KARA’s ‘Mamma Mia’ Music Video & Song Review

KARA made its latest comeback with Mamma Mia in the middle of August. The girl group saw a member line-up changed, with Nicole and Jiyoung departing the group to pursue solo careers, and the addition of Youngji. I honestly doubted this move, and wondered why the three remaining members didn’t just continue as KARA, but that all changed when Mamma Mia made me think, “Oh, KARA’s back.”

Music Video


The music video is, for one thing, very busy. The sets were great –a beautiful lobby, lovely bedrooms that I wish I could call my own, and a party with fireworks that I wanted to be a part of. But every few seconds, the camera changed to a different set, and I honestly felt a bit dizzy when I first watched Mamma Mia.

gyuri butterflies
There’s really no point for the multiple sets, except to show off different outfits and moods. This seems a bit silly for a song about going out and partying. The concept didn’t really match the lyrics, but it did get to show off KARA’s members at their best, in multiple settings.

KARA Mamma Mia


Do I love the dance outfits? They’re really sleek and sexy, but they kind of look like something Catwoman would wear. KARA’s fierce one moment, and then wears beautiful, lace, and tulle dresses that are completely different, which are supposed to make the members seem… more innocent or something? Again, the busy-ness is apparent.

Kara Jaison Dresses

Mamma Mia has a lot of really nice sets and clothing, but there’s no plot and it doesn’t seem to really make sense –especially fashion wise. One minute, the four are in leggings, tanks, and combat boots with heels and the next they’re in haute couture dresses.

KARA Mamma Mia Party

However, my favorite concept is the one from the party, which, even if it’s a bit cheesy with the palm-tree patterns, looks very modern and reminds me a bit of what 4Minute wore in Whatcha Doin’ Today. I particularly like the streaks of hair dye, primarily because it helps me differentiate the members (throughout the entire video, I was confused between Youngji and Seungyeon, despite being a fan of KARA for several years now). For some reason, I felt that Youngji and Seungyeon’s features are too similar.


If the visual aspects weren’t enough, the dance for Mamma Mia is captivating, and a very “KARA” dance. The group that became famous because of it’s “butt dance” continues it’s addictive dances in Mamma Mia. The dance has several notable dance moves, but two are the most prominent- the brushing-off move and the rowing-the-boat move. The arm dance at the beginning reminded me of Hindu deities (and also EXO’s tree of life, for that matter).

KARA Mamma mia arms


A dance song with a slightly techno feel to it, Mamma Mia’s introcould almost be out of an 80’s aerobic video. As the song progresses, it keeps the original old-school feel, but KARA makes it their own with the catchy, repetitive line “mamma mia,” as well as the member’s powerful vocals. Many lines seem to be given to Hara rather than the other three, which I thought was a bit disappointing.

KARA Gyuri mamma mia

I think the song is really powerful, and the idea behind it, of going out into the world (or party) and showing everyone who you truly are inside is great. However, It would have been more interesting if the video portrayed the meaning in some way, such as having the members appear acting certain ways before going to the party and showing up with completely different personas.

“No one can predict it

I’ll surprise everyone with my hidden image

To captivate you on this hot night, burn it up!

Hit the lights let’s go

Everyone’s party, party, party, mamma mia”

Even though the line distribution was a bit uneven, I think that Youngji was able to hold her own when performing alongside such experienced idols.

Overall ratings

– MV: 6/10, pretty but too busy

– Song: 8.5/10

– Both: 7/10

6 Reasons To Watch “High School – Love On”

It may be known only for being an “idol” drama, but High School – Love On is one of the cutest, simplest dramas on air today. It has everything anyone can ask for – romances, complex family issues, fights, magic, and chaebols with too much money and daddy issues. The drama is mostly about high school, making it one of the first dramas this year to focus on student life.

High School – Love On isn’t going to become the next The Heirs, gaining international love, because it’s just too low-key. The characters are realistic (with the exception of the angel,) it’s as if the audience can actually imagine the kids in their high school class are in the drama- bullies, princesses, low-key hard workers, nerds, dorks, etc. There’s something for everyone.

Contains slight spoilers. 

1. It’s Like Death Note, With Rainbows

Instead of writing down names of people to die, the angels in High School-Love On escort the dead to the afterlife after the humans’ names appear in their death books. Lee Seulbi escorted human souls to the afterlife, watching humans (and their dramas) as she did so, but never interacting with them. By chance, Lee Seulbi becomes human after losing her death note, and a whole whirlwind of romance, adventure, magic, and love. It’s a cool twist on the angel of death, and brings a darker, more mysterious side to a drama that could have been very typical.

