Artist Spotlight: HISTORY

Debuting in 2013 with Dreamer, HISTORY is a great group that hasn’t gained as much popularity as it deserves.

When LOEN Entertainment (now known as 1theK) announced its first boy group, there was a lot of anticipation. This would be the first male idol group coming out of LOEN, which produces IU, Sunny Hill, Fiestar, and several of the Brown Eyed Girls’ solo songs. As a result, the Korean entertainment industry knew that the new group would have its own unique style.

LOEN advertised its upcoming group as an “alternative group” to the usual idols

HISTORY was introduced via several teaser videos, beginning with “Do You Know Us?” which starred IU. Next came a set of teasers called, “Real Dating Tip Book,” where each member gave comical advice about dating. However, instead of being helpful, the members acted out the exact things that would disgust the object of their affection.

The quintet debuted on April 26, 2013 with Dreamer, a song with a big band sound that seems more suited for Broadway than K-Pop. IU narrated the song, and Son Dambi appeared in the music video.

While Dreamer was HISTORY’s debut song, the public already knew several of the members. Leader Song Kyungil was well known as a dancer, who appeared in several of IU’s performances; he was also known to be friends with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and T.O.P.  Rapper Kim Si Hyoung had appeared in the third season of Ulzzang Shidae while main vocalist Jang Yi Jeong had become a smash hit on Birth of A Great Star 2; Na Do Kyun went by the name “Na Yul” when he was a member of the rock-ballad group Buzz. Only Kim Jae Ho hadn’t been known in the past.

HISTORY’s first comeback was the following August, with Tell Me Love. In comparison to Dreamer, Tell Me Love is a much more typical dance song. The video, like so many Korean music videos, had the members in stylish outfits and dancing on a single set.

In November, HISTORY announced yet another comeback, with the mini album Blue Spring. HISTORY filmed the music video for title song What Am I To You in Germany, and featured yet another side to HISTORY; Dreamer was a showtune, and Tell Me Love was a dance song, but What Am I To You is a Latin-inspired pop song that featured the members as bad boys living the rough life. The video had a 19+ rating for drugs and violence, which is rare for rookie idol groups to discuss.

After the Blue Spring comeback, Jang Yi Jeong featured on IU’s self-composed song, Friday. The sweet song emphasizes both IU and Jang Yi Jeong’s vocals and showed a different side to HISTORY’s youngest member. (IU recently sung the song with Teen Top’s Niel at KCON.)

HISTORY made their 2014 comeback only after several months of not hearing from them—the group made a comeback in June with Psycho. The song and music video are most thematically similar to What Am I To You, showing HISTORY’s darkside.

However, each song from HISTORY has a unique sound and style, and this latest song was influenced by the classic Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho; the members depict a man suffering from multiple personality disorder who is obsessed with a woman. The song is haunting, and the dance is one of the sexiest to come out of K-Pop this year.

HISTORY has also starred in a handful of variety shows featured on Loen Entertainment/1TheK’s YouTube page, but has yet to star in any popular variety shows or dramas.  Hopefully HISTORY’s unique style and talented members will get more attention soon, so that fans can see more from the members.

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Let’s Discover: Exit

The power of the Internet is unbelievable. I didn’t know about this group until recently. And by recently, I mean a few minutes before sitting down to write this article. But, as I listened to a video of a cappella group Exit, I wanted to write about them for a number of reasons. So let’s get started:

Who is Exit?

Exit is a five-member a cappella group who just released their first mini album on August 12th. But looking at their YouTube channel, it’s clear that they began to “promote” themselves well before the release of their mini. They have been on YouTube for three years, but are only now gaining commercial recognition. Their channel consists of a cappella covers of famous Korean and Western artists. Each video shows a bit of the members’ personality and is a great way for people to see the talent these guys have.

They also sing in English. It may not be perfect English, but does that really matter? No, it does not. Exit’s English is perfectly understandable and the fact that everything you hear is created with just these five guys’ voices is more than enough to overlook mispronunciations. It’s not important. What is important is that native English speakers can understand them and therefore feel more connected to them than other groups. They are marketing themselves to English speakers as well as Korean speakers.

