money, to which he pointed to The Quiett’s own black Illionaire hat with purple embroidery on it. “You want this one? I’ll sell it to you for $500,” he said. “$500?! Do you take installments?!” I asked in disbelief. But in true Dok2 fashion, he answered, “Nah. Cash only girl.”

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We’re all chuckling as I pack up my stuff and thank them again for their kindness and I tell them how much I enjoyed the show. They smiled the entire time as they sat back down and claimed their phones. It was such a surreal experience. I couldn’t be any more blown away at their down to earth personalities. Dok2 is charismatic and hilarious, while The Quiett is cute and well… Quiet. After meeting them, it’s not hard to believe these two men built the most successful hip hop record label in South Korea. Business is always on their mind.

Check out the rest of the awesome pictures from the show:

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