What to Expect at GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA 2015 [EVENT INFO]

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A few months after its first anniversary, JYP Entertainment’s newest boy group GOT7 is finally gracing North American fans by coming to three U.S. cities, thanks to Jazzy Group. JB, Jr., Mark, Jackson, Youngjae, Bam Bam, and Yugyeom are heading to San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago for the first time since debuting to meet their fans, IGOT7, and treat them to an afternoon of laughs, singing, aegyo, and dancing.

Since this is the first time the boys are in the U.S. as a group, expectations are running high. And since GOT7 are a bunch of charismatic, talented, cute guys we can imagine what will probably happen at these events. That’s why we came up with a few things fans can expect at GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA.

Official Merchandise

Have your expectations ever been shot down hard at K-pop concerts when you realized the group didn’t bring any merchandise to sell? Well, for GOT7’s fan meets, that won’t be the case! You can score an official light stick, postcard set or slogan towel for under $25 if you pre-order them. And since these will be picked up at the events, you can be sure these are legit. So come and get them while they last!

got7 merch merchandise usa fan meets fanmeeting dallas san francisco chicago

Curtesy of Jazzy Group

Jackson Acting a Fool

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson seems to have a very nice personality in real life, but that didn’t get him onto so many variety shows– it was him acting a fool. Jackson’s energy and personality is always jacked up to 100%. Add that he’s in the U.S. with English speaking fans and you know this will quickly turn into the Jackson show. Jackson’s a ball of fun and seems very caring and attentive to fans, meaning we can expect lots of fanservice and memorable moments from him.

got7 fanmeeting usa chicago dallas san francisco jackson

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Jr. and Bam Bam Aegyo Exuberance

Another thing that we surely won’t miss is GOT7’s aegyo, or cuteness, kings, Jr. and Bam Bam, busting out the cute stuff. These two boys love causing fans to swoon and making their fellow members cringe. Fan meets are just an aegyo fest for these two, so get your cameras and phones ready to capture all the endearing moments.

got7 fanmeeting usa

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got7 fanmeeting usa jr

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got7 fanmeeting usa bam bam

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Yugyeom and Youngjae Forced to Do Aegyo

Despite both members being very cute, they don’t necessarily show cuteness as easily as Jr. and Bam Bam. But since this is their first visit to the U.S. and meeting their fans on this side of the pond, rest assured, everyone will bust out the aegyo, but it’s Yugyeom and Youngjae who will need some persuasion.

Youngjae Forced to Speak English

As seen on their various web shows, Youngjae is often bullied into speaking a little English for the camera. Can you imagine having a whole venue of English speakers present? Of course the hyungs, or older members, will make him say a few words, and he, bashfully, will do so very cutely.

Mark Being Talkative

Well, more like we hope Mark is more talkative at the fan meets since fans will be able to fully understand him in his native language. Because, as seen on his multiple appearances on After School Club, Mark has been easing into talking more when it’s in English. And we know the rest of the boys will need help with translation and we can’t solely rely on Jackson. So Mark better step it up!

got7 usa fanmeeting mark

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Yugyeom Keeping the Hyungs in Check

Any IGOT7 will tell you, affectionately, that GOT7 is a group of dumbasses, especially around fans. The boys are extremely down with fan service, so you can expect them all to be doing lots of aegyo and showing off. That’s why you know the maknae will, at some point, rebel against his hyungs and keep them in check. So expect lots of sass from him, but at the same time, you know JB won’t take it lightly.

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Markson in the Flesh

The Mark-Jackson ship is a real thing, and all GOT7 fans know that. We get to see it anytime there’s a camera in front of these two, so expect to see it live at the fan meets. You will have a hard time deciding whether you prefer Mark or Jackson hugging you, or hugging each other.

got7 fanmeeting usa markson

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JB’s Beautiful Eye Smile

In K-pop, the eye smile is a thing, and one we love at that. GOT7’s leader has one of the most heart melting eye smiles in the industry, so you know it will definitely make more than one appearance meeting fans in the U.S. Ladies and gentlemen (hey, we’re inclusive), prepare to swoon for days!

got7 fanmeeting usa jb eye smile

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Stellar Vocals and Performances of their Singles

Since the events are essentially fan meets, we can’t really expect a full-on concert. However, rest assured, they at least have to perform one or two of their lead singles, A, Girls, Girls, Girls, and Stop, Stop, It. What’s more, audiences will get to witness Youngjae and JB’s angelic voices, Mark’s stunts, and Yugyeom’s powerful dancing. GOT7 is a group of well-rounded performers who put on a great show, so without a doubt, there will be no dull moment during this event.

