Weekly K-pop faves: June 5-11

The boy bands cometh! Seriously, though, this past week had the KultScene team falling in love with a lot of new music courtesy of some old, new, and TBD K-pop acts. We enjoyed songs from idol bands FTISLAND and DAY6, and solo songs from two of B.A.P’s members as well as some music from this season of Produce 101. Take a listen and comment below to let us know what song of the week was your fave.

“Open Up” by KNOCK of Produce 101 season 2 (Uploaded June 8)

I think I’ve made my obsession for Produce 101 season 2 pretty clear throughout these lists since the show began. Last week, I chose “Never,” a concept evaluation song from the show, as my fave because it was the one that resonated with me the most. The dance and overall sexy concept, however, definitely went to “Open Up,” but I chose to go with musicality over thirst. So when M! Countdown gave me the opportunity to cheat the system and go for another Broduce song, I took it. KNOCK, the name the team made up for this evaluation, ultimately won on the show and got to perform “Open Up” on M! Countdown. And while, other than hairstyles, they didn’t change mostly anything, it was still a sultry performance. We already know Dongho (aka Baekho of Nu’est) has the sexy thing down, with his velvety smooth vocals. The surprise, however, was Daniel, who hadn’t shined vocally. “Open Up,” to me, sounds like Nu’est’s last album. Dongho singing the chorus is a big part, but musically, it could blend right in. At a time when a lot of boy groups are going the cute route, it’s nice to see the darker concepts are still alive and well.

— Alexis

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“Shadow” by Daehyun of B.A.P & “Try My Luck” by Jongup (Released June 8)

After receiving much positive feedback of their solo performances from their ‘Party Baby!’ World Tour this past spring, B.A.P vocalists, Daehyun and Jongup released a collab album for their fans, titled “DaehyunxJongup Project Album – Party Baby”. This special album includes two self written tracks, Daehyun’s “Shadow” and Jongup’s “Try My Luck”.

Daehyun is B.A.P’s first member to release a solo single and to perform it live on music programs (including Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo.) There was a sense of newness seeing him going with a more dance focused track, considering how fans are used to hearing Daehyun belt out his high notes and killer falsettos, which were not the main focus but he still tried incorporating them into this single. “Shadow” has an addictive beat with narrative lyrics. “If I try to touch you, just as a dream I had yesterday, you start to become faint”, a love that is fading, a love that more or less becomes a shadow. Not only did Daehyun steer away from the expectant ballad but by featuring youngest member and rapper, Zelo, he added a distinctive tone to the song.

With Jongup’s well known admiration for Chris Brown’s music and dancing style, it was no surprise to see him release an R&B track. “Try My Luck” has a beautiful mixture of both hard and soft melodies with a few unexpected transitions (like everytime he starts rapping!) The lyrics are direct and bold, “I know that feeling, I know what you want. Only the two of us can do it, you know how I’m feeling” and along with hiss passionately infused odic voice, it’ll make anyone get weak in the knees. Jongup went from having very few lines in B.A.P’s songs, to now writing his own music and very much slaying at it.

Both “Shadow” and “Try My Luck” allowed Daehyun and Jongup to truly show off their depth, range and versatility as singers, outside of B.A.P. Hopefully there’ll be another project album in the future, this time with more solo tracks and from the other members!

— Tam

“I Smile” by DAY6 (Released June 7)

After six months of non-stop single releases, DAY6 finally dropped their first full album, “Sunrise” comprising of the 12 new tracks they released this year and two remixes of their previous title songs, “Congratulations” and “Letting Go.” Needless to say, given the fact that the album is literally made up of ¾ title track worthy songs, it is such a musical delight to listen to. The title track of the album, “I Smile”, in particular, is such a bittersweet and heart wrenching song disguised beneath its cheery sounding title. I may be wrong about this but this song is one of the band’s more musically complex tracks, with chord shifts occurring so quickly and the song constantly moving in an unexpected direction (that instrumental section!!!) The members definitely killed it with the vocals this time, especially Sungjin, who set the tone for the song right off the bat. The accompanying music video is also beautiful, both aesthetically and in terms of its meaning, and I’m proud to say that the members have really picked up some subtle acting skills since their debut. Overall, this has got to be my favourite DAY6 release of the year and maybe of all time, and I hope with this album people will start waking up to their talents.

