Playlist Sunday: Animal Edition

This week, KultScene’s staff highlights some of our favorite animal-influenced songs. While some songs are more closely related to animals, whether it be their title or the outfits that the singers wear while performing or the lyrics of the song, these six songs from TVXQ, EXO, T-ara, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon will hopefully make you think of the animal kingdom.

“What are you supposed to be?” “I’m a mouse, duh.” Oh, Mean Girls. T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep is a bit along the same lines, just with some adorable ears, tails, and gloves. The song’s addictive hook and catchy dance led to much success from T-ara in 2009 when the song was released, and became the song that the group debuted with in Japan in 2011. So Little Bo Peep is actually the shepherdess of the sheep, but T-ara’s dressed like cute cats, so it definitely counts, right?


My pick for this week’s Playlist Sunday is not a literal translation to animal. EXO’s Let Out The Beast uses adjectives that describe animals, such as “instinct”, “gazes”, “unleash the beast” and so on. These words describe the animal within us and EXO urges everyone to let it out and to have a great time while living your life. Let Out The Beast has a great beat and infectious chorus that makes it easy to sing along to and to get pumped up for whatever it is you’re doing. So unleash your inner beast and enjoy everything life throws at you.

— Tara

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TVXQ’s “Balloons” is a single off of their 2006 album “O-Jung.Ban.Hap.” This song and music video is extremely bubbly and upbeat and can attract viewers of any age group. When this first came out 8 years ago, it was targeted towards the younger generation, hence the adorable animal outfits and cute choreography but it was also a reminder for the older generation of their forgotten youth. When you’re young, all you want to do is to “grow up” and do all these adult things that you see people around you do; you rush through so much of your childhood, so much that the things that use to be important, no longer mattered; that is, until you’re an adult and those memories come flooding back which then causes you to question where the time went.

“Balloons” continues to be a reminder for the viewers, new and old, of those beautiful childhood memories and the pure innocence that your childhood contained. Besides the fact that this song can make one feel warm and happy inside, how can you look past the fact that these were grown guys wearing animal onesies?!


If there’s any song that expresses one’s inner animal is 2AM’s Jo Kwon’s track Animal. There is no official music video for the song but Jo Kwon fiercely performed in a very avant-garde look. Decked out in feathers, leather, and Jeffrey Campbell’s heel-less shoes Jo Kwon defined the norms and fully expressed himself with his fashion. The track is perfect for a night out to “turn up” with your friends. Plus the song features pre-debut BTS J-Hope which adds that roughness that was needed in the song.


The first time I heard TVXQ’s Yunho’s solo Honey Funny Bunny at their Catch Me World Tour, my lust for him awoke. I was covering the event for an outlet and I was barely getting acquainted with the group, and I couldn’t believe Yunho was making those movements on stage. To say my jaw dropped to the floor in surprise and excitement is an understatement. But despite the very sensual choreography, the song is actually pretty cool too, being an endearing ode to his “bunny.” The smoothness in Yunho’s vocals made me think that R&B is his genre; Honey Funny Bunny is baby making music at its best.

— Alexis

More EXO here but this time it’s their best song, Wolf. You heard me right, their almost universally hated second single is my favourite EXO song and was one of my favourite’s of 2013. The reason I like it so much is because from those first few flute notes to the last ‘awoos’ I had no idea where this song was going to go. Each moment surprised and delighted me and made me want to keep coming back to get my head around it. The wolf concept is used well in the dance and lyrics, despite their cheesiness at times (get it?). EXO’s movements are animalistic and they come off with great energy on stage when performing. Each part of this song is executed in an abnormal fashion but comes together to create a complete performance in true S.M fashion.


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Playlist Sunday: ‘90s Jams

The ‘90s were a monumental period for K-pop. Idol groups were just beginning and hitting it big with the teenagers and younger generation of the time. Aside from the popularity of the singers, the music, clothing, and music videos perfectly depict the trends of the ‘90s in South Korea, which was similar in different parts of the world too. Many of us at KultScene grew up in the ‘90s and still remember the sounds and styles that will always create a nostalgic feeling. Get ready to be transported back the decade of the ‘90s.