Jazzy Group is holding the GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA 2015 in San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago on May 6, 8, and 10, respectively. Tickets range from $55 to $200, with the VVIP tickets including the coveted hi-touch passes and exclusive freebies. To purchase these, go to Etix for the Chicago show and AXS for Dallas and San Francisco. For more information and the latest updates, stay tuned to Jazzy Group’s website and social media site.

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10 Epik High Songs to Get You Ready for Their North American Tour [UPDATED]

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After slaying SXSW last month, Epik High will come back to this side of the pond with their North American tour. And while a lot of K-pop acts only come to one or two cities in the U.S., the YG Entertainment group will embark on a real mini tour hitting cities such as Vancouver and Dallas.

And since we’re all very excited for the tour, we figured we would put together a list of their top songs to get you ready and excited.

1. Don’t Hate Me

If anyone can put on a show, it’s Epik High, made evident at the 2012 MAMA Awards when they performed Don’t Hate Me with one of the most memorable acts of the night. Decked out as iconic Batman villains, the group turned up the whole venue with their hate brushing-off anthem. You can expect lots of jumping around, by the members and the audience, during this song.

2. Wannabee

Is this Daft Punk? No, it’s Epik High! Even though the song’s sound is very dated now, it won’t stop fans from jamming out to this high energy, epic (pun intended) song. Once again, jumping around is a must during Wannabee.

3. One

Another jam in their extensive repertoire that, despite the Euro-pop beats, still sounds relative today. Or maybe it’s nostalgia? Either way, One’s comforting message will hit you right in the feels and you’re probably going to have a moment there…

4. Love, Love, Love

Epik High are the best at taking their emotional songs and performing them with such great energy that they seem like party tracks. And how cute is it when they sing the featured artists parts like in Love, Love, Love and even do a little dance (I see you Tablo!).

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5. Umbrella

The good part about Epik High’s tracks with other artists singing their choruses is that at concerts, it’s the audience who will most likely get to sing it. Umbrella is another heart-wrenching song that will demand a moment from you; it tugs at your feelings even if you don’t exactly know what they’re rapping about.

6. Fan

While Fan is seemingly sweet, it’s actually about obsession, but with that mid-tempo beat and the soft vocals at the chorus, all you’ll be doing is grinding a bit to the track. The song is a tad… well… old, but it still sounds very relevant.

7. Over

In order to have a great show it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to keep the audience jumping and dancing. Sometimes in order to really connect with fans you need to go deeper. Epik High does so with songs like Over, which with its English lyrics, it would be perfect for North American attendees to sing along. Besides, with it’s very relatable lyrics, it just might be the perfect pick.

8. Run

Run is one of those songs that takes you back to the times pre-YG when Epik High was more experimental with their sound than traditional hip hop. The empowering track will surely have everyone in attendance jumping with their hands in the air.

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9. Fly

Watching DJ Tukuz spin is a spectacle of its own, but with such good punchlines, you can expect the group to turn the audience up with Fly. Not to mention they engage with the audience a lot, so their shows always feel very dynamic.

10. Born Hater

One of the most awesome things about Born Hater is the roster of rappers Epik High called upon to collaborate with them. Sadly, it’s impossible to have them all in every show. However, that does not detract from the awesomeness at the least. The group is all about the anthems, and this jam is no different. Born Hater is one of their songs with the most prominent hip hop feel, so you know the energy will be at one hundred.

Thanks to Siva Group, Epik High will hold shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Dallas, New York, and Toronto on May 28, 29, 31, June 5, 12, and 14, respectively. Tickets will go on sale on April 15th at noon (each city’s respective time zone) on Siva’s site. However, you must hurry in order to score VIP tickets and Meet-and-Greet packages! For more information, visit the same site or follow them on Twitter.

epik high vancouver dallas toronto los angeles san francisco chicago new york locations dates north american tour 2015

More shows added:

June 1 – Vancouver, B.C. – Vogue Theatre *encore show added*

June 2 – Seattle, WA – Showbox SODO *venue changed*

June 4 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues

June 7 – Atlanta, GA – Center Stage

June 13 featuring guest Masta Wu – New York, NY – Best Buy Theater *encore show added*

The May 31st, June 2nd, 12th, and 14th are sold out.