— Anna

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“No Better Days” by FTISLAND (Released June 7)

Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of FTISLAND. So when I heard “Wind” as their 10th anniversary track, paired with a remake of their debut single “Love Sick,” I was a bit disappointed. Then I listened to it in earnest and was excited by the amazing instrumentals at the end. But I don’t want to talk about the title of FTISLAND’s anniversary album. Nope, I’m all about the first track, “No Better Days.” The power of the track is no joke and it’s exactly what I wanted. Powerful drums, soaring vocals– not just from vocalist Hongki but also from Jaejin while the other members provide backup harmonies– this is one of the most dramatic songs on the album. And I love it.

— Tamar

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Goodbye, SISTAR: our thoughts & memories

sistar lonely disbandment breakup break up kpop k pop korean girl group band 복사본

By Ana Clara Ribeiro and Kushal Dev

The Queens of Summer are officially gone. SISTAR had their last comeback on May 31th with the song “Lonely,” which we’ve mentioned before on our Weekly Faves. While it’s sad to see one more iconic girl group disband, especially one that didn’t give any signs it would, the best way to say goodbye to Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom is to celebrate and remember the good things, just like they did in their last music video. KultScene’s writers Ana Clara Ribeiro and Kushal Dev talk about their favourite memories of the group, what they liked about them, and their feelings about the disbandment.

Their Mark

Ana Clara: If K-pop were high school, in my opinion, SISTAR would definitely be that group of hot popular girls that all the boys want to date and all the girls want to be like or hang out with. Even the name of the group alludes to the idea of sorority and female friendship. I’ve always been amazed at their dance skills (that leg lift on “How Dare You,” oh my God), Soyou and Hyolyn’s vocal abilities, and how they dance and sing so well while always looking flawless and smiling non-stop in the highest heels! I mean, is there anything they can’t do?

But more than that, I think what made them unique was the union of all these traits plus the “summer feels” in their music and videos. There are lot of groups who do sexy concepts, but SISTAR distinguished from the others because they weren’t just sexy; they were unapologetically “Queen Bees” and they had fun with it. It’s not like they were shaking their awesome bodies and being all gorgeous only for the pleasure of their viewers; they were actually enjoying themselves and bringing the party with them, wherever they are.

Actually, the fact that SISTAR is disbanding even in spite of no signs of decadence basically reinforces the metaphor of the Queen Bees of high school. It’s like they’re graduating. We may not know what are they gonna do now, but at least they’re saying goodbye with honors, leaving an untouched impression to their seniors, and having a blast in their last vacations together in Macau.

Kushal Dev: K-pop groups will come and go, and new fans will, at least at the current rate, pile into the genre in higher and higher numbers. Just like 2NE1, Wonder Girls, and KARA, SISTAR is another group that cannot be forgotten, even after their disbandment. As a girl group, they really are nothing short of legends — who else can have nine straight title tracks go number one? No one in recent memory, that’s for sure. SISTAR is, as a friend of mine told me in her despondence after reading the disbandment news, the icon of the Korean summer. To represent an entire season, to push out of the genre of K-pop in any context and be able to contribute to the larger culture, that is what makes a group not only a K-pop group, but also a force of nature in itself.

There are very few groups whose charisma, prowess, sex appeal, and talent flow so naturally — onstage, in music videos, or even live, as many fans have claimed. It’s not just their music that has launched them so far upwards; they make their beauty and glamour look effortless. Not every Brave Brothers song is a hit, not even Black Eyed Pilseung hits the Melon roof — the hits don’t make SISTAR, SISTAR makes the hits.

And it’s important to keep in mind that the group, often compared against the generation’s most formidable competitors Girls Generation and 2NE1, came from nowhere near the Big 3. Starship Entertainment might be a notable name in the K-pop industry now, but it was SISTAR that put them on the map. Compared to the Wonder Girls or KARA or anyone of the like, SISTAR came from relatively nothing, and to be able to stand next to them as comparable equals is legendary and forever impressive.

Even in their disbandment, they continue to redefine standards for girl groups around them. As we all know, girl groups are falling left and right these days, often without any sort of warning, last release, or promotion. 2NE1 and Wonder Girls received some praise for doing a last song release, but neither promoted, and only 2NE1’s “Goodbye” even received a music video.

SISTAR, on the other hand, never fails to outdo the rest (and, if you don’t know me as a writer, I say this as a diehard Blackjack and a casual Wonderful). Of all of these groups, SISTAR maintained all four members to the end and released a last song, with a music video, and a full week of promotion. They not only sang their title track “Lonely,” but performed multiple medleys of their hits across broadcast stations last week. The entire K-pop community should applaud SISTAR for setting the bar so high, as we can only hope that on the fateful day that our faves fall apart, they do something as special as SISTAR did for their fans in their last days together.