High School Love On Angel

2. And What School 2013 Would Have Been If There Were Love-lines & Magic

Following that same train of thought… School 2013 was one of 2013’s great dramas, because it depicted modern day classrooms in Korea, with a particular emphasis on bullying in Korean schools. Bullying occurs in many high school-related dramas, but usually because of wealth or issues pertaining to romance. In High School – Love On, there is bullying throughout the show, and other numerous issues. There are constant references to parents’ harsh standards for their children in school.

High School Love On Bullying

The very first episode depicts a student attempting suicide because the pressures are too high. There is levity and romance, but High School- Love On is very much about the relationship of high school students to their peers, their educators, and their parents.

Sungyeol Kim Sae Ron High School Love On

3.Compelling Family Issues

And, speaking of parents, if you want two brother’s (by Korean standards) going to school and not knowing that they’re siblings, they’re here for you. There’s also an elderly grandmother who had to raise one of those said boys on her own because his mother abandoned him and his father is living in the US. It doesn’t hurt that these two dramatically related characters are also both in love with an angel.

High School Love On Grandmother

Oh, and let’s not forget the chaebol’s son who may not actually be a son of that chaebol.

4. Kim Sae Ron

Usually the male leads make these lists, but the main actress is  definitely the most stand out actor in High School – Love On. She’s only fourteen but doing a great job at playing an innocent high school-aged angel who is confused with what life has to offer her. While the age difference is a little bit disturbing (considering that the male leads are both over 23 years old,) she keeps up with the older actors and it’s a real show of her talent that she is able to take control of the scenes despite her age.

Kim Sae Ron High School Love On

5. INFINITE’s Sungyeol and Woohyun

Have I mentioned that the main male leads, the boys who are connected, are INFINITE’s Woohyun and Sungyeol?  Even if you’re not a fan of the idol group, the two are great in their roles as rival-friends. The two retain their first names, as a nod to their role as idols, but that’s where the relationship stops. Woohyun and Sungyeol have both acted in dramas before, but this is a real turning point. Woohyun’s acting in the first few episodes are amazing, and Sungyeol plays the brooding second lead who knows he won’t end up with the girl but still helps her with all of her problems.

6. Cute “What Would Happen In A Drama?” Moments

Before she even has a name, Seulbi is seen living vicariously through dramas. As an angel, she obsesses over them, wondering why humans in dramas do certain things. As the drama progresses, the character asks herself “if I were the female lead in a drama, what would I do?” multiple times. The other characters end up doing it a few times, too.

High School Love On

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K-Pop Quick News 08/28/14-09/02/14

This rendition of K-Pop Quick News is a bit extent, for a lot of important things happened in the last six days in the industry. From scandals, to tragic accidents, to concerts abroad, KPOPme has you covered with this list compiling and summarizing the latest happenings in K-Pop.

 August 28th

YG Family Heading to Beijing in October
YG Family concert will be held in Beijing on October 19th. [Allkpop]

Kim Hyun Joon Might Enlist Next Year if Delay Request is Approved

Key East Entertainment confirmed Kim Hyun Joong plans to enlist into mandatory military service next year after requesting a postponement on his enlistment date. They also stated that this came before the assault case came into light. If the delay is accepted, his October 7th enlistment date will be pushed to next year. [Soompi]

August 29th

MBLAQ Possibly Gearing Up for a Comeback
J.Tune Camp tweeted a picture with the message, I’m not a monster. Coming soon 2014.9., making fans think the agency is teasing an MBLAQ comeback. [Allkpop]

mblaq 2014 comeback

2PM’s Nichkun Will Play a Lawyer in Chinese Drama
2PM’s Nichkun is filming the Chinese drama Looking for Aurora, and his still cuts are out. The idols plays the character Wang Yi Lin, a promising lawyer who has a warm personality. The drama is about the love of a couple and family who try to find the meaning of life. [Allkpop]

August 30th

[No interesting news this day, boo!]