Are you going to one of Epik High’s shows? What’s your favorite song by them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

Amoeba Culture Tour 2015 With Dynamic Duo, Zion. T, Crush, Primary, & DJ Friz Turn Up New York City

Traveling overseas is hard enough for an artist, but how about a whole record label? Well, that’s exactly what Amoeba Culture, a South Korean record label, did with several of their more prominent artists for the Amoeba Culture Tour 2015. Dynamic Duo, Zion. T, Crush, Primary, and DJ Friz, brought to the East Coast of the United States by Music Enkor for two shows. On February 28th, after a stop in Atlanta the night before, the crew made their way over to New York City where a practically sold out show greeted them enthusiastically. Hip hop and R&B fans were going to be in for a treat with this multi-artist show. Every artist was expected to bring a slightly different style, and they did not disappoint. ​

After an exciting and brief countdown, DJ Friz took the stage behind a raised DJ set-up and went straight into mixing a beat to get the crowd riled up. Not too long after, Crush joined the stage and began A Little Bit. Crush talked a bit to the audience, which was always echoed by screams. He then continued his set with I Fancy You. With his fluid moves across the stage and equally smooth vocals, it was easy for everyone to get excited.

Amoeba Culture tour crush

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Zion. T eventually joined Crush on stage for Two Melodies. A clear crowd favorite was Just, where the audience sung along the whole way through. Afterwards, Zion. T continued his solo stage with popular songs such as Yanghwa BRDG and Babay. Primary jumped in the DJ booth after, followed by Choiza who joined Zion. T on stage for Question Mark. Not to be outdone by Zion. T, Dynamic Duo exploded onto the stage with See Through. After Zion. T left the stage, Dynamic Duo greeted the audience and went into Lee Dae Ho and Three Dopeboyz. The veteran group knew how to master the stage and work the audience up into a frenzy. The crowd showed no sign of fatigue as they were all screaming and dancing along to Gaeko and Choiza’s set.

Amoeba Culture tour zion. t

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The festival-like atmosphere continued with all of the artists on stage while performing their closing song, Friday Night. As confetti and streamers shot into the air, the show came to a close and all of the artists gathered together for a final bow. The concert was exciting and each artist brought something unique and special to the stage. With all of the artists performing together, a spectacular blend of excitement and music created a highly enjoyable evening.

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10 Things Seen On The 2015 DramaFever Awards Red Carpet

The 2015 DramaFever Awards were held in New York City on February 5, and stars aplenty showed up on the pre-event red carpet. KultScene was there, and we had a chance to speak to some of the presenters of the evening.

1. George Hu and Arden Cho Got Ready To Host

Arden Cho George Hu 2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene
Korean-American actress Cho (Teen Wolf) and Taiwanese-American Hu (Lan Ling Wang) were clearly ready to host the night, each saying that they were honored to host the third annual DramaFever Awards. The two looked glamorous as they strolled down the red carpet, posing together but giving individual interviews. Cho hosted the event in 2014, and promised that the 2015 Awards would be an even more memorable night.

2. Cho Was A Goddess Among A Crowd Of Men

Arden Cho  2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene

The 2015 DramaFever Awards had a lot of eye candy, but only one woman graced the Red Carpet prior to the event. Cho’s Sherri Hill white and orange dress was reminiscent of the grandeur of early Hollywood starlets and the co-host pulled it off beautifully. Cho discussed her favorite dramas, Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers, especially the Japanese version, and how she felt representing the Korean-American community on a popular MTV show.

3. Hu Reminisced About New York Being His Home

George Hu 2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene

Although he’s a star now in Taiwan, George Hu is a New Yorker born and bred, and he admitted that he still calls New York “home.” “My parents are from Taiwan, so I can’t say I’m not from Taiwan, but I was born here. I’m from both sides. Both are home for me.” He said that the trip to host DramaFever isn’t his only one; Hu comes to New York twice a year so that his parents don’t have to worry so much.

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4. Acting-Idol Group 5urprise Got Hungry

5urprise  2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene

5urprise performed later in the evening, but on the red carpet the five members showed off their excitement at being in New York City. When asked what they wanted to see and do in New York City, members rattled off a simple list: Empire State Building, Times Square, Shake Shack, and Umami Burger.