I began listening to K-pop well into the 2010’s, so my ‘90s Korean music knowledge is limited to singers who used to be part of groups or obscured images that sometimes come on variety shows. So for this week’s playlist, I had to do some digging and decided I would start with some lady I had seen in a recent Roommate episode. As it turned out, that woman was S.E.S’ Shoo, and Sunny and Youngji made a big deal out of dancing to her song, I’m Your Girl. When I looked it up, the song sounded and the music video looked like all the Mexican and European girl groups I loved back in the ‘90s — the hip hop and pop hybrid beats paired with soft vocals, the cutesy, funky choreography. I just knew that if I had known of S.E.S back then, I would’ve liked them too. Even if you don’t know I’m Your Girl, like me a day ago, everything about it evokes nostalgia and sounds familiar to all us ‘90s kids.

— Alexis

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g.o.d’s debut song To Mother is what made them a group known for its heart wrenching lyrics. Every child has felt this way at one point, when they’re thinking back about the times when they acted bratty towards their mother. g.o.d sings about being a son of a single mother who cannot afford a lot of food and who works hard and belittles herself because of problems that he causes. But before he can ever say “I love you,” she dies from exhaustion. A song that everyone can relate to, g.o.d’s To Mother is one of the most poignant K-pop songs from the 90’s.


Nothing brings me back to my childhood better than the sounds of the ‘90s. And H.O.T’s Candy is no exception. The music, the clothes, the synchronized dancing embody all that makes a boy band from the ‘90s amazing. Not to mention that H.O.T is credited as one of the first idol groups in K-pop. The song itself boasts catchy beats and lyrics that many still enjoy listening to today. From the video, it’s easy to tell that during the time of ‘90s Western boy bands, such as NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, Korean boy bands (like H.O.T) had similar clothing and music styles. Even if you weren’t familiar with this group during their time together, Candy will bring you back to their heyday and help transport you back to the ‘90s.

— Tara

Park Jin Young’s Honey became a sensation in 1998. It was part of JYP’s fourth album, and the music video went to become iconic. The song has an R&B and soul feeling that makes the song to sound still modern and still influential. SM Entertainment even tried to recreate this mixture of sounds with TVXQ!’s Something. JYP’s lyrics are always very catchy; he surely knows how to make a hit song. The ‘90s were all about experimenting with music, especially in pop music. Each band was trying to create their own unique sound, and JYP managed to create his own staple sound which always evolved, but also always had that R&B influence that he loves so much.


Each of the big groups from the ‘90s were responsible from some sort of style or genre permeating throughout the rest of K-pop to this day. While the cute image was popular with many groups at the time, it was Fin.K.L’s sound on Forever Love which has had a lasting effect on girl groups to come. The twinkling piano melody coupled with an orchestra or electro synth riff has become the go-to sound for cute songs ever since. It was even referenced in the very similar sounding Wonder Boy by one time After School sub-group After School Blue. Also I love the unprocessed vocals; they sound terrible, but it’s cute. It’s what all groups would sound like today if they didn’t rely on producers and MRs.


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SHINHWA made their debut in 1998, and Eusha! Eusha! (으싸! 으싸! ) (which was a remake of Manfred Mann’s song Doo Wa Diddy) was their second single off of their debut album. This is probably their cutest concept to date; a fun and upbeat song that gives off a bouncy feel, which will make you want to get up on your feet, wave your hands in the air and dance around continuously. As a proud Changjo, Eusha Eusha introduced me to the K-pop world, and my life has forever changed.

To portray the uplifting music, they filmed most of the music video outside on a beach. And for someone who lives in the Northeast, like myself, where there’s currently 70+ inches of snow outside, it’s fantastic because I can listen to this song anytime of the year and feel completely warm. Nowadays, it’s rare to see music videos being filmed outside, as a box concept and fancy CGI have become the norm. This video, however, gives off a more ‘real’ feel and personally, I feel more connected that way.