August 31st

SPICA Will Debut Subunit ‘SPICA.S’
SPICA will debut SPICA.S, a subunit conformed of all members except Boa on September 12th. [DaebakKpop]

spica.s debut

Shin Sung Woo Will Leave ‘Roommate’
Following Bom, Lee Sora, and Ga Yeon, the next cast member to leave Rommate is “Mama Shin,” Shin Sung Woo. In broken English and then in Korean, the singer revealed through his Twitter the reason behind his departure, being that he feels it’s his time to go since lots of cast members have left and he feels it would be difficult to become close with the new additions. [Kpopstarz]

g.o.d’s Son Ho Young Rumored to be Dating Rookie Singer Ami
According to TVReport, industry insiders revealed that Son Ho Young and Ami started dating four month ago. Both singers used to be under the same label (Ami left). He is nine years her senior. Son Ho Young’s denied the reports saying their relationship is hoobae-sunbae. [Soompi]

September 1st

Lee Byung Hun Reports 2 Women Blackmailing Him, Police Investigation Ensues
Actor Lee Byung Hun reported two women in their 20s to the Gangnam Station police for blackmailing him for 5 billion won ($5 million). According to the police, the women filmed a cellphone video which features the actor with them drinking and telling obscene stories. The women have owned up to the crime and have been arrested, with one of the culprits being an idol. [Allkpop]

TVXQ Will Hold a 5 Dome Tour in Japan to Celebrate 10th Japanese Debut Anniversary
In order to celebrate 10 years since their Japanese debut, TVXQ will hold a five dome tour in Japan, starting in Fukuoka on February 7th, and then moving onto Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka. They will have a total of 12 performances there. [Soompi]

BESTie Reveals to Have Been In Car Accident
After pre-recording Inkigayo, girl group BESTie suffered a minor car accident on August 31st. While the car was significantly damaged, the members weren’t badly hurt. However, they were rushed to the hospital following the crash. [DaebakKpop]

September 2nd

Ladies’ Code’s EunB Passes Away in Car Accident, 2 Members in Critical Condition
YTN News revealed Ladies’ Code member EunB passed away while Sojung and RiSe are in critical condition after their van slipped driving down a rainy road. At around 1:20 a.m. in South Korea, the can ran into a protective wall on the Yeongdong Expressway in the direction of Incheon. Six passengers were injured and were rushed to the hospital. The remaining two members and two stylists sustained minor injuries. Police are currently investigating for more details. [Allkpop]

eunb ladies code death

GLAM’s Dahee Acknowledges Blackmailing Lee Byung Hun & Apologizes
Big Hit Entertainment released a new statement about GLAM’s Dahee involvement in blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun owning up to the crime, saying the idol apologized for her actions and that they would be observing the results from the issued arrest warrant against her. [Allkpop]

Kim Hyun Joong Makes First Media Appearance Since Assault Case Scandal Broke
Kim Hyun Joong made his first appearance before the media following the news of his assault case while heading to the police station for investigation. The idol silently walked through the crowd and made no comment when asked about the charges and case by reporters. His lawyer and manager refused to comment too. [Allkpop]

MBC Reveals Pictures of Ladies’ Code Car Accident
MBC released further details on Ladies’ Code fatal car crash and pictures from the accident. [Koreaboo]

GLAM’s Dahee Named as 1 of Lee Byung Hun’s Blackmailers, Arrest Warrant Issued
After news broke about actor Lee Byung Hun reporting two women to the Gangnam Station police for blackmailing him, one of the names of the blackmailers was revealed being Dahee from GLAM. The idol and the other women, a model friend, were summoned for investigation. [Allkpop]

glam's dahee blackmail

Kim Hyun Joong Admits to 1 Count of Physical Abuse, Denies it Being Habitual
Kim Hyun Joong admitted to one out of the four assault charges against him by his ex-girlfriend. He recognized that they had a fight while breaking up that turned physical, but denied the violence being habitual and said he wasn’t aware of the fractured rib. [Koreaboo]

Ladies’ Code Agency Reveals Sojung & RiSe are in Surgery
Polaris Entertainment spoke to TV Report about Ladies’ Code car accident, and confirmed EunB’s death along with the news that members Sojung and RiSe are in critical condition undergoing surgery. [Allkpop]

2PM Announces World Tour
Following the news of their upcoming comeback and teaser pictures, 2PM revealed details of their upcoming world tour which will start in Seoul and include stops in China, Thailand, Indonesia, the U.S., and more. [Allkpop]