5. And Member Seo Kang Joon Wowed With His Grasp Of English

Seo Kang Joon 5urprise  2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene

Translators were nowhere in sight when it came to the red carpet, but 5urprises’s members had no problem communicating with the English speaking press. Rising actor Seo Kang Joon (Cunning Single Lady) surprised everyone with his English language use, after exhibiting less than perfect skills on the variety show Roommate. In charge of responding for the group, Seo’s answers were clear and precise. The other members didn’t keep quiet either, and their excitement at performing at the 2015 DramaFever Awards was clear.

6. Running Man’s Kim Jong Kook Made The Crowd Riot

Running Man Kim Jong Kook 2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene

One of the cast members of Korea’s extremely popular variety show Running Man showed up as the last person to walk the red carpet, but Kim Jong Kook’s arrival while last was certainly not least. The screams from the fans waiting outside the venue erupted minutes before Kim made his way down the red carpet, where he posed for pictures while people shouted his tagline, “Sparta!”

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7. Fresh Off The Boat’s Hudson Yang Gave a Surprise Appearance

Hudson Yang 2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene

Yang is one of the breakout stars of one of the year’s most talked about sitcoms, and even though Fresh Off The Boat premiered only a few days before the DramaFever Awards, Hudson was all laughs on the red carpet. Have things changed for him since Fresh Off The Boat aired to huge acclaim? “I mean nothing’s really changed, I’ve always been kind of popular.” As for Valentine’s Day Plans? A resounding “no! It’s not that I’m not allowed, it’s that I don’t want to yet. I’m staying free.”

8. Yuki Furukawa Revealed His Flawless English

Yuki Furukawa 2015 DramaFever Awards KultScene

The star of Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo its sequel is another drama star who spent time living in North America. Furukawa lived in Vancouver and New York, and he stopped to talk about appearing at the Awards and being one of Japan’s up-and-coming drama stars.

9. The Suit Came In Many Different Styles- Including George Hu’s Bedazzled Collar


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While Arden Cho’s dress was bright and elegant, a variety of different styles of suits made it to the 2015 DramaFever awards. Some stars, like Yuki Furukawa, kept to simple black and white suits, but George Hu’s sparkling collar, made specifically for him by his stylist, kept drawing the flash of the cameras. Furukawa was the most formally dressed, with a classic black-and-white suit with a bowtie, while 5urprises’s member’s mixed and matched classic suits with leather, casual shirts, and sweaters. And Yang, as the youngest star on the red carpet, posed comfortably in a casual gray suit sans tie.

10. 2015 DramaFever Awards Were Handed Out

So this wasn’t precisely on the red carpet, but the award show itself was definitely the highlight of the 2015 DramaFever Awards.
Best Bromance
– Seo Kang Joon & Joo Sang Wook (Cunning Single Lady)
Rising Star
– Lee Jung Shin (Temptation)
Fan Favorite
– Jo In Sung (It’s Okay, That’s Love)
Best Kiss
– Jo In Sung & Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay, That’s Love)
Best Movie
Secretly, Greatly
Best Chinese Language Drama
Fall in Love with Me
Best Japanese Drama
Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo
Camry Boldest Moment
Emergency Couple
Best Couple
– Yuki Furukawa & Miki Honoka (Mischievous Kiss 2)
Best Actor
– Jo In Sung (It’s Okay, That’s Love)
Best Actress
– Song Ji Hyo (Emergency Couple)
Best Variety Show
Running Man
Best Korean Drama
Emergency Couple

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All photos courtesy of Aliza Chasan

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FTISLAND Give Vibrant Performance in NYC & Announce New Album

New York City’s Snowmageddon-that-wasn’t couldn’t keep FTISLAND from performing its first solo concert in the city on January 28th.

The Korean quintet FTISLAND (short for Five Treasure Island) brought a dynamic range of energy that K-pop fans have been waiting years to see in New York at their FTXH tour stop. The band headed cries of East Coast Primadonnas, FTISLAND’s fans, and flew to Washington D.C. and drove to New York in order to make the concert after a blizzard shut down New York City airports. It was freezing outside, and snow was all around midtown Manhattan, but inside Best Buy Theater, FTISLAND brought fans from all over the region together to forget about the chilly winter.