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Personal Memories

by Alejandro Abarca

AC: “So Cool” was one of the first K-pop songs I heard, and the first song from SISTAR I came across. I have so many good memories about it, it’s hard to chose only one. As a Brazilian person, I can’t help thinking of the funny jokes people make about this song, due to the fact that “so cool” sounds like a pejorative way to describe a specific part of the human body in Portuguese, and joking about the fact that this is a polyglot song since we can hear Korean, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

However, as someone who joined the K-pop fandom years after “So Cool” was released, I remember my impressions when I heard this song for this time and I was so elated by the contagious rhythm and those amazing girls that seemed “so cool” — actually, a little more cool than my ignorant mindset would expect from an Asian group. This song and music video were among the things that opened the doors for me to explore, research, and understand K-pop better.

“Shake It” is another song that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen without reminiscing important moments of my life. When I had my first contact with it, I was a little more advanced in my “K-pop journey” and I remember paying attention to the melody and production, taking notes about how the song calls down on some old Motown songs and about the number of hooks. I’m not saying “Shake It” is the greatest song in the world (especially because I later discovered that they had released something extremely similar before, “Touch My Body”), but for some reason it came to me in a moment where I was beginning to see K-pop as a real movement that involves the work of so many people (writers, producers, choreographers, directors, singers), and not only a bunch of loud electronic beats with random people jumping with colorful clothes. It’s one of the songs I’ve listened the most during that moment, and it’s a personal memory that I will always cherish.

KD: I really didn’t know about SISTAR until their explosive hit “Alone,” only a few months after I got into K-pop, but I was definitely interested after watching the music video and hearing the song. Just like the experience that many other fans had, SISTAR totally crept up on me — as I was falling head over heels for 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation, SISTAR kept hitting me with good songs, starting with “Alone” and then with “Loving U” months later, when I started to realize that, with consistent jams, the group is worth my full and undivided attention. Most of the K-pop world realized that around then, which is why a K-pop summer couldn’t really be a K-pop summer without SISTAR from then on.

I don’t remember why, but I remember the day that “Touch My Body” came out as a horrible one for me, and I was so stressed about God knows what (probably school or some petty high school BS), sitting in front of the computer screen when the video came out at 11 p.m. EST. I clicked on it excitedly, only to be completely uplifted by the song’s immediate and explosive catchiness. In the days of “rookie rookie” and “knock knock knock knock on my door” (I am saying this also as a fan of both Red Velvet and TWICE), it’s hard to come by songs you absolutely love on first listen. And SISTAR, on that difficult day, gave me exactly that — a song that, in precisely one listen, made me excited about K-pop and music in general.

I also remember spending the rest of the summer trying to sing the song’s acoustic version, which they put out later on and had me hooked for awhile. Anything SISTAR did was outright iconic — the best memory as a STAR1 is being able to watch them become icons and come into that role within the industry.

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What Could Have Been

AC: It’s a shame that SISTAR is disbanding right now, because musically speaking, I think there are still a lot of things they could explore. When SISTAR released “I Like That,” I was surprised because I thought it sounded different from their previous stuff, and now I just wish they could have continued from there. I would have loved to see how they matured artistically as a group. SISTAR had some of the best vocals in K-pop and tons of charisma and stage presence; they still had a lot to offer.

Also, since they have always stuck cohesively to their concept, it wouldn’t be that difficult to plan their next moves because there would be no drastic changes to be made in their trajectory. They’re not young enough to do an “aegyo” concept for the first time (neither did they need it), so they wouldn’t have any option but to release more sophisticated music. That probably wouldn’t be profitable (and it explains the disbandment), but as a fan, that’s something I really wanted to see.

KD: While fans (including myself) typically associate SISTAR with the sun kissed, summer beach girls they have been these past few years, people forget that their initial concepts were nothing like that, and the hit that rocketed to top tier status, “Alone,” was very far from that kind of thing (after all, “Alone” was released in April, and was one of SISTAR’s few non-summer comebacks). A lot of international STAR1’s and Knetz (Korean netizens) alike were wondering what a return to non-summer SISTAR would be like, as fears that the group would eventually wear out the summer concept moved through the fandom once in a blue moon.