Obviously choosing popular songs to cover will also increase their views online and therefore their name will (theoretically) spread around the internet and thus popularity will ensue. It will be difficult for Exit to break into the K-Pop scene, which may not even be their goal. But the fact that 1theK uploaded one of their videos makes it seem like they want to broaden their fan base.

Why should you care about Exit:

You should care about Exit because, well, they’re talented. There are A LOT of talented K-Pop groups, artists, individuals out there now, but Exit brings things to a whole new level. They are the first a cappella group (that I am aware of) that is being promoted by a large company, 1theK (even if it’s only one video). In the about section of the video of Exit, 1theK states:

[K-POP Rare Clip] introduces various videos from artists in diverse genres including pop, indie, hip-hop, R&B, jazz.

From their videos online, Exit definitely deserves to have their music and talent shared in Korea and around the world. 1theK is helping to shed light on a cappella in general, and on Exit in particular. These five men use only their voices to create music. They are the instruments, the vocals, and they create an atmosphere of joy with these amazing talents.

A cappella groups in general are obviously full of talented individuals and Exit is no exception. So why should you care about them? Because they are a Korean a cappella group that have been around for a while, but are just releasing their first mini album and getting recognition for their talents online.

Each member not only adds to the production of the song, but they also lend their vocals. In some a cappella groups there are people who are strictly vocals, but Exit utilizes everyone’s voices and vocals to create beautiful harmonies and performances.

Even if you are not a fan of a cappella groups or are only into K-Pop, you should take some time to listen to Exit. Their skills and talent will entice you to watch more of their videos and hopefully you will become a new fan and explore their music collection. I leave you with this:

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Let’s Discuss: WINNER As A New Type Of Idol

It may be a bit of a stretch, but YG Entertainment’s latest group WINNER may be introducing a new era to the K-Pop idol genre. But this isn’t the first group to have done that, and it won’t be the last.

The K-Pop genre as a whole is split into segments, generally based on the current trend for male idols. The concept defined by each era is not definite, and there are, of course, exceptions to the rules. These are general, widely-accepted viewpoints of what defines different periods in K-Pop male idol groups.

[Disclaimer: Please note that I am loosely using the term “generation,” due to the fact that these differences have happened over time. However, there is, of course, overlap.]

Original male idol groups (Seo Taeji and Boys aside) H.O.T, g.o.d, SHINHWA, etc. all had similar concepts; they had masculine charm. Idol groups from the second generation, like Super Junior, TVXQ, SS501, and BIGBANG, had pretty, flower-boy concepts; sometimes they pull out more masculine concepts, but fashion is always important for male idols ever since the second generation.

The third generation began with 2PM, who redefined manliness to mean “beastly,” for the lack of a better word. BEAST and MBLAQ are two other male idol groups that followed this trend.

The fourth generation of idols is defined by androgynous-ness and youthfulness, with groups like SHINee, INFINITE, and Teen Top having members who can easily pass for girls. This conceptual era is a bit different from the earlier flower boys, who still were more “handsome boyfriend” material; the newer groups are fashionable and pretty for the sake of being fashionable and pretty.

The fifth type includes groups like B.A.P and Block B, who debuted with powerful images, most similar to the original idol groups, but perhaps without the lack of theatrics and a more powerful message.

It would seem that all the different concepts have gone through their period, and we will see the cycle repeat, but there is always something new under the sun, and WINNER has proven just that.

[Disclaimer: I did not watch even a single episode of Who Is Next: WIN. I expected, as I believe many people did, that YG Entertainment would promote the group as the next generation of BIGBANG. I was very wrong.]

WINNER debuted with two songs, Color Ring and Empty. Idols in general, especially ones from YG, debut with songs that are more suited to a club than to a rainy day. Even idol groups like JJCC, who debuted with more ballad-sounding songs, have some sort of dance beat to the song; a complete debut without any dance songs is very rare.