Lead singer Lee Hongki’s powerful vocals and strong personality dominated the evening, but Lee Jaejin and Song Seunghyun’s backing vocals stood their own, while leader Choi Jonghoon and Choi Minhwan’s skills as versatile musicians were undeniable. Each member of the band was given time to shine, with vocal and instrumental solos dispersed throughout the night. Even though they looked exhausted at times, and made it clear that they were uncomfortable with speaking English to a native-speaker-filled crowd, FTISLAND brought a memorable performance to NYC.

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The group has a large following in Asia, and expressed multiple times how shocked they were to discover American fans had been listening to their songs, while fans sang along with Hongki. Even though some fans weren’t able to make it to the show because of the poor traveling conditions, the audience was clearly filled with people who loved FTISLAND’s unique mix of K-pop and instrumental music.

The band opened the show with Last Love Song, and filled the night with hits like Madly, Memory, and switched it up by performing unplugged, acoustic versions of some of their most iconic songs, including I Hope and I Wish. The performances were stellar, and if they made a mistake, nobody in the crowd noticed. But the few non-musical aspects amidst the concert shone a light on FTISLAND’s intimate thoughts, something that is often missing at K-pop concerts in the U.S.

With humorous tones when some of the members teased Hongki mid-show and the female translator wowed Hongki, FTISLAND’s members opened their hearts to the New York City Primadonnas. The lead singer made it very clear that the group only recently had started really performing music that they loved, and that what people saw on television about the five wasn’t always the truth. Even as Hongki brought his large personality to the stage, it was very clear throughout the night that, first and foremost, FTISLAND was there to play the music that they personally wanted to perform for their fans. The biggest surprise of the night was when Hongki announced FTISLAND’s upcoming album, to be released in March or April. The band ended the night with a new song, On My Way for the encore performance, differentiating FTISLAND’s NYC show from recent shows in Europe and Latin America.

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The concert clocked in at less than two hours, but FTISLAND’s vigor-filled concert lacked nothing. As the band members walked off stage, throwing guitar picks into the audience, it was clear that even though this was FTISLAND’s first performance in New York City, it didn’t disappoint.

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10 Amoeba Culture Songs to Get You Ready for ATL & NYC [Updated]

Dynamic Duo, Primary, Zion.T, and Crush are all coming to the United States for one weekend in March to perform in two cities for their American fans. The four artists are all label mates at Dynamic Duo’s record label, Amoeba Culture, and now they are embarking on a quick trip to the US to entertain their fans with what is bound to be two unforgettable shows. With Amoeba Culture’s upcoming shows in Atlanta and New York City, we want to highlight a few songs from each of the artists who will be performing on the East Coast.

Amoeba Culture Tour 2015

via Music Enkor

Dynamic Duo:

Aeao is Dynamic Duo’s most recent digital single. The song not only shows off Choiza’s and Gaeko’s rapping skills as well as Gaeko’s singing, but it shows that Dynamic Duo is a contender in the hip hop community throughout the world. DJ Premier worked with the duo on Aeao and another song, Animal,  by adding a bit of Western DJ flair. The song is a great music track filled with trumpets and percussion.

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Win a Pair of Tickets for FT Island’s Concert in LA or NY

Last week, we talked about the 5 things to expect at an FT Island concert and promised we would bring our readers complete coverage from the upcoming New York show. But that just wasn’t enough, so we’re conducting a giveaway for a pair of tickets for either their Los Angeles or NY show, you chose!

However, there are, of course, a few rules hopeful participants must follow to qualify for the tickets. For starters, since the shows will be held in New York and Los Angeles, you must be able to travel to the venues. KultScene and Powerhouse provide the tickets, but you need to find your way there. That’s why we don’t encourage out-of-state participants (sorry about that!).

The New York City show will be held at the Best Buy Theater on January 28th and the Los Angeles show will be at the Club Nokia on January 30th, and tickets are selling fast at AXS as the shows approach.

Moreover, in order for us to accept your entry for the contest we ask participants to tweet a message about participating in the contest and letting us know whether you want to attend the NY or LA Show. Liking KultScene’s Facebook page, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to the site are optional (but much appreciated!). Incomplete entries will result in disqualification; we will check if the mandatory tweets have been deleted.

The giveaway runs from January 23rd through the 26th at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen at random, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Once the contest is over, the widget will display the winner and send an automated message to the email with which the entry was made. You need to confirm your assistance by the 26th at 3 p.m. EST by emailing us at kultscene@gmail.com. If not, we will redraw and pick a new winner. So what are you waiting for? Enter to win those coveted tickets for FT Island and good luck!

