Teen Top “Ah-Ah” Music Video & Song Review

Teen Top Ah Ah Natural Born
The bright boys of Teen Top are back with an entrancing dance track and music video titled “Ah-Ah” fresh off its sixth mini album, “Natural Born.” Check them out as they bring the true meaning of funk back!


“Ah-Ah” has an upbeat disco funky tune which is reminiscent of music from the ‘90s. Despite starting off a bit slow, the beat gradually speeds up and stays catchy which in return keeps you feigning for more as it goes on. It’s refreshing, smooth and energetic; a perfect summer jam!

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The members of Teen Top are known for their youthful and angelic faces. Because of that, sometimes it can be rather difficult trying to take them seriously, especially in some cases where they’re trying to act hard. Although each member is trying to garner the attention from their potential love interests’, because the members are naturally goofy, that even if you were the one they were pursuing in the music video, you’d probably have a hard time trying to accept their affection. Read more