2pm world tour 2014

YG Announces New Boy Group, 3 Team B Members Included
YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk announced he will debut a new boy group called iKon that will include Team B’s B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan. The rest of the members will be selected on another competition show, Mix & Match, where six more will battle it out to form part of the group. Only four will make it onto iKon with the other selected members. The pool of possible members include three new trainees as well as Team B’s Song Yoon Hyung, Kim Dong Hyuk, and Goo Joon Hee. Mix & Match starts on September 11th. [Soompi]

SPICA.S Teams Up with Brave Brothers for Debut
SPICA’s subunit SPICA.S teamed up with Brave Brothers for their upcoming debut with Don’t Want to Give You Up. The music video drops on September 5th. [Allkpop]

YG Entertainment Launches New Youtube Channel
YG Entertainment launched YG Music, their new Youtube channel. The new channel includes previews of songs by the company’s acts, such as Taeyang and WINNER. [Koreaboo]

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8 K-Pop Girl Power Anthems Pt. 2

Despite them being scarce, K-Pop girl power anthems do exist. Their messages are often hidden between break-up or self-empowerment lyrics. However, there are a few that convey the message a little more explicitly.

As previously said in the first installment of K-Pop girl power anthems, some female groups have songs about being confident, loving yourself, and friendship. Here are another eight songs talking about just that:

1. miss A – I Don’t Need a Man
miss A took the Destiny’s Child Independent Women pt. II path (even named their album that) by delivering an anthem that states that women are perfectly capable of taking care and responsibility of themselves because they don’t need a guy for that.

Moreover, the girls call out the boy for saying he’ll take care of and cherish them. Ha! These strong, confident women don’t need anyone’s protection or money because they can hold their own. The song “overflows with confidence,” and has a positive message that tells women to be self-sufficient and proud of it.

2. Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl
This fun song by the queen of sexy K-Pop is all about celebrating and encouraging being yourself. It tells girls not to be burdened with society’s expectations of women, to just enjoy the moment, and be themselves. What to wear? How should you style your hair? Does the guy like you? Lee Hyori says not to worry about all that, let go, and have fun.

3. SPICA – I Did It
Despite this song being in English for SPICA’s American debut, it’s undisputably K-Pop. Furthermore, it has to be the girl power anthem ever in the genre. Seriously, what other song says they’re going to get turned up all night without any other guys and just kicking it with their girlfriends just because that’s how they like it? Definitely not one from A Pink… The best part of the song is the title and the chorus’ ending:

I did it, yes I did it. I did it for me.

Not for a guy, not for their parents, but they “set [themselves’] free” only for themselves. If that’s not girl power, I don’t know what it is.

4. 4minute – Whatcha Doin’ Today?
This track is all about friendship, asking their girlfriends what they’re doing later so they can meet up. The lyrics talk about being free and doing whatever you want since every day life can be boring sometimes. The girls also suggest to “stop prettying yourself and enjoy life;” you can go out, meet boys, watch a movie, gossip, party or whatever. The point is to have fun and be together.

5. Lim Kim – All Right
Not all breakup songs are about heartache and despair. Truth is, the best breakup songs are the ones that acknowledge pain, but also the fact that they’ll be All Right. Lim Kim does exactly that with this song, saying that despite her ex being gone, being alone, and thinking about him at night, she’s ok.

6. 2NE1 – I’m Busy
I’m Busy could be interpreted as 2NE1 being mean towards a guy, but if you really look into the lyrics, you’ll see this is clearly a guy who won’t take no for an answer, and that’s harassment. The girls repeatedly tell the boy to leave them alone because they’re not interested. It takes guts to say that to a guy instead of making up excuses like “I have a boyfriend.”

Since the 2NE1 ladies are strong and fierce, they deliver an equally strong and fierce song that’s misinterpreted as cocky, but it really is just girls taking matters into their own hands.

7. Sistar – Touch My Body
While the song’s verses contain cute, romantic scenarios with, let’s assume, their boyfriend, make no mistake; Touch My Body is a sexual song. Touching hands won’t “feel like paradise.” Besides, what should you go faster, little by little, for? Yep, Sistar went there.

A strong, empowered woman is in control of her sexuality, and won’t think twice to say what she wants and how she wants it, and that’s what Touch My Body is all about. Moreover, the girls all look great in their outfits and dancing that sexy choreography, proving their comfortable in their own skin.

8. Ga In – Truth or Dare
Speaking of sexy, Ga In delivers a song about not being fazed with rumors her ex is spreading about her. She’s confident and doesn’t let what others say get to her, because she’s perfectly aware of her worth. Enough said!