— Tam

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Playlist Sunday: Heroes

Having picked villains as last week’s Playlist Sunday theme, we thought we had to offer the antithesis for this one. So, naturally, we all came up with a few songs that use heroes as the theme in the song itself or the music video. Our picks range from crime fighting super women to the group atop of the K-pop game.

Cheesiness aside,Wonder Girls’ iconic song Tell Me was the trendiest song in 2007, with the “Tell Me Syndrome” dance being seen all over Asia, including mashups with BIGBANG and a cover by prisoners. Former Wonder Girls member Sohee takes on the role of Superman Clark Kent, transforming from nerdy student into a sexy Wonder Woman who protects her friends and classmates from perverts, bullies, and accidents. The song was the group’s first with new rapper Yubin after now-4MINUTE member HyunA left the group, and is one of Wonder Girls’ most memorable, hilarious music videos.


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Sometimes we are our own heroes and we have to let everyone know. When you’re Super Junior this doesn’t come across as arrogant as it sounds. Superman is their ode to themselves as each member gets their own part to explain their individual greatness and chant together for their collective brilliance. The rapid fire raps and piercing vocals ooze confidence and carry surprisingly well with the brass backing; Super Junior are our heroes. After all Super Junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’.


VIXX made their debut in May of 2012 with Superhero. The song is about how even though they are rookies they will be their fans’ superhero. They will give anything and everything to make sure you’re happy and to protect you. The group’s debut song was filled with synths and club music that created a futuristic, other world sound. The members act as the super hero type in that they will make sure all of your dreams come true and that you are always looked after no matter what. Having the members of VIXX as my superhero? I’m okay with that.

— Tara

Despite this song not being about a superhero per se, Beenzino’s Aqua Man presents the metaphor about the girl he’s interested in having an aquarium sized tank of “fishes” after her, and how he doesn’t want to be just another contender but the one. In the chorus, Zino sings that he’s swimming in the “sea known as you;” he’s the Aqua Man. The whole song is basically the rapper calling out the girl for thinking she’s too good for him, but nevertheless, it has a catchy chorus and has a very sweet feel to it… up until the end.

— Alexis

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Lunafly’s Super Hero talks about a man trying to get back his lover. He’s ready to be the perfect superhero for the one he loves. And who wouldn’t love any of the members as their personal superhero? The band sings in English and their vocals are stunning. Due to their incredible popularity in Latin America, the band even released this song in Spanish. The acoustic feeling of the song makes you feel like you are there with them, singing to you ear while holding you tight.


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Playlist Sunday: Villains

When people initially think of K-pop they picture bubblegum pop, bright colors, and lyrics as sweet as sugar. Whether it comes as a surprise or not, K-pop actually offers much than the saccharine coated lyrics. Villains make their appearance in many forms and styles throughout K-pop songs. For this week’s Playlist Sunday we pay ode to those villainous songs.

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Playlist Sunday: Friendship

K-pop songs are mostly always about love and relationships, but not exclusively. Even though rare, idols do sing about friendship. Sometimes friendship is great, sometimes it is empowering, and sometimes friendship isn’t all that great. But, at the end of the day, our friends are there for us through thick-and-thin and that’s what this week’s playlist is all about.

Whenever you are feeling down, you always have your friends there to bring you back up. On SPICA’s upbeat track I’ll Be There, the ladies let their friend know that they are there for them. Throughout the song, the girls sing beautiful lyrics about supporting your friends and letting go of the bad memories. SPICA’s vocals are as powerful as always, and Juhyun’s rap throughout the song gives a really cool edge. The beat is very addicting and lifts you up. This song is a great reminder that there’s always someone out there to cheer you on and support you.


