Playlist Sunday: Wedding Edition

In honor of the recent K-Pop wedding of Super Junior’s Sungmin and actress Kim Sa Eun, this week’s Playlist Sunday is all wedding themed. While some of the songs on this list are bright, happy songs, we’ve also included some wedding-themed ballad songs that make us think twice about everybody attending weddings. Included on the list are songs by Super Junior, F.T Island, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, K.Will, and B1A4. You could even use this playlist at your own wedding. Lots of people forget that organising a playlist should be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to wedding planning, as it really helps set the tone for the day, along with booking in your photographer because the best (visit for an example) are never available if you wait too long.

Even though the music video is several years old and outdated, Super Junior’s Marry U is a timeless song that asks the eternal question: “Will you marry me?” The thirteen members of Super Junior try to woo Girls’ Generation’s YoonA in the music video throughout the mid-tempo R&B song. The harmonies as well as the individual voices of the members really stand out in Marry U. Fittingly, now-married Sungmin is the first vocalist to sing following a rap intro.


What’s more appropriate for a wedding-themed playlist than a proposal song? F.T. Island’s Marry Me expresses the man’s point of view when he realizes that he wants to be with his love forever. The song talks about how they can do more things openly when they are married and how they will never have to leave each other once they vow to stay with each other forever. The lyrics are sweet, but the rock instrumental and Lee Hongki’s raspy vocals give Marry Me an attractive aura. If F.T. Island is proposing, especially in song form, I don’t know who would be able to resist that.

— Tara

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K Will is the master of the K-Pop ballad. Where most are dull and completely indistinguishable from each other, K Will offers something else. His always perfect voice, interesting instrumentation, and forward thinking ideas are what set him apart and would make him perfect as your wedding singer. Please Don’t is the highlight of his career for me due to its immediate easy listening and amazing music video. In it, Seo In Guk plays the conflicted best friend of a man who is about to be married. The video makes it seem like he is in love with the bride to be, Sistar’s Dasom, but in the final shot we see he is actually in love with his best friend. Not the bro kind of love either, real love.


Weddings can sometimes be the end for some people. In Taeyang’s Wedding Dress he tells the story of a man who knows that his loved one is getting married. The thought of letting her go has him thinking about all the times they had together and how he could have been the one she married. This song showcases Taeyang’s style and amazing dancing abilities, and it’s one of his staple songs. The R&B ballad may not be the conventional wedding song, but whenever I think of a wedding song, this comes to mind.


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Even though this song is not about marriage per se, the lyrics are hardcore romantic, so it would be weird for it to be for a regular girlfriend. Plus, and most importantly, it’s the OST for the show We Got Married global edition, where K-Pop celebrities are paired with foreign ones for a virtual marriage. Sunshine by B1A4 is so cheesy, with its lyrics and sound, that you can’t help and smile a little bit (or a lot) when you listen to it. The song, as the chorus says, basically says the girl is his everything and he loves her.