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Let’s Discover: EXID

The five-member female group EXID recently made a comeback with Up & Down. And with their new single out, it seems like these girls should be receiving a lot more love, and this article will hopefully help build upon that.

Although EXID started out as a six-member group, they are now a five-member group with three original members. For this article’s sake, the focus will be on the current five-member group and their music collection starting from their debut as the reformed EXID.

I Feel Good. Everyone loves to say those words because it says exactly what you feel. And who doesn’t love to feel good? EXID chose to promote I Feel Good as their debut single in the summer of 2012.

The song itself is an upbeat club track that showcases the talents of each of the ladies of the group. The music video shows EXID enjoying their day and night after a few hiccups, but nothing too serious. Throw this song on at a party of the club and everyone will soon be singing the chorus.

After I Feel Good, EXID released their single Every Night, which was a completely different feel from the debut single. Every Night is a slower track that utilizes elements of R&B and pop music. It again perfectly showcases the vocal abilities of each individual member.

This quintet offers something that a lot of other girl groups do not. They have amazing vocalists (all of them) and rapper in the group. Not that other girl groups do not boast superb vocalists or rappers, but the quality of the EXID members’ abilities is above many other groups.

Let’s take a look at sub-unit Dasoni, made up of Solji and Hani. They released their debut music video in the winter of 2013, and although they did not promote the song or the sub-unit for that matter, one cannot overlook the amount of talent Dasoni has. They perfectly showcase their strong and controlling vocals with Goodbye.

As mentioned above, the vocal abilities and talents are not the only thing that makes EXID impressive. Their resident rapper LE always flawlessly showcases her rapping abilities on each of their tracks. That should be expected of someone who was member of an underground rap group.

In every EXID song, LE’s rapping is phenomenal. After she collaborated with BEAST’s Junhyung and Bigstar’s FeelDog on You Got Some Nerve, it became much clearer that LE can clearly roll with other rappers as well as with male ones. She showcases her unique sound in You Got Some Nerve and she more than holds her own on the track in the music video with Junhyung and FeelDog.

Aside from the talent of EXID, they’re just like the rest of us. They have an online series titled BUTBUT TV that shows the group members’ personalities and what they do during their time off.

EXID’s song Up & Down (release date August 26th, 2014) begins with a peppy saxophone that brings to mind Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty. The music video is reminiscent of an Orange Caramel-style video and the dance features hip thrusting as the ladies’ wear skin tight pants and crop tops.

Up & Down is an appealing and fun song with a strong beat that is perfect to listen to at a party or when you just want to have a good time.

EXID only debuted two years ago and they do not have an extensive music collection, but with their latest comeback and the singles they do have, it is clear that their talent is deep and it is only a matter of time before they gain more popularity.

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K-Pop Quick News 08/25/14-08/27/14

Staying up to date with everything coming out of K-Pop can be a hassle, but worry not for KPOPme has you covered with our new section, Quick News. This list will compile and summarize the top stories in the industry in the last three to four days.

Our first installment covers the most relevant news from August 25th through the 27th. Check out the stories below:

 August 25th

Dispatch Releases Alleged Texts Between Kim Hyun Joong & Ex-Girlfriend Implicated in the Assault Case
After Kim Hyun Joong’s agency’s, Key East Entertainment, statement regarding the assault charges and the ex-girlfriend’s police report didn’t match, Dispatch pointed out the differences, and sought and released a series of text messages between the idol and the woman. [Allkpop]

NU’EST Will Officially Debut In Japan
NU’EST will debut officially in Japan on September 5th with Shalala Ring.  [JpopAsia]

discover nu'est

SS501’s Park Jung Min Signs With New Agency to be an Actor
SS501’s Park Jung Min recently signed with Ji Ho Entertainment in hopes of pursuing a full-length acting career.  [DaebakKpop]

August 26th

Kim Hyun Joong Will Be Summoned for Investigation on Assault Case Next Week
Kim Hyun Joong will allegedly be summoned for investigation in early September regarding the assault case against him by his ex-girlfriend. Key East Entertainment stated that they would cooperate with the investigation.  [HelloKpop]

Kim Hyun Joong

Teen Top Announce Comeback Date with “Exito”
Teen Top will comeback with Exito on September 15th. The members are expected to show a more mature and masculine concept marking their coming of age.  [DKpopnews]