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The love we have for our friends is something that we never have to be subtle about, and Secret know this. Their song Friends is a wonderfully literal ode to our friends, how much we love and are thankful for them. The thing about these songs is that fans can interpret them as either songs about the groups themselves all being friends or songs about how the groups are friends with the fans. It makes for a bright and joyful experience which comes across well in this song. It mixes a gentle piano melody with twinkly electronic sounds to create a truly sweet track.


SNSD’s My Best Friend goes through the trials and tribulations of being best friends. There are moments where arguments and differences arise, but they are easily worked out and forgiven. Every emotion your best friend feels, you feel. You are always connected by more than friendship. It’s a strong bond that is almost like sisters. My Best Friend perfectly depicts the feelings and thoughts about being best friends. Sharing everything with each other from food, movies, feelings, emotions, stories, everything brings you closer and connects you for life. Best friends are usually the first person one thinks of when they need to discuss things. Whether they be about a new crush, a new favorite restaurant, or just to talk about pointless things a best friend will always be there for you.

— Tara

With the GD & TOP subunit, fans got to see the incredible dynamic the BIGBANG rappers have, and with High High, their friendship was on display for the world to see. Right off the bat, G-Dragon boasts on his opening verse about how his relationship with TOP is better than ever and how they really like partying. So, naturally, that’s exactly what the music video is: two friends having a good time while turnin’ up. The song is a fun jam to dance and jump to, exactly like GD & TOP do in the video.


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Old school BIGBANG was all about being friends, and T.O.P and Taeyang (also known as SOL) did it best. Despite the up-tempo beat, Friend is actually a bit depressing, about two people who no longer are friends. Taeyang sings the chorus, about how he no longer has any idea what to do now that the friendship has ended. Even though it’s about a mutual friendship rather than a romantic relationship, it’s clear that this friendship that the two are singing about is a childhood friendship that has deeply affected both parties. T.O.P’s raps pair with Taeyang’s lyrics, to explain how the world looks the same but isn’t actually. The two narrators in the song are clearly regretting whatever fight led to the end of their friendship, and reminiscing about the days they spent together having fun. Sad, but the song is one of my personal BIGBANG favorites.


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Playlist Sunday: Latin Sounds

K-pop is a mixture of sounds found in all genres around the globe; nothing is too much or too little and it’s all fair game. That’s why we’ll often see songs with middle eastern sounds or Bollywood-like disco in some of our favorite hits. And for this week’s Playlist Sunday we picked a particular theme that encompases many genres from several regions: Latin America. Salsa, trova, merengue, you name it, K-pop’s tried it. Here are some of our picks that have Latin flavor.

Super Junior‘s 2014 comeback song Mamacita is the epitome of Latin-infused K-pop. Super Junior acts out a Western-themed cops-and-robbers mini-movie that is a bit analogous with the title and style of the song, but the smooth Latin beat of Mamacita works. The song’s complex Spanish-infused style is different from many of Super Junior’s pop-dance songs, but still has the catchy hook-chorus and an iconic dance for the ten members to dance. The music video is fun, the song is catchy, the vocals are great. What more is there to ask of Super Junior?

— Tamar

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The opening guitar and trumpet in FT Island’s I Wish immediately tell the listener that the song will have a different sound compared to other K-pop songs. The Latin music is used throughout the song and perfectly fit the style and feel of it. The pop/rock song utilizes the trumpet and acoustic guitar for a softer beginning of the song. After the chorus, which uses the rock sound, the music calms down and again uses the trumpet until the chorus comes back around. The Latin flare mixed with FT Island’s pop/rock sound creates an appealing song to listen to and sing along to.


In the wake of Stellar’s semi-success with the controversial video for Marionette, many girl groups tried to recreate that magic. It was 4L who pushed this to the limit. The video for their song Move was not only a complete jack of Marionette, but was much more explicit and even included some lesbian scenes. Unnecessary lesbians aside, the song was actually great. It’s a surprisingly classy slice of tango pop. Guitars and accordion are the main melodies of the song and make for a steamy but sensual three and a half minutes.


