K-Pop Unmuted: 2017 Awards – Part 1

In the 26th episode of KultScene’s K-pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight, Joe Palmer, Tamar Herman, and Gabriel Wilder reflect on the best moments and songs out of Korea in 2017, handing out the awards that they personally deem fit and conversing about some of the hottest topics in K-pop over the 12-month span. This is Part 1 of two year-end episodes.

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  • Stephen, you forgot about Pristin’s “Black Widow” for best animal noises in a K-Pop song. 😀

    And I agree about Loona–I’m a huge fan too. You need to dedicate a whole episode to just Loona in the future, since Loonaverse is so expansive (the group itself, the members’ solo releases, the sub-unit releases, BBC’s brilliant creative vision and marketing, the interconnected symbolism and lore in the releases, BBC’s notes in the MV descriptions, the fan theories, etc.). It might even have to be a 2-part series.

    • Wait, are those spider sounds?!?