The songs are not unique among the K-Pop genre; there’s no reason idol groups can’t produce rap/r&B/pop medleys. BIGBANG’s songs like Blue and Bad Boy are part of this genre. But to debut with a video like this seems like a statement done on purpose in order to differentiate WINNER from the rest of the debuting groups. And it did just that, but so much more.

Concepts overlap, but when one iconic idol group does something different from previous idol groups, it sets trends. WINNER, a high profile group from YG Entertainment ,is in the perfect position to do that; to start a new trend of debuting idol groups that focus more on melodies of song and a sentimental image. Sentimental, of course, is the key word.

Stylistically aside, WINNER also dresses a lot more like an average Korean in Empty and Color Ring than most idol groups do. There’s no real synchronization, no overly fashionable outfits. In fact, in comparison to YG’s top boy band, BIGBANG, this is as far as YG could get.

So, why? BIGBANG is immensely popular, and on Who Is Next, the group’s seemed to create typical YG Entertainment dance songs (I listened to the two team’s final songs to make sure I knew what I’d expect from WINNER).

Why would YG Entertainment debut something so stylistically new, and, essentially, simple? Not that the songs are simple musically; but they are a lot less flashy than songs coming out of SM Entertainment and JYP nowadays.

Because simplicity is now favored in South Korea; the most popular songs in Korea recently are by another seemingly incongruous YG Entertainment act, AKMU. The simplicity of AKMU’s songs is very similar to WINNER’s debut sound.

But while AKMU is recognized to be an artist, WINNER is most definitely an idol group. Idol groups have been consistently topped on Korean music charts by indie artists like Roy Kim, Busker Busker, etc. As Korean music tastes turn more towards indie and alternative sounds than to traditional K-Pop, the trend of K-Pop will be to produce more artistic songs.

There is no doubt that WINNER is a complete idol group; YG Entertainment trained the members, produced them to perfection. WINNER’s songs debuted at the top of the charts, partially due to the group and YG’s popularity, but also because the sound is more reflective of popular taste than other recent K-Pop debuts.

It’s expected that WINNER comes out with a dance song in a more typical K-Pop group style in the future; idol groups tend to do really well with catchy songs. But while many groups focus on international markets nowadays, WINNER is the type of idol group that South Korea needs, and YG Entertainment has read the signs. More idol companies will follow the trend that YG sets.

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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/10/14-08/16/13

In case you may have missed some of the latest released songs and music videos, KPOPme has you covered. Here’s a look at all of the K-Pop releases from the second week of August.

This week was filled with high profile releases, including the two debut MVs from YG Entertainment‘s new group WINNER, and SM Entertainment’s new solo release from SHINee‘s Taemin. Girl group SECRET also made a comeback, and the Peppertones released several music videos that you can’t help but loving.

[Music Video]

Taemin – Danger

WINNER – Empty

WINNER- Color Ring

SECRET – I’m In Love

ESNA – I Love You

Peppertones – New Chance

Ian Thomas & Tiny-G – Love X 4 Remix

Hong Junghee – Scenery

Tae & E.SANG – How Much Will Come

EVE –Mystery Love

Peppertones –Youth

Peppertones –I Don’t Know

Peppertones –Good Morning Sandwichman

Mayson The Soul- 6 to 9 feat. Loco

Jace – My Serenade

The Vinylhouse – Just Dream


Park Ga Eul – Help Earth

Bobby – Go

Vasco- Guerilla’s Way

Wheesung – For You (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

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What Can We Expect from BTS’ “Dark & Wild”?

In honor of the KPOPme team attending BTS‘ concert at KCON 2014, I’m going to briefly talk about BTS’ upcoming comeback and why you should be excited for it.

As the majority (if not all) of us know, BTS debuted a little over a year ago with No More Dream. I remember watching that music video and wondering if this group of little boys would actually make an impact in the already overcrowded K-Pop scene. I am happy to say that they made me eat my words. Looking back at that music video the boys all look so young and innocent, butthey came out hard and continued to do so with their later releases.