Despite the Latin American sounds dissipating once the singing starts, the opening of MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah is lead by a trova guitar riff that sets the tone for the flavorful song. Once Mir begins rapping, the guitar turns into a synth, but still playing the same notes. And while that might have been the only glimpse at a Latin American sound influence, Oh Yeah is a song you feel at the hips and chest, much like many other Latin genres. And who better to dance to a song like this than MBLAQ, a performance group formed under the representation of sex in human form Rain?


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SHINee‘s Señorita is one of my guilty pleasure songs. Key starts off the song speaking Spanish saying, “Damas y caballeros, amigo baila conmigo. Somos SHINee!” which means, “Ladies and gentleman, my friend dance with me, we are SHINee!” The song has a very catchy chorus and the boys sound very sexy saying “Señorita.” The song has a guitar that plays rhythms that are usually heard in Latin music and are very subtle in SHINee’s song. Their vocals are stunning as usual, making it one of my favorites songs from the group’s early days.


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Playlist Sunday: Fairy Tale

Everyone loves a good fairy tale and all of us here at KultScene are no exception to that. K-pop delivers with many fairy tale-themed and styled songs that are not only attractive musically, but lyrically as well. From the title of songs to the other worldly feel to the lyrics, K-pop provides us with a healthy amount of fairy tale songs to choose from. These are just a few that of those songs that we wish to share with you in this week’s Playlist Sunday.

EXO’s love song titled Peter Pan uses the Neverland story, but instead of Peter falling in love with Wendy, he is looking for his true love, the fairy Tinkerbell. Throughout the song, EXO lets the listeners know the story of Peter and Tinkerbell. Peter starts looking back at an old diary and reminisces about all the memories that he had together with the fairy, only to realize how much he misses her and loves her. Even if he is trapped in time and still a child, he is ready to become a man for her and be with her. EXO delivered a cute ballad with soft and beautiful vocals thanks to the group’s vocalists. With Peter Pan being one of my favorite fairy tales, I just couldn’t help but love this song.


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With sweet, delicate vocals and an infectious electro pop beat, Neon Bunny’s 2012 song Oh My Prince sounds like a fairy tale in itself. However, the actual lyrics are another story. The singer uses “prince” to describe a guy’s negative traits rather than good ones, meaning a man who thinks he’s all that. Right off the bat, she disses the guy by telling him she doesn’t care what school he graduated from or what household he comes from, and suggests he tattoos it on his face given he’s so proud… you can imagine how the calling-out continues throughout the song. The use of the jarring lyrics and Neon Bunny’s sugary tone set a cool contrast that pokes fun at these types of guy. Because no, the idea of having a prince in your life or as your partner isn’t always a fairy tale.

— Alexis

Before Disney, L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz was the epitome of the American fairy tale, and Clazziquai’s Wizard of Oz puts music to dream-like quality of the famous story. Alex and Horan’s whimsical voices match with not only the famous story itself, but also with the hypnotic, poppy-induced tune created by DJ Clazzi. The song tells the story of how we all really live in Oz without realizing it, thanks to our dreams and adventures. The music video is also fairytale inducing; it features some of the most popular stars from 2009 including Kim Bum, Kim Ki Bum of Super Junior, Lee Yeon Hee, and Yoo Seungho.


In the hands of Ga-In fairy tales become a lot more adult and sexual than your usual K-pop fairy tale concept. If EXO are mischievous rascals as Peter Pan, Ga-In is a sexy temptress as Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is about two Romeo and Juliet-like lovers who meet up at night for their fleeting but passionate sexaul encounters. Ga-In’s solo work is known for pushing boundaries, and Tinkerbell is the song that does this on her second album Talk about S. The lyrics are a great reimagining of a fairy tale with added maturity. The production is innovative and jarring. It sounds like she took the Latin guitars from Irreversible and cut out every second note. The pre-chorus is built around a strange vocal effect similar to the guitar. So if you’re looking for a more adult fairy tale, Ga-In’s your girl.