I would even go so far as to postulate that maybe “I Like That” was a response to that discussion — while it was still a summer comeback, the concept and its aesthetics were relatively closer to “Alone” than anything else. While I am so, so happy to see them as the summer icons they are, SISTAR could have possibly done more outside of one comeback (or a comeback with a follow-up remix mini album) a year between the months of June and August. For an industry-dominating girl group, summer simply might not have been enough time for them to leave as much impact as they could have. In my opinion, sky was the limit for them at their peak, and I wonder what else they could have done.

But I am happy they stuck to what made them great and didn’t try to do so much that they turned their usually positive reviews into mixed ones, or alienated/tired fans out with too many promotions. A summer SISTAR was, perhaps, the optimal SISTAR, and I am more than willing to accept that and be proud of it as their dedicated fan.

The goodbye

AC: Now that I think about it, the music video for “Lonely” is perfect to end a story like SISTAR’s. Their music and videos were always supposed to be fun, and it’s very honest and touching that their last focuses on the ephemerality of life, as if they recognize that fun times and summer always come to an end.

The scene in which Hyolyn and Soyou take a picture together made me feel very emotional, it was a beautiful metaphor for capturing a memory of something that will never come back, be it youth or just a nice moment in time. For me, the music video conveys honesty, vulnerability, lucidity, and is a harmonic and heartwarming end to a story told in the totality of their music videos, as if Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom waved goodbye to us saying that no matter how great their journey was, it will as well be forgotten.

KD: It was nice to see “Lonely” be an actual music video, with closeup shots and everything — videos that are entirely random-clip-compilation tend to leave a lot to be desired, and leaving more to be desired in a disbandment video is never a good thing. All I could think of as I watched the music video for the first time was, “this is the last time I’ll ever watch a new SISTAR MV. Ever,” and it made me infinitely frustrated and sad.

I saw many comments and tweets about the ending of the video, the beach group photo scene in which the members’ smiles quickly became frowns, causing fans to cry and get the feels. But for me, it wasn’t that part that twisted up my insides, but the part right after, where the video cut to a black/white picture of them, overlayed with the text “SISTAR” right above it, staying stationary for a few seconds before the video ended completely. That last picture felt final, the ending page of a book, a “thank you” bow of some sort concluding their past seven years of hard work and success together.

SISTAR — you four are incredible, and you truly are one of K-pop’s most successful and respectable groups. With a clean disbandment, you will likely (hopefully) have everyone’s respect as you go your separate ways. A group like SISTAR will probably not come around for a very long time (if ever again), so I can only bow my head in sadness (bittersweet, but still sad), as I say a final goodbye. No matter what Dasom says at the end of “Lonely,” SISTAR is truly special, and fans will remember them year-round, throughout all four seasons.

by Alejandro Abarca

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Weekly K-pop faves: May 29 – June 4

Some weeks in K-pop are busier than others, and the beginning of June was definitely full of some interesting releases. Whether it was Sistar’s farwell or the first original releases from the boys of Produce 101 Season 2 or Baek A Yeon’s return with a new EP, KultScene’s team took note. Here are some thoughts on our favorite songs of the week.

“Never” by Produce 101 Season 2 (Uploaded June 2)

By now, a lot of people are over the deep house and dem bow hybrids plaguing the global music scene — but not me. So when the concept evaluations on Produce 101 Season 2 came up and “Never” was one of the songs up for grabs, I knew it would be one of my faves. But, of course, the trainees making up the team is what made this song. “Never” probably had the best popular to talented members ratio among all the groups. Plus, the fact that they had the most talented singer in the whole competition surely helped. I haven’t watched this ep of Produce 101 yet over lack of English subtitles, but I can make out that Jonghyun was once again the leader. It’s pretty endearing to see how time and time again, he takes on the leadership role and steps away from the limelight in order to let the other members shine. This is probably the first time that Guanlin gives us an idol-worthy performance in the competition, and Woojin held his own and stepped out of the shadows of the other Brand New Music trainees (his company). Even with its upbeat breakdown, “Never” is sultry yet powerful at the same time, and the members perfectly captured and conveyed this duality. Every single member in this group is a contender for the final 11, and with “Never,” they definitely made their case strong.