2013 was the year of BTS. They won New Artist of the Year at the MelOn Music Awards and released their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool as well as their O!RUL8,2? EP. With each single and performance BTS proved that they were in this industry to make a long-lasting impact.

    Although BTS won the New Artist of the Year award in 2013, they came out hard and ready to take on 2014. With the release of their second EP Skool Luv Affair, BTS proved, yet again, that they are always churning out hit after hit. Their debut track Boy In Luv stayed with the tough hip-hop theme of BTS’ previous singles. It wasn’t until Just One Day (하루만) was released that fans saw a softer side to BTS. They manage to perfectly blend their talented rapping with their beautiful vocals to create an appealing song.

    The boys have been busy performing throughout Asia as well as in California since the end of their Skool Luv Affair promotions. But, they have constantly been uploading short videos to their YouTube channel to stay connected with their fans around the world. This past week BTS gave fans really what they wanted and released their comeback trailer for their first studio album Dark & Wild.


    The tagline reads:

    Love hurts, it causes anger, jealousy, obsession, why don’t u love me back?

    From the comeback trailer, as well as the tagline, it is clear that BTS’ next album will explore the idea of love and the roller coaster of emotions associated with it.

    Dark & Wild will be just that. BTS continue to stick to the school-age love theme and why not, when it’s working so well for them? Naturally their material showcases the members’ growth in maturity since their debut. But they are still teenagers and sing and rap about what teenage boys are going through. That is one thing that I really enjoy about BTS. Their music speaks to who they are as producers, musicians, singers, rappers, and people. They don’t worry about the latest trends in K-Pop, but stick to their instincts to produce authentic material for their fans.

    The comeback trailer starts off with a fairytale-like string and horn introduction and Rap Monster’s upbeat and happy rapping. He raps about his love for this girl and eventually how the two of them have confessed their feelings for each other. About half way through the trailer, the music takes a turn and slows down and is no longer happy and upbeat. Rap Monster’s tone also changes to one of annoyance and irritation. Even the graphics change from bright, warm colors and graphics to cold, dark tones and graphics.

    All of a sudden he is the victim of a one-sided love, where he loves the girl and she no longer shows interest. The trailer perfectly depicts the tagline in the picture above. Things started out smooth and all lovey-dovey and then all of a sudden obsession, jealousy, and anger take over and cloud one’s judgement.

    Based on the comeback trailer, Dark & Wild will be another amazing comeback for BTS. Even without the trailer I would still think that way. It’s all that’s keeping me sane until August 20th.

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    5 Reasons to Watch “Marriage, Not Dating”

    Marriage, Not Dating may almost be over, but it is worth your while to binge watch the 10 episodes currently available and fall in love with the drama like the rest of us! I stumbled upon this drama randomly about a week ago and decided to watch the first episode. I’m glad I did, because I was hooked after that and ended watching the rest of the available episodes that weekend.

    There are a lot of factors as to why I enjoy this drama so much. I would say most of them are subtle reasons that cater to my personality. I love sarcasm, wit, one-liners, comedy, and romance. Marriage, Not dating has all of that and more. So I decided to highlight the 5 biggest reasons (according to me) why you should start watching this great drama (they are in no particular order).

      1. The concept
      The storyline of Marriage, Not Dating is somewhat complicated and most likely unrealistic, but who cares? Gong Gi Tae wants to stay a bachelor, but his nagging mother wants him to get married. She tells him that she will set him up with a bride of her choice if he doesn’t get his act together. Gi Tae and Joo Jang Mi cross paths, and they end up starting a fake relationship. They hope it’ll get Gi Tae’s mother off of his back, so he can live alone as a bachelor, while Jang Mi aims to get revenge on her ex boyfriend, who happens to be Gi Tae’s best friend.

      Meanwhile, Jang Mi’s coworker (and friend), Gi Tae’s friend Hong Doon, Hoon Dong’s employee Yeo Reum, and Gi Tae’s ex-fiance, along with Jang Mi and Gi Tae, all end up mixed together in a mess of relationships. It’s not the greatest description of the show, but trust me when I say that it is an entertaining drama that will keep you begging for more.