August 27th

Song Ga Yeon Set To Leave “Roommate”
Following in the steps of fellow cast members and literal roommates Park Bom and Lee Sora, Song Ga Yeon is set to leave the SBS reality show Roommate. The reason? She wants to focus on her MMA career. The last episode featuring the maknae will air in mid-September. [MWAVE]

Dispatch Releases Evidence Against Kim Hyun Joong
Dispatch published a series of documents showing the alleged assault bruises on Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend “A” inflicted by the idol himself. They show bruises on “A”’s chest, both arms, left buttock, and left shoulder. KeyEast Entertainment, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, said they’re sticking to their previously released statement: the altercation was a single event fight between the couple that got physical. Kim will be summoned for investigation next week. [Allkpop]

Billboard Hot 100 Song Might Have Plagiarized Composer Joo Young Hoon’s Song, Asks for Clarification
Netizens pointed out similarities between Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass (2014) and Koyote’s Happy Mode (2006), leading the composer, Joo Young Hoon, to ask for a clarification from the first’s composer, Kevin Kadish. International fans brought the matter to Joo’s attention after finding the melody, tempo, and rhythm very similar. However, others have pointed out that both songs drew inspiration from a 1989 song by Phish. The ordeal is currently being revised by lawyers. [Buzzfeed]

”Fashion King” Rep Addresses Rumors Surrounding Sulli
After a series of scandals and news surrounding Sulli’s hiatus from f(x), representatives for Fashion King stated that no talks about the idol not promoting the movie have happened yet. The film is set to be released in October, and representatives said that they haven’t checked with the cast about their schedules to coordinate promotions. [Kdramastarz]

Sulli Red Light

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Artist Spotlight: HISTORY

Debuting in 2013 with Dreamer, HISTORY is a great group that hasn’t gained as much popularity as it deserves.

When LOEN Entertainment (now known as 1theK) announced its first boy group, there was a lot of anticipation. This would be the first male idol group coming out of LOEN, which produces IU, Sunny Hill, Fiestar, and several of the Brown Eyed Girls’ solo songs. As a result, the Korean entertainment industry knew that the new group would have its own unique style.

LOEN advertised its upcoming group as an “alternative group” to the usual idols

HISTORY was introduced via several teaser videos, beginning with “Do You Know Us?” which starred IU. Next came a set of teasers called, “Real Dating Tip Book,” where each member gave comical advice about dating. However, instead of being helpful, the members acted out the exact things that would disgust the object of their affection.

The quintet debuted on April 26, 2013 with Dreamer, a song with a big band sound that seems more suited for Broadway than K-Pop. IU narrated the song, and Son Dambi appeared in the music video.

While Dreamer was HISTORY’s debut song, the public already knew several of the members. Leader Song Kyungil was well known as a dancer, who appeared in several of IU’s performances; he was also known to be friends with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and T.O.P.  Rapper Kim Si Hyoung had appeared in the third season of Ulzzang Shidae while main vocalist Jang Yi Jeong had become a smash hit on Birth of A Great Star 2; Na Do Kyun went by the name “Na Yul” when he was a member of the rock-ballad group Buzz. Only Kim Jae Ho hadn’t been known in the past.

HISTORY’s first comeback was the following August, with Tell Me Love. In comparison to Dreamer, Tell Me Love is a much more typical dance song. The video, like so many Korean music videos, had the members in stylish outfits and dancing on a single set.

In November, HISTORY announced yet another comeback, with the mini album Blue Spring. HISTORY filmed the music video for title song What Am I To You in Germany, and featured yet another side to HISTORY; Dreamer was a showtune, and Tell Me Love was a dance song, but What Am I To You is a Latin-inspired pop song that featured the members as bad boys living the rough life. The video had a 19+ rating for drugs and violence, which is rare for rookie idol groups to discuss.

After the Blue Spring comeback, Jang Yi Jeong featured on IU’s self-composed song, Friday. The sweet song emphasizes both IU and Jang Yi Jeong’s vocals and showed a different side to HISTORY’s youngest member. (IU recently sung the song with Teen Top’s Niel at KCON.)

HISTORY made their 2014 comeback only after several months of not hearing from them—the group made a comeback in June with Psycho. The song and music video are most thematically similar to What Am I To You, showing HISTORY’s darkside.