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U-KISSNeverland is a fun song about a fantasy land where staying young and having fun are priorities. The beat on Neverland is club-ready and will make anyone feel young again. You can shout the chorus to the skies as you dance the night away wishing you were flying to Neverland. If it’s good enough for Peter Pan and for U-KISS it’s definitely good enough for the rest of us. The song doesn’t boast much lyrically or have any deep symbolism behind the words. Instead it makes us feel like a kid again as we jump around the room with the volume turned all the way up.

— Tara

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Playlist Sunday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Snowstorms in the Middle East and Texas are not exactly normal, even in January, so this week’s Playlist Sunday is dedicated to everyone suffering from the unusual cold weather. Here are some songs that will definitely warm you up or remind you of the coldness in the world.

Even though it’s cold outside, ice eventually thaws. Nobody knows that better than TVXQ in Love In The Ice. The song is not only one of TVXQ’s most vocally impressive ballads from pre-2009 split, but relates feelings to the seasons; that narrator of the song sings about wanting to melt his lover’s heart that is frozen from past failed love. “A single ray of light will swoop down into the darkness,” sings the quintet, which can apply to both heartbreak and the dark, cold winter months.


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If you’re going outside in this terrificly cold weather remember to wrap up well like Brown Eyed Girls in the video for their song L.O.V.E. The warm feeling of this song will also help as you walk through bitter winds with your headphones on. L.O.V.E, like the majority of Brown Eyed Girls songs, is a masterclass in line distribution. Each member is perfectly suited to their parts and pull them off accordingly. They have some of the best vocalists in all of K-Pop with Jea’s showstoppers, Narsha’s falsetto and Ga-In’s huskier tones. Yet, Brown Eyed Girls are the type of group with enough range that they can let their rapper, Miryo, take the majority of a song like in L.O.V.E and it still be great.


Eric Nam’s Melt My Heart is a very fun upbeat ballad that will surely melt your heart and keep you warm. In this track, Eric serenades a girl that he loves but it’s not part of his life anymore. Every winter reminds him of her, when the snow falls he just can’t help to think of her. He wants to know if this girl still feels the same as he does. Even though the song’s lyrics are sad, the track keeps a very happy beat. Eric’s vocals and cute looks will surely keep anyone warm specially if his serenading you in your ear.


Akdong Musician’s Melted describes instances of cold, ice, frozen feelings, shadows, gray skies and more in a metaphoric way. Either way, the song and the music video portray people who are cold toward each other. The somber violin throughout the song lends to the feeling of being sad, lost, and confused. The duo’s vocals perfectly depict the characters’ (of the song) feelings. They sing, “If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out. But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?” In the music video, the old man’s drink in the beginning is full of ice as he looks out over the city. We then see his experiences as a younger man, and at the end, he finally found compassion and thoughtfulness from someone. As we flashback to the current old man, his ice has melted in his drink as he thought of the kind man who helped him. During these cold months, remember that there is warmth all around us in many forms.

— Tara

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Coldness is probably one of the best metaphors to describe an aching heart post break up, and that’s exactly what 2NE1 use in Missing You. The music video in itself evokes a cold and somber feeling by utilizing dark colors, and the styling is also winter themed. Also, the snowing throughout several scenes is the most explicit sign of coldness. The lyrics, for their part, talk about yearning over a past lover inspite of feeling negatively towards him. When Bom and CL sing in the chorus, “My cold heart is still missing you” we get a raw, heart wrenching confession of the complicatedness of the break up. Furthermore, the girls’ demeanor throughout the video is also cold and distant, as if trying to not appear sad and heart broken. All of this serves as the perfect metaphor of describing how a relationship turns cold when it meets its end and how the effect lingers even after some times passes.


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Playlist Sunday: New Year’s Edition

The last Sunday of the years means two things: that New Year’s is just around the corner and that this edition is KultScene’s last for the year. And in order to ring in 2015, as it has become a custom, we’ve come up with a list of songs around this theme. Our picks range from songs about new beginnings to saying goodbye.