— Alexis

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“Magic Girl” by Baek A Yeon (Released May 29)

At first glance Baek A Yeon’s Bittersweet EP could be ballady banality. But it’s most definitely not, with each track exploring the dichotomy of a young girl’s heart, perfectly suitable for a 24-year-old who has won over South Korea with her mellow love songs. While all of the tracks are intriguing in their own way, “Magic Girl” is so compositionally fantastical that it quickly became my favorite. With it’s ethereal synths and lilting electronic beat, “Magic Girl” feels like it’s straight off of an ‘80s film soundtrack, perfect for a lighter moment of a film like Labyrinth or Neverending Story. Although there’s no translation of the song currently available, the track appears to be, well, about the otherworldly essence of Baek, and it’s perfect. Until that one moment when the imagination meets reality and turns into a choppy piano melody reminiscent of basic keyboard exercises much like a young child would learn–just as their imagination is freewheeling and innocent enough to create an magical song like “Magic Girl.” It’s just my interpretation, but I’m in love with it.

— Tamar

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“Lonely” by SISTAR (Released May 31)

SISTAR ends their legendary seven-year career with a single unlike the rest of their releases — an evocative, slow pop song, with no choreography or visual hook for listeners and viewers. Despite the more low-key nature of SISTAR’s final single, the song is conspicuously in tune with the group’s characteristic sound — loud, vocal, and powerful. As a dedicated fan of the group for five years, I am sad to see the group come apart, but thankful for the last stages and still finding myself getting hooked on this song, repeating it for hours on end and still enjoying it every time. SISTAR’s music has always had that quality, the ability to stick to your ears and invigorate no matter how many times you’ve already heard the song. Their performance and music have a valuable, long-lasting impact that will be missing from K-Pop from now on. For STAR1’s, it’s been a reflective and painful week, with fans talking about everything from the group’s long reign of success to the minute details of their music show stages this week. Thank you SISTAR, for everything. From your debut to your final stage on Inkigayo, you have officially failed to release a flop, and K-Pop will forever admire its queens of summer for that reason.


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Weekly K-pop faves: May 22-28

The final week of May 2017 saw a lot of musical releases in South Korea, ranging from rap to pop to ballads. We picked some of our favorite new songs, including music from Tarin, San E, Bolbbalgan4, and LOOΠΔ’s Kim Lip.

“Mohae” by San E featuring Bolbbalgan4 (Released May 23)

After a “Season of suffering” (title of his last album), summer brings us a softer San E. “Mohae” is a light hip hop song with R&B and trap traits, featuring indie pop group Bolbbagan4. It was a matter of time until Bolbbagan4 became a feature in a rap song, a field in which female vocals and indie groups often are featured and bring balance to the rappers’ strong vibes. In “Mohae”, however, both San E and Bolbaggan4 seem to vibe in the same wavelength, while they rap/sing about a boy messaging a girl.

— Ana Clara

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“Coffee Ending” by Tarin (Released May 22)

Say what you want about melancholic ballad drivel, but I’m a huge fan of Korea’s coffee house music and Tarin’s “Coffee Ending” was the perfect fix when I heard it midway through the week. Tarin’s mellow vocals and the song’s gentle, jazzy melody aren’t probably for everyone, but they were the perfect mix of sweet and bitter, just like the perfect cup o’ joe.

— Tamar

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“Eclipse” by Kim Lip/LOOΠΔ (Released May 22)

The Loona girls are paving a curious path since we can’t yet really sense homogeneity between the songs they’ve been releasing, but “Eclipse” is the most intriguing step of the journey so far – and also the best. Both the song and MV are more sensual than we’d expect from a young artist who will debut in a girl group, but whatever is the company’s intention, I can only congratulate them for this track. “Eclipse” is a smooth jam with a mature vibe that at first made me think Monotree Music (Sohee’s “Spotlight”; Ladies Code’s “The rain”) wrote and produced it. My guess wasn’t completely wrong: the song is produced by Daniel Obi Klein and Charli Taft (same duo that did Red Velvet’s “Automatic”, just as sexy as “Eclipse”), but Monotree’s lyricists Park Jiyeon and Hyun Hwang wrote the fancy lyrics, which works even more perfectly with Kim Lip’s soft and sultry vocals.

— Ana Clara

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Weekly K-pop faves: May 15-21

kpop playlist may 2017 songs k-pop k pop korean

As summer looms closer, K-pop has started to pick up the pace. This week saw lots of different releases, from soloists to idols to rappers; the game is on. And like every week, we took on the task of selecting our absolute faves, so here they are.

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“Spotlight” by Sohee (Released May 18)

In all honesty, I clicked on “Spotlight” once it showed up on YouTube because I assumed that it was the former Wonder Girl member Sohee. I was wrong, but definitely not disappointed. K-Pop Star 6 finalist Kim Sohee’s single is a trendy R&B-tinged dance track that immediately made me think the queen of solo K-pop dance, BoA. And from other reviews I’ve seen, I’m not the only one thinking this. Sohee’s performance in the video is no joke, and her light pop vocals hooked me immediately. For a debut song, “Spotlight” is pretty impressive and I’m really excited to see what Sohee does next.