However, each song from HISTORY has a unique sound and style, and this latest song was influenced by the classic Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho; the members depict a man suffering from multiple personality disorder who is obsessed with a woman. The song is haunting, and the dance is one of the sexiest to come out of K-Pop this year.

HISTORY has also starred in a handful of variety shows featured on Loen Entertainment/1TheK’s YouTube page, but has yet to star in any popular variety shows or dramas.  Hopefully HISTORY’s unique style and talented members will get more attention soon, so that fans can see more from the members.

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Let’s Discover: Exit

The power of the Internet is unbelievable. I didn’t know about this group until recently. And by recently, I mean a few minutes before sitting down to write this article. But, as I listened to a video of a cappella group Exit, I wanted to write about them for a number of reasons. So let’s get started:

Who is Exit?

Exit is a five-member a cappella group who just released their first mini album on August 12th. But looking at their YouTube channel, it’s clear that they began to “promote” themselves well before the release of their mini. They have been on YouTube for three years, but are only now gaining commercial recognition. Their channel consists of a cappella covers of famous Korean and Western artists. Each video shows a bit of the members’ personality and is a great way for people to see the talent these guys have.

They also sing in English. It may not be perfect English, but does that really matter? No, it does not. Exit’s English is perfectly understandable and the fact that everything you hear is created with just these five guys’ voices is more than enough to overlook mispronunciations. It’s not important. What is important is that native English speakers can understand them and therefore feel more connected to them than other groups. They are marketing themselves to English speakers as well as Korean speakers.

Obviously choosing popular songs to cover will also increase their views online and therefore their name will (theoretically) spread around the internet and thus popularity will ensue. It will be difficult for Exit to break into the K-Pop scene, which may not even be their goal. But the fact that 1theK uploaded one of their videos makes it seem like they want to broaden their fan base.

Why should you care about Exit:

You should care about Exit because, well, they’re talented. There are A LOT of talented K-Pop groups, artists, individuals out there now, but Exit brings things to a whole new level. They are the first a cappella group (that I am aware of) that is being promoted by a large company, 1theK (even if it’s only one video). In the about section of the video of Exit, 1theK states:

[K-POP Rare Clip] introduces various videos from artists in diverse genres including pop, indie, hip-hop, R&B, jazz.

From their videos online, Exit definitely deserves to have their music and talent shared in Korea and around the world. 1theK is helping to shed light on a cappella in general, and on Exit in particular. These five men use only their voices to create music. They are the instruments, the vocals, and they create an atmosphere of joy with these amazing talents.

A cappella groups in general are obviously full of talented individuals and Exit is no exception. So why should you care about them? Because they are a Korean a cappella group that have been around for a while, but are just releasing their first mini album and getting recognition for their talents online.

Each member not only adds to the production of the song, but they also lend their vocals. In some a cappella groups there are people who are strictly vocals, but Exit utilizes everyone’s voices and vocals to create beautiful harmonies and performances.

Even if you are not a fan of a cappella groups or are only into K-Pop, you should take some time to listen to Exit. Their skills and talent will entice you to watch more of their videos and hopefully you will become a new fan and explore their music collection. I leave you with this:

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Let’s Discuss: WINNER As A New Type Of Idol

It may be a bit of a stretch, but YG Entertainment’s latest group WINNER may be introducing a new era to the K-Pop idol genre. But this isn’t the first group to have done that, and it won’t be the last.

The K-Pop genre as a whole is split into segments, generally based on the current trend for male idols. The concept defined by each era is not definite, and there are, of course, exceptions to the rules. These are general, widely-accepted viewpoints of what defines different periods in K-Pop male idol groups.

[Disclaimer: Please note that I am loosely using the term “generation,” due to the fact that these differences have happened over time. However, there is, of course, overlap.]

Original male idol groups (Seo Taeji and Boys aside) H.O.T, g.o.d, SHINHWA, etc. all had similar concepts; they had masculine charm. Idol groups from the second generation, like Super Junior, TVXQ, SS501, and BIGBANG, had pretty, flower-boy concepts; sometimes they pull out more masculine concepts, but fashion is always important for male idols ever since the second generation.

The third generation began with 2PM, who redefined manliness to mean “beastly,” for the lack of a better word. BEAST and MBLAQ are two other male idol groups that followed this trend.

The fourth generation of idols is defined by androgynous-ness and youthfulness, with groups like SHINee, INFINITE, and Teen Top having members who can easily pass for girls. This conceptual era is a bit different from the earlier flower boys, who still were more “handsome boyfriend” material; the newer groups are fashionable and pretty for the sake of being fashionable and pretty.