U-KISS’s Tick Tock (Out of Time) is the ultimate New Year’s Eve theme, both the Japanese and Korean versions of the songs. January 1st brings a new start, but it also brings an end that’s poignant. The clock theme relates to New Year’s Eve countdowns, but the connection doesn’t just stop there. With lyrics like “Tonight we gonna party like we’re out of time,” and “Time flows so let the memories pass,” U-KISS does the New Year right.


miss A‘s is the embodiment of a powerful and independent girl group, and Over U continues that theme. The song is essentially a breakup song for a man who continuously convinced the girl to stay in the toxic relationship. Finally she realizes that he’s bringing her down and she’s ready to be free of him. She’s ready to be happy, like she was before she knew this man. The girl is ready for a clean slate and to forget about that horrible relationship. And doesn’t a new year mean a lean slate?

— Tara

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This year in K-Pop had too many bad days, so as a song to welcome the New Year, IU’s Good Day is perfect. It is the most joyful, hopeful and wonderful song you could ever find. IU’s voice is just as good especially at her famous three octaves in one note part. We must see things in a new light just like the lyrics of this song as we look forward to 2015 and hope that we have good days then.


Lee Hi’s song It’s Over talks about the end of a tumultuous relationship. This year was known as the K-Pop Apocalypse and this song is the perfect metaphor to say goodbye to this catastrophic year. The video comes with a super cute teddy bear as Lee Hi’s ex-boyfriend is dressed as the members of BIGBANG, paying tribute to her label mates and seniors. Lee Hi’s strong vocals and the very cute age appropriate image of this music video create an interesting combination that makes her stand out from other solo artists. So on this last Sunday of 2014, let’s say goodbye and cheer for an amazing 2015!


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Whether 2014 was a good or bad year for you, with a new one coming up there’s a sense of letting the old one go once and for all. And there’s no better song out there to say just that than Super Junior-M’s Go. While the song is about a relationship (what K-Pop song isn’t?), us English speakers can ignore all that and just focus on the chorus. Let’s encouragingly bid farewell to 2014 while singing, “Go! Just let it go! Go go go go go!” The new year brings with it a metaphorical new slate, so past troubles should be left behind with the memory of the past year.


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Playlist Sunday: Christmas Edition

We’ve made it a tradition to come up with playlists for Sunday Playlist holiday themed when they’re approaching, and of course one of the major ones couldn’t be bypassed: Christmas. For this edition, we’ve come up with a few songs that set the perfect mood for Christmas parties or the actual 25th. Our picks are songs that get us in the Christmas spirit while still having fun.

There are many western Christmas classics open for K-Pop groups to cover around the festive time to show their spirit. These songs are such a big part of Christmas in the west that it’s fun to hear the odd Korean version. SHINee chose the ever popular Last Christmas by British duo Wham. Although as you start listening you might be mistaken that it actually is a cover since the production has been nearly completely changed to a strange twirling electronic sound. The pronunciation is all ok but helps the endearing charm of it all. I say let’s have some more weird covers of classics, that’s the true spirit of Christmas.


White Confession (Lately) is an original song by INFINITE to express the warm spirit of the holiday season. White Confession is a song about remembering old relationships around the holidays and the desire, but also embodies the feeling many people have around this time of year. The song uses INFINITE’s typical retro style with bells that are reminiscent of holiday tunes, creating a sweet song for the winter months.The video music shows the seven members of the idol group shopping for one another and enjoying time together in the winter, when people come together to spend time with their loved ones.


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Super Junior’s White Christmas talks about the important stuff to worry about during Christmas: presents and snow. Or at least that’s half of what I think about during these holidays (no snow in SoCal *sigh*). The song is upbeat and fun, a now staple concept for this group of derps, and is refreshing because it’s not a dull ballad. I picture this song in a playlist along with Jingle Bell Rock and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. It’s the perfect song to get everyone in a cheery mood.


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