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VIBE & 4MEN Songs to Know Before their U.S. Concerts

Production company Powerhouse recently announced their latest set of concerts on U.S. soil featuring VIBE and 4MEN. Both R&B duo groups will serenade audiences in New York and Los Angeles on February 11th and Valentine’s Day, respectively. And what better way to spend this romantic holiday being treated to a show filled with heartfelt performances?

Single or with a partner, Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love and friendship. But even if you have a broken heart, VIBE and 4MEN songs about love, happiness, and many other human emotions can surely mend them or at least make you feel warm inside. The duos have made their careers doing music that move audiences, making it the perfectly convenient occasion for the L.A. and NY shows. With discographies that go back to the 90’s and countless OSTs under their belts, we can count on these duos for a romantic, memorable night.

But with such long careers and member changes, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what songs both groups will perform. That’s why we did some digging and came up with these tracks that you absolutely must know before the concerts.


After Kim Young Jae left the group following his contract’s expiration last March, Shin Young Jae and Kim Won Joo continued 4MEN activities as a duo and released this power ballad. Even without their hyung, the remaining members continued the 4MEN legacy with their incredibly strong vocals.


Last year’s album, 1998, also delivered Pray, which was a little bit more lively than its predecessor but still heart wrenching. The sense of longing the members are able to deliver throughout the song displays the duos incredible skills as performers.

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The Man, The Woman

When this song came out in 2006, VIBE slayed the charts. And with such a powerful song, the duo will continue the slayage by performing a now classic hit.

As I’m Getting Older

Singing about age and being lonely, VIBE puts their pipes to rest with As I’m Getting Older. The feel is much more mellow, but the message is still strong and the members convey their angst.

Thorn Love

In Korea, if you’re a great ballad singer, you’re probably making bank singing OSTs for dramas. 4MEN, as the incredible vocalists that they are, have more than a few these out there, but it is Thorn Love from Empress Ki that stood out thanks to the drama’s popularity. The song is a bit more fast than 4MEN’s songs and feels a bit livelier, but with their signature abundance of emotion.

Drink Again

Another VIBE classic that moves audiences even by it’s simple opening piano is Drink Again. This is one of those songs that is music together with pure emotion, which the members leave on the stage every time they perform it. It’s a very nostalgic song that you can’t help but to feel in your chest when you listen to it.

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I Miss You So Much

But since these shows will be a joint concert with both groups, they obviously have to perform together at some point. This will be the perfect opportunity for VIBE to bust out I Miss You So Much from their greatest hits album MEMORIES which features 4MEN. This song showcases what a great team the duos make when they form a quartet. Their vocal ranges go from powerful to sweet to mellow and back to strong again.

In order for the event to truly celebrate the essence of Valentine’s Day, both concerts will feature surprise events for singles and couples, where they can win prizes.

The VIBE and 4MEN Valentine’s Concert in New York and Los Angeles will take place on February 11th at the Best Buy Theater and 14th at The Wiltern Theatre respectively. Ticket prices range from $125 to $50, plus surcharges. New York and Los Angeles tickets are available at Powerhouse.

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5 Things To Expect At FTISLAND Concerts

FTISLAND is one of South Korea’s most popular idol-bands, and the quintet is heading to the United States this month with concerts in New York and California. Whether you’re attending these events, (and spotting KultScene there) or any FTISLAND shows anywhere else in the world, here’s what you can expect.

Great Live Music

FTISLAND has been doing what they do since 2007, and the band does it well. The group has its own distinct style that can be heard in just about every song. Their live performances are filled with infectious energy, enhanced by lead singer Lee Hongki’s almost-nonstop action on stage.

Ad-Libs & Goofing Around

With as many concerts and performances under their belt, FTISLAND are pros. And, being pros, they can essentially do whatever they want mid-stage. There are tons of videos on YouTube showing FTISLAND goofing around on stage, sometimes on purpose while other times mistakenly. This is no perfectly coordinated, emotionless idol show that FTISLAND put on; this group is the real deal and comes prepared but then… Sometimes gets a bit distracted during the show.

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Exuberance Towards The Audience

FTISLAND always has some special words for their fans, no matter where in the world they are performing. In the case of their latest world tour, FTISLAND will likely brush up on some languages, and perhaps perform some songs from the countries that they visit. Look forward to some great Engrish at the New York City and Los Angeles shows.