— Tamar

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“Hyung (feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK)” by Dumbfounded (Released May 16)

Korean-American rapper Dumbfounded dropped his first official Korean release and enlisted a roster of K-rap A-listers to feature on it. Dok2 and Simon Dominica bounce verses off of Dumbfounded, while Tiger JK addresses them shortly at the beginning (and maybe the chorus? Not sure). Essentially, the track can be summarized by the line: “Show me respect, I’ll show it back, that’s the code of conduct.” It talks about earning respect rather than being given to automatically on the basis of being a hyung, an older male. The music video stays true to Dumbfoundead’s funny aesthetic and uses lots of Korean culture references to emphasize that this is a Korean single. In short, “Hyung” is a bop.

— Alexis

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Weekly K-pop faves: May 8-14

Each week, some of our KultScene contributors pick songs that excited them over the past seven days. In the second week of May, we enjoyed songs by Day6, Moon Myung Jin, and Hitchhiker’s new song with NCT’s Taeyong.

“Dance Dance” by DAY6 (Released May 8)

Five months and ten songs into their monthly 2017 release project, DAY6 is still going strong in terms of coming up with extraordinarily catchy tracks that match perfectly with their identity as a band yet are unique enough to show their growing musicality with each release. Adorable music video aside, I think that I may have just found my favourite DAY6 release of the year. “Dance Dance” is a perfect musical representation of how much this band truly loves making music as well as how good they actually are at doing so. Their burning passion and enjoyment is evident right from the onset with maknae drummer Dowoon’s memorable first lines (he’s never had lines in other DAY6 songs before) and Jae’s playful pause toward the end of the song. The music video also shows scenes of the members creating songs or jamming in their natural habitat (the practice room) which gives off a much more comfortable vibe than any of their previous videos and really showcases the brotherly relationship this group shares. We still have seven months and 14 more releases to look forward to, so here’s hoping that DAY6 will continue to outdo themselves and reach the height of popularity they deserve.


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“Around” by Hitchhiker (Released May 12)

Hitchhiker is a difficult producer to work with in terms of sound for any vocalist, since he takes centre. His latest track “Around” is a frenetic mix of sitar-like sounds and Major Lazer-esque dancehall. It pulses with unstoppable energy leaving a lot of work for NCT member Taeyong to not fall behind. The idol does not falter for a second though as his trademark deep drawl drags the song into his own. He rasps and bites as the song takes off around the halfway mark. It’s a clear sign that Taeyong is as good a rapper as people say, even for an SM idol.


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“Lie Down (feat. Reddy)” by Moon Myung Jin (Released May 13)

Sometimes when K-pop is slow and unamusing, I have to go on YouTube to find cool releases on my own. This was precisely the case this week, which brought me to singer Moon Myung Jin’s “Lie Down” featuring Reddy. And while I don’t know the first, I certainly know the latter, leading me to click on the song without a second guess. “Lie Down” has that The Weeknd dreamy, baby-making soundscape, although it weaves in iconic East Asian sounds and chants that give the song a fresh take. Moreover, Reddy’s signature laid-back rap was meant to feature on “Lie Down” given that it’s a pretty chill song.

— Alexis

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Weekly K-pop faves: April 17-23

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At last, K-pop’s starting to pick up, with more and more artists dropping new music. This week, we’ll tackle our fave up and coming rookie groups, as well as a much anticipated solo debut from a renowned artist.

“Will You Go Out With Me” by DIA (Released Apr. 18)

I am a huge fan DIA’s unique brand of aegyo. Theirs is brash, not innocent, and slightly deranged. While new single “Will You Go Out With Me?” is not as chaotic as “Mr. Potter” or “My Friend’s Boyfriend,” DIA do not lose their trademark edge. Apparently produced by the girls themselves alongside member of Brave Sound Park Hyun Joong, “Will You Go Out With Me” sounds like a little sister companion to another Brave Sound belter Stellar’s “Crying.” Squealing synths drive the girls to confront their crush rather than wait. This is best encapsulated by rapers Huihyun and Eunjin’s conversational style. They swap between straight rapping and inquisitive confrontation. It goes well with the best vocals of their career so far as well, abely helped especially by new member Jueun. To top it all off, the video has a Terence Malick-esque intro with whispered voiceover and backwards walking.

