Playlist Sunday: Fairy Tale

Everyone loves a good fairy tale and all of us here at KultScene…
Playlist Sunday

Playlist Sunday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Snowstorms in the Middle East and Texas are not exactly normal,…

Playlist Sunday: New Year’s Edition

The last Sunday of the years means two things: that New Year’s…
christmas songs playlist kpop

Playlist Sunday: Christmas Edition

We’ve made it a tradition to come up with playlists for Sunday…

Playlist Sunday: Wedding Edition

In honor of the recent K-Pop wedding of Super Junior’s Sungmin…
kpop playlist winter cold

Playlist Sunday: Winter Edition

Even though winter began last month, it wasn’t until recently…

Playlist Sunday: Junk Food Edition

If we've learned anything from watching variety shows is that…
kpop playlist rookies 2014

Playlist Sunday: Rookie 2014 Edition

Every day in K-Pop brings new comebacks, new music videos, new…
KultScene Playlist Sunday

Playlist Sunday: Korean Rap Edition

We’re going to take a quick break from K-Pop and highlight…
kpop sex songs raunchy naughty

Playlist Sunday: Raunchy Tunes

Not everything in K-Pop is cuteness and sweetness and retellings…