Special Event

Fans are everything to musicians, and FTISLAND is great at making sure that fans know that they’re appreciated. A lot of K-pop concerts around the world have problems where the local fans feel like the singers aren’t as connected to them as they are with Korean fans, but FTISLAND doesn’t let that happen. Instead, the group always makes efforts to interact with fans in special ways. For the New York and California concerts, Powerhouse recently announced through its Twitter account that FTISLAND will be giving away signed CDs, posters, and pictures to random fans.


You’ll get a chance to hear FT Island’s best songs, like “I Hope,” “Severely,” “Hello Hello,” “Love Love Love,” and many more.

Is there anything else more to say? FTISLAND is a talented band with great songs. Don’t miss your chance to see them when they come to your neck of the woods. In case you’re able to make it to the Los Angeles and New York City shows, you can purchase tickets here and here. Don’t forget that you’ll be entered into the contest to win the autographed goods!

Look forward to KultScene’s coverage of FTISLAND’s US shows!

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Beenzino’s ‘Up All Night’ Party in Los Angeles

Korean rapper Beenzino brought the house down with his Up All Night party in Los Angeles on December 6th at 333 Live. The crowd fully embraced Zino, as everyone sang and rapped as loud as his mic to all 14 of the songs performed throughout the night.

After making his rounds in Korea and New York with his Up All Night parties, the rapper brought his show to the city of Angels. This marked his second performance of the year in the city, the previous being the Asian Music Festival back in May. But rather than coming as part of a roster of rappers, Beenzino was the headliner and only artist at the full-house event.

The venue, being large and club-like, gave off a House of Blues concert vibe, as the dance floor was spacious and allowed for over a thousand people to stand, being the perfect setting for the Up All Night party. And even though doors opened at 10:30 p.m. and the DJ played a variety of hip hop and EDM music, the crowd did not turn up until around midnight when Zino finally came out.

beenzino up all night los angeles


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As soon as the lights went out and the DJ played the beat of I Don’t Have to Work, the crowd ignited. Beenzino, behind the scenes, teased the audience to make some noise. But with a quick, “What’s up L.A,” he jumped into Jackson Pollock D*ck decked out in a blue Adidas track jacket, tight, skinny black jeans, and black wayfarers, which he threw out to the audience.

As mentioned before, the crowd was crazy receptive of the rapper. Since the audience was mostly comprised of Korean speakers who rapped every word, Zino only addressed them in Korean and used no English. Some of the tracks that pumped up the crowd the most included How Do I Look?, I’m Ill, and YGGR. But the one that got everyone turnt up the most was definitely Boogie On and On, with a fan even throwing her bra on stage, which he laughed off and gave to a roadie.

Beenzino performed with such high energy and boss attitude that you wouldn’t have imagined he held the same show in NYC a day prior. He jumped and danced all over the stage, jamming to Profile, Mitch As F*ck, and Nike Shoes, swooning all the female attendees. The men in the audience (which was sizeable compared to a K-Pop show) for their part bobbed their heads and sang along to the punchlines.

beenzino up all night los angeles

But not everything was all play and no emotion. Zino slowed it down with Dali, Van, Picasso, Up All Night, and Aqua Man, which the fans sang in unison waving their hands side to side. The set, however short, didn’t disappoint attendees one bit. And even though he killed track after track, he took some breaks to talk to the audience and thanked them for coming out.

At around 1 a.m, the rapper sang his last song for the night Always Awake. Having taken off his jacket and pullover before to perform in a white T-shirt, Zino took off his black beanie as he finished, thanked everyone, threw it out to the crowd, and disappeared to the back stage.

beenzino up all night los angeles

Having now properly been pumped up by Beenzino, some of the attendees stuck around to continue drinking and dancing to the hip hop mix the DJ played. However, Zino hung out for a bit in the smokers’ lounge before meeting a mob of fans wanting to take pictures with him and was then moved to a VIP area where he chilled with a few people.

Beenzino surpassed expectations and then some. It was amazing how he made the crowd go from zero to one hundred (queue Drake) with a beat and a “what’s up.” Everyone was lit the whole time he was onstage and definitely went home with the adrenaline still pumping.

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Check out more pictures from the Up All Night party:

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KultScene recorded great footage from the show, take a look below!

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