— Joe

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“Easy Love” by SF9 (Released Apr. 18)

I haven’t really been a fan of a lot of the music rookie boy bands have been putting out so I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to SF9’s “Easy Love” for the first time. The song is more melodic than their previous releases, and I’m here for it. It reminds me a lot of BTOB’s early songs (“Insane,” “Irresistible Lips”) because it both shows off the group’s evocative vocal capabilities while still providing space for the rapper’s to do their thing. The song’s pre-chorus build is pretty unique, at least recently, leading into the song’s hook. I honestly enjoyed “Easy Love” because it sounds a lot like the K-pop boy band releases of a few years ago rather than the EDM-focused music we’ve been seeing lately. It’s a good sound for SF9, and I honestly think it works much better than their other songs (I’m looking at you, “Fanfare.”) SF9 were just announced for KCON NY and I was kind of unimpressed, but now that I heard “Easy Love” I’m looking forward to their performance.


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“Flashlight feat. Jay Park” by Minzy (Released Apr. 17)

After giving up every hope of CL’s solo (I like to think “Lifted” never happened), I put up all my expectations on another ex-2NE1 member, Minzy. My faith in her was tested when she released an OST ballad, but it was all cool, cause that wasn’t it. “Ninano” was everything I expected from her, but “Flashlight” was what I wanted. From various 2NE1 songs we knew homegirl could sing and rival even Bom, but I didn’t know she had a bit of soul in there. “Flashlight” is more pop than actual R&B, but I’d go as far as to say that Minzy is probably one of two female idols able to tackle the genre successfully (the other one is Hyorin). If Jay Park would’ve sang instead of raped in a “My Boo” kind of way, it would’ve taken the song to a whole other level. Alas, this didn’t happen, but his Drake-esque sing-rap verse worked and gave the song another dimension. Minzy should further develop an R&B sound rather than try to go the CL in “Mental Breakdown” route.

— Alexis

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Weekly K-pop faves April 10-16

Every week, the KultScene crew share some of our favorite K-pop releases of the past week and discuss why exactly we were impressed by them. This week, we liked new releases from Teen Top and Super Junior’s Yesung.

“Love Is” by Teen Top (Released Apr. 10)

It’s the sad truth that very few K-pop groups are able to recover after their peak popularity, but Teen Top is attempting just that with “Love Is.” Their first song without former member L.Joe, their latest single is an angst-driven synthy dance-pop track that sounds like it would fit in the group’s repertoire of a few years ago more than some of their recent releases. The single is a throwback to their earlier Brave Brother-produced hits, which is fitting since they’re working with the producer once again. It thrives where you’d least expect it, playing one rhythm against one another, most prominently during the sweet chorus when the vocal melody contrasts sharply with an angered “No, no” response. They didn’t reinvent K-pop, but this group needed to show that they still can release a good, Teen Top-style song even with one less member, and that’s exactly what they did.


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“Hibernation” by Yesung (Released Apr. 10)

Even though I’m an ELF (Super Junior’s fandom) and love the KRY subunit, I haven’t enjoyed Yesung’s solo ventures thus far. “Hibernation” didn’t really change that, but it’s definitely a step in the direction of slow songs I can stomach. It’s a pretty mellow, easy going, little song. It’s devoid of Yesung’s usual powerhouse vocals, which actually benefit the track. He sticks to a flat, sweet tone that compliments the sentiment of the song. It’s not flashy or meant to destroy your feelings, like he usually does. “Hibernation” is literally and figuratively a warm up release for Yesung’s upcoming album. There, we will find those powerhouse belts he’s known for. And while it’s not my usual cup of tea, I’m not deaf; I can recognize talent, of course.

— Alexis

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Weekly K-pop faves: April 3-9

Every week, the KultScene team writes up mini reviews of our favorite new K-pop releases from the past week. This time, we enjoyed music courtesy of NCT’s Ten, YG Entertainment’s revamped WINNER, and up-and-coming idol band DAY6.