      2. Jinwoon of 2AM
      2AM’s maknae, Jinwoon, has a fairly prominent role in this drama. He is Hong Doon’s employee and Jang Mi’s potential love interest. He doesn’t have very many lines in the first ten episodes, but he has plenty of screen time, and his smile will seriously make you melt.

      I see why Jang Mi falls for him: he’s tall, handsome, has a great smile, he can cook, and he shows off his fit body while at the beach! From that description alone, he seems like the perfect man. But there are few things that have happened so far that may make you wary of him. And I have a feeling something more may happen in the later episodes. It seems like he has a lot of secrets, and it’s almost impossible to get them out of him.

      3. The adult content (don’t worry it’s all PG-13)
      There are a lot of dramas that don’t talk about kissing, boyfriends, girlfriends, sex, and things like that. Then again, there are a few that do. I’ve noticed that tvN’s dramas tend to talk more openly about relationships and what goes on while two people are in a relationship.

      There are a lot of not-so-subtle moments where Gi Tae implies that he and Jang Mi are always sleeping together. He mostly says things like that to his mother, so she won’t keep barging in at his house. It’s refreshing to watch dramas that don’t shy away from all aspects of relationships (even if this relationship is fake). It makes the scenarios seem more realistic, and they are more relatable for mature audiences.

      4. The comedy
      Another thing I love about tvN’s dramas is the comedy. Every drama I have watched on tvN has been more mature, with great comedic scenes, one-liners, and characters. Marriage, Not Dating is no exception! Since there are already 10 episodes that have aired, it’s hard to pick out a single funny moment.

      However, there is one episode in which the Gi Tae’s mother visits Jang Mi in her workplace, and she desperately needs to use the bathroom. The whole episode shows Jang Mi’s struggle with trying to get to the bathroom before she explodes. In a way it’s a metaphor of her current position in life, where she’s constantly put into uncomfortable positions because of her fake relationship. But the acting throughout the episode really makes you feel for her. That is only one example among many throughout the series so far.

      5. The REAL kisses
      I know I’m not the only one out there who gets so frustrated whenever there is a kiss in a K-Drama. More times than not, the kiss consists of the male character placing his lips on top of the female character’s lips. There is no passion, no movement… nothing. It’s awkward and sometimes cringeworthy to watch. Already in 10 episodes of Marriage, Not Dating we have seen two REAL kisses with two different men. You go, Joo Jang Mi!

      It’s obvious when two characters are about to kiss. The way the director sets up the scene tells you something is about to happen. Most of the time the two characters look into each other’s eyes, and then the slow motion and repetition of scenes sets in. Other times, one character is rapidly talking about something while the other character stares lovingly at them. Then BAM, the kiss. And in this drama, we get real kisses with mouths open, reciprocal kissing, and most of all, passion.

      There are still six episodes remaining, which I patiently await. I hope Marriage, Not Dating continues to impress me with the remaining episodes. SO many times a drama loses its initial spark toward the end of the series. But, I have high hopes for this one.

      Are you guys watching Marriage, Not Dating, what do you think of it so far? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

      Best of the B Tracks

      During an artist’s debut or comeback, they promote one or sometimes two songs from their recent release. I find more often than not that there are songs on the album that I enjoy much more than the title song, or songs that I think warrant the same amount of popularity as the promoted track(s). I will highlight a few of my favorite B tracks found in my K-Pop collection. This is by no means a definitive list; it is solely based upon my opinion and the styles of music I tend to gravitate towards.

      There is no rhyme or reason as to how I chose these songs. If I enjoy the beat, vocals, instrumentation, etc. then the song is most likely on the list. I also looked at how many plays these songs have on my iTunes. That’s a pretty good indication of if I really like the song.