The fifth type includes groups like B.A.P and Block B, who debuted with powerful images, most similar to the original idol groups, but perhaps without the lack of theatrics and a more powerful message.

It would seem that all the different concepts have gone through their period, and we will see the cycle repeat, but there is always something new under the sun, and WINNER has proven just that.

[Disclaimer: I did not watch even a single episode of Who Is Next: WIN. I expected, as I believe many people did, that YG Entertainment would promote the group as the next generation of BIGBANG. I was very wrong.]

WINNER debuted with two songs, Color Ring and Empty. Idols in general, especially ones from YG, debut with songs that are more suited to a club than to a rainy day. Even idol groups like JJCC, who debuted with more ballad-sounding songs, have some sort of dance beat to the song; a complete debut without any dance songs is very rare.

The songs are not unique among the K-Pop genre; there’s no reason idol groups can’t produce rap/r&B/pop medleys. BIGBANG’s songs like Blue and Bad Boy are part of this genre. But to debut with a video like this seems like a statement done on purpose in order to differentiate WINNER from the rest of the debuting groups. And it did just that, but so much more.

Concepts overlap, but when one iconic idol group does something different from previous idol groups, it sets trends. WINNER, a high profile group from YG Entertainment ,is in the perfect position to do that; to start a new trend of debuting idol groups that focus more on melodies of song and a sentimental image. Sentimental, of course, is the key word.

Stylistically aside, WINNER also dresses a lot more like an average Korean in Empty and Color Ring than most idol groups do. There’s no real synchronization, no overly fashionable outfits. In fact, in comparison to YG’s top boy band, BIGBANG, this is as far as YG could get.

So, why? BIGBANG is immensely popular, and on Who Is Next, the group’s seemed to create typical YG Entertainment dance songs (I listened to the two team’s final songs to make sure I knew what I’d expect from WINNER).

Why would YG Entertainment debut something so stylistically new, and, essentially, simple? Not that the songs are simple musically; but they are a lot less flashy than songs coming out of SM Entertainment and JYP nowadays.

Because simplicity is now favored in South Korea; the most popular songs in Korea recently are by another seemingly incongruous YG Entertainment act, AKMU. The simplicity of AKMU’s songs is very similar to WINNER’s debut sound.

But while AKMU is recognized to be an artist, WINNER is most definitely an idol group. Idol groups have been consistently topped on Korean music charts by indie artists like Roy Kim, Busker Busker, etc. As Korean music tastes turn more towards indie and alternative sounds than to traditional K-Pop, the trend of K-Pop will be to produce more artistic songs.

There is no doubt that WINNER is a complete idol group; YG Entertainment trained the members, produced them to perfection. WINNER’s songs debuted at the top of the charts, partially due to the group and YG’s popularity, but also because the sound is more reflective of popular taste than other recent K-Pop debuts.

It’s expected that WINNER comes out with a dance song in a more typical K-Pop group style in the future; idol groups tend to do really well with catchy songs. But while many groups focus on international markets nowadays, WINNER is the type of idol group that South Korea needs, and YG Entertainment has read the signs. More idol companies will follow the trend that YG sets.

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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/10/14-08/16/13

In case you may have missed some of the latest released songs and music videos, KPOPme has you covered. Here’s a look at all of the K-Pop releases from the second week of August.

This week was filled with high profile releases, including the two debut MVs from YG Entertainment‘s new group WINNER, and SM Entertainment’s new solo release from SHINee‘s Taemin. Girl group SECRET also made a comeback, and the Peppertones released several music videos that you can’t help but loving.

[Music Video]

Taemin – Danger

WINNER – Empty

WINNER- Color Ring

SECRET – I’m In Love

ESNA – I Love You

Peppertones – New Chance

Ian Thomas & Tiny-G – Love X 4 Remix

Hong Junghee – Scenery

Tae & E.SANG – How Much Will Come

EVE –Mystery Love

Peppertones –Youth

Peppertones –I Don’t Know

Peppertones –Good Morning Sandwichman

Mayson The Soul- 6 to 9 feat. Loco

Jace – My Serenade

The Vinylhouse – Just Dream


Park Ga Eul – Help Earth

Bobby – Go

Vasco- Guerilla’s Way

Wheesung – For You (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

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