”Dream In A Dream” by Ten (NCT) (Released April

East meets west in Ten’s solo debut under SM Station, and it’s one of the most interesting songs SM has released this year. I’ve said for a while now that K-pop needs to focus a bit more on the “K” aspect, and this song does that perfectly. The hazy, instrumental-heavy sound of “Dream In a Dream” draws on both traditional Asian music styles and rhythmic contemporary dance beats to create a hypnotic effect. Altogether, the sound provides a glorious, ambient backdrop to the beautifully choreographed video. (Seriously, watch the MV.) The–all English!– singing is minimal, but it does poise Ten as a singer, which is very different from how we’ve seen him in the past: when he debuted in NCT U last year, Thai member Ten was positioned as a rapper. After that, he appeared on the dance competition show Hit The Stage. But now with “Dream In A Dream” it seems like the company wants all eyes focused on this talented performer.


”Fool” by WINNER (Released April 4th)

WINNER’s comeback accomplished nothing short of demolishing expectations. One of two singles off of Fate Number For, “Fool” sees the newly-established 4-piece lineup do what they do best — emotive music that demonstrates their artistry and versatility as idols and musicians. The rappers’ delicate singing voices complement the already sweet-toned vocal Jinwoo and stronger-voiced Seungyoon in a way that feels complete and harmonious even after losing a member last year. With complex instrumentalism and beautiful vocals, the group has shown strong potential to maintain relevance even after a tumultuous first few years in and out of the spotlight. I am looking forward to more from them this year, provided YG can pull through with the releases.

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“I’m Serious” by DAY6 (Released April 6)

DAY6 returned a few days ago with their monthly Every Day6 album, containing title track “I’m Serious” as well as “Say Wow”. Despite its title, this single is one of the most playful and fun tracks DAY6 has ever come up with. Following a string of angsty heartbreak songs, this song and its adorable accompanying music video felt like a breath of fresh air. It’s lovely to watch the boys having fun performing this song as well, especially since they decided to go for another round of music broadcasts after last month’s “How Can I Say” performances. This fourth comeback in the year marks a pivotal turning point for DAY6 however, who created a big stir last week because of their flawless performance on the semi-final of K-pop Star 6. It was a homecoming for member Jae, who was on the first season of the audition program and he truly demonstrated how he had grown as an artist since then. They followed this feat with their first appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, which caused their songs to bounce back onto music charts and Naver searches. It’s about time Korea started awakening to DAY6’s insane talent so I’m really happy for them and excited to see where this new popularity will take them.


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Weekly K-pop faves March 27-April 2

Some weeks we see K-pop multiple comebacks from the industry’s biggest acts. The last week of March 2017 wasn’t like that, but we were graced with some great new music courtesy of Girl’s Day, Seo In Guk, Oh Ye Ri, and Jang Hyunseung. Keep reading to see what songs KultScene’s team liked.

“This Is Love” by Oh Ye Ri feat. Jang Hyunseung (Released April 1)

I didn’t really know what to expect from Oh Ye Ri’s “This Is Love,” aside from a feature courtesy of former BEAST member Jang Hyunseung. But the upbeat electropop song had me dancing in my seat the minute I heard it. With a bright, Carly Rae Jepsen-ish beat, the spritely “This Is Love” feels like the soundtrack for a youthful summer romance. Plus, Jang changed things up by acting as a featured rapper than the vocalist he’s typically known as. The song’s not going to be a bit, but it definitely deserves being added to a summer bop playlist.


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“I’ll Be Yours” by Girl’s Day (Released March 27)

After a gigantic hiatus, Girl’s Day has come back guns blazing with their latest single “I’ll Be Yours” off their mini-album Everyday #5. From a charismatic, sexy choreography to impressive vocals from Solji and Minah, the group has brought back the power of girl groups past. With the rise of cutesy, innocent concepts and the disbandment of girl groups that were around during Girl’s Day’s last promotion cycle, “I’ll Be Yours” not only reminds me about what makes Girl’s Day great, but makes me nostalgic for the more forceful girl groups that are no longer together. Altogether, the group’s undeniably hard-hitting latest release brings them back into the sphere of K-pop consciousness, with brass instrumentals and a heavy beat in tow. I’m hoping this comeback will be the start of a more stable series of promotional cycles, but only time can tell if Girl’s Day is really here to stay.


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”Better Together” by Seo In Guk (Released March 28)

As a farewell song for his fans before heading off for his military service, actor-singer Seo In Guk released a beautiful ballad. His military service unfortunately did not go on for very long (he was released a few days later because of his ankle) but the sincerity in his voice as well as the touching music video perfectly expresses how much he’ll miss his fans and his normal life during his time in the army. He is often lauded for his acting skills but Seo In Guk actually debuted as a singer after winning “Superstar K” back in 2009, and his amazing vocals really proves that. His voice is just so full of emotion and grabs the listener’s heart right from the first note.


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