      Artist: SHINee
      Album: Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You
      Song: Spoiler

      When I first heard Spoiler I thought my iTunes somehow messed up the first song. I thought it re-downloaded Sherlock (Clue + Note). I rewinded the song a few times before I decided to keep listening to see if it really was Sherlock. SHINee got me good with that one. I realized after the first 10 seconds that it was indeed a different song. When I first listen to a song, I tend to listen to the beat and the music of the songs as opposed to the lyrics. For K-Pop, that’s really all I listen to since I don’t understand 98% of the lyrics. Anyway, Spoiler has a sick beat. There’s no way around it. There are so many different elements in the song, but they all fit together and don’t take away from the song or overpower the vocals.

      Speaking of vocals, all five guys have a dark tone to their voices throughout the song, and especially leading up the chorus. This was the first SHINee album where everyone’s vocals really shined and impressed me. Obviously, Jonghyun and Onew always had great voices, but Key, Taemin, and Minho have all improved tremendously and Spoiler gave fans a hint of what to expect, vocally, on the rest of the album. I already loved the song, but after I found out that Jonghyun wrote it, and that it was a song that introduced the songs on their Misconceptions albums, I fell more in love with Spoiler, which is aptly named.

      Artist: SHINee
      Album: Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You
      Song: Punch Drunk Love

      I want to highlight another song from this album. Initially when I started to compile this list, I wanted to stay away from repeating an artist and definitely stay away from choosing more than one song on the same album. But as I went through my K-Pop collection I had to choose Spoiler as well as Punch Drunk Love. They are two songs that I will never skip over in my K-Pop collection. Alright, Punch Drunk Love. Listen to it with headphones. That bass is brilliant. The entire musicality of the song is a blast from the 60s, 70s, and a few elements from every era afterwards.

      The instruments used and sound of the song was one reason I was initially drawn to Punch Drunk Love. The whole thing was different from the K-Pop songs out at the time (and even now a year and a half later). But the main element that made me fall in love with this song, aside from the super upbeat and funky vibe, was the harmonies of these amazing men. You can hear their wonderfulharmonies throughout the song, but it isn’t until the last 5 or seconds that the music cuts out and all we’re left with are the angelic voices of SHINee. Definitely the best 5 seconds of that song.

      Artist: f(x)
      Album: Red Light
      Song: Dracula

      Keeping it in the SM Town family, my next B track favorite is f(x)’s Dracula. Before I ordered their Red Light album, I listened to all of the songs online to make sure I enjoyed the majority of the album. I’m one of those people who tends to only like a small amount of songs on an album. But Red Light’s songs were all different and enticing in their own way. Dracula was one that stood out to me for a few reasons.

      The first reason is the amount of English lyrics in the song. Obviously there are two native English speakers in the group, but I couldn’t help noticing and appreciating how good Luna’s, Victoria’s, and Sulli’s English pronunciation is.

      The different tempo changes throughout the song all work really well together. The song starts off with a deep, dark voice and then goes into an uptempo beat. The transitions connect each tempo change perfectly. The leadup to the chorus brilliantly showcases Luna’s and Kyrstal’s voices. And that chorus, so simple, yet so so memorable. The song overall has a catchy beat throughout and an easy chorus to sing along to, and that stays stuck in your head (in a good way). Honestly, how can you go wrong with a song titled Dracula? Well, I’m sure you could, but f(x) certainly did not.

      Artist: Zion. T
      Album: Red Light
      Song: 지구온난화 (Feat. 양동근)

      Zion.T. I could leave my explanation for this choice at that. But I will elaborate. Zion.T has a unique voice that I absolutely love. It’s so smooth and has a tone I haven’t heard before. Every song he sings and features on is amazing. I love hearing his voice and 지구온난화 gives fans a different side on Zion.T. The song is heavily influenced by reggae, which is one musical genre that I love. Pair a reggae track with Zion.T’s voice and you win. Hands down win. The song has a chill vibe that will have you swaying and falling into Zion.T’s vocals.

      Artist: 2PM
      Album: Grown [Vol. 3]
      Song: 오늘부터 1일 (First Date)

      This song is in the top 5 of my Top 25 Most Played Songs playlist on iTunes. And that is saying something. 오늘부터 1일 (First Date) starts with a piano and Nichkhun’s attractive vocals. The piano is prevalent throughout the song and keeps an upbeat tone as the guys sing of their love. We’re able to hear everyone’s vocals throughout song, along with Taecyeon’s rap. The piano is paired with horns as the song gets to the chorus, which adds another layer and more texture to the sound of the song. It’s a fun and cute song that fits with any season and always makes me happy when I listen to it.

