K-Pop Unmuted: BTS ‘Love Yourself: Her’

In the 23nd episode of of KultScene’s K-pop Unmuted, Alexis Hodoyan, Tamar Herman, and the admin of @USBTSARMY discuss BTS’ latest album, Love Yourself: Her, their favorite songs on it, and what they think of the boy band’s ascent in the international market.

[Please note that this was recorded shortly after the album’s release and prior to any major news regarding charts and album sales.]

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  • Corinne

    Hi, wow I absolutely agree with everything you said.
    For the record I’m part of those who were underwhelmed by:
    – the album bc EDM is not really my jam (but I like best of me!)
    -& DNA’s very kpop MV, I didn’t get why, after years of breaking the mold.
    But as a diehard ARMY, knowing what our goals on billboard were, are, I supported the album even more than the others. But in reality musically speaking, I’m much more attached to their old albums. But each new one still manage to brings new things & I totally respect that, whether I like it or not.