      Artist: Beast
      Album: Good Luck
      Song: We Up

      Alright, alright. I’m breaking my own rules with this one. Beast did promote We Up with Good Luck, but I couldn’t overlook this song. For starters, the beat. I mentioned it before and I’m sure you have noticed, but if a song has a solid and catchy beat, I’m already into it. And if Junhyung’s “Give it to me now” in the very beginning doesn’t pull you into the song then his singing definitely will. Whenever I listen to We Up I find myself moving my head and shoulders to the beat.

      The chorus, which Dongwoon begins, draws you in with the opening word “tonight” then Yoseob finishes it off with his beautiful vocals. I really can’t explain why I like this song so much. All of the elements are there. The music, the vocals, the beat, the tempo, the overall feeling. I’m not sure what We Up really means, but this song always puts me in a good mood. It’s perfect for blasting in your car with the windows down, not a care in the world.

      Artist: Yong Junhyung
      Album: Flower EP
      Song: Slow

      My next choice I’m going to Slow it down (pun intended unfortunately). This song is off of Beast’s rapper Yong Junhyung’s debut EP. Slow showcases Junhyung’s delicate singing as well as his attractive rapping. I usually do not enjoy slower songs, but Junhyung’s producing skills clearly pull at my heartstrings. Somehow, he manages to make me listen to the entire song without a thought of skipping over it. And that, my friends, is a great feat. I love the song. The beat, I love the beat and the fact that Junhyung is singing as well as rapping (I love his rapping). It’s a good listen.

      Artist: G-Dragon
      Album: Coup D’etat
      Song: 너무 좋아 (I Love It) Feat. Zion.T, Boys Noize

      Zion. T makes another appearance on my list, this time with Big Bang leader G-Dragon and Boys Noize. 너무 좋아 (I Love It) is off of GD’s most recent album Coup D’etat. The first time I heard this song, I was in awe. I think I replayed it at least 5 times afterwards. The beat, piano, vocals, rapping, production, overall mood, everything are all amazing. All of these elements fit effortlessly into this song to come together and create one of my favorite songs. It’s not only my favorite song on this album, but from out of all of G-Dragon’s solo collections.

      And, can we just take a moment to admire the gritty vocal tone of Mr. GD himself? I LOVE IT (the pun is obviously there but not intended, because I’m being sincere). The singing and rapping fit together like missing puzzle pieces and they create a beautiful end product. Zion.T’s vocal quality and tone added to GD’s gritty, raspy vocals creates a beautiful pairing that should be utilized many, many times in the future.

      Artist: History
      Album: Desire EP
      Song: I Got U

      If you read my previous article about History, you’ll know that one thing I love and admire about these boys is how well their voices go together. Their harmonies are impressive, and they sound like they have been together for years! I Got U is the leadoff track of their latest EP, Desire. History promoted Psycho, which honestly took more than a few listens to grow on me. But as soon as I heard I Got U, I was hooked. I don’t know if it would have been a better promotional song, but I’m glad I came across it. I Got U is one of the reasons I bought Desire.

      History’s always-present harmonies are sprinkled throughout I Got U and, again, that beat. It always draws me in… Always! However, the bass is definitely what holds this all together; it’s strong and prevalent throughout the song. But, I can’t just write about I Got U without mentioning History’s vocal abilities. It seems like this song excels at it all: harmonies, falsettos, strong vocals, soft vocals, sexy vocals, deep vocals, and pretty much EVERYTHING. These guys deserve more recognition!

      Artist: CNBLUE
      Album: Can’t Stop EP
      Song: Like a Child

      To close out this article I leave you with CNBLUE and Like a Child. From the title alone, you know this song is about innocence and the beauty found in the simplest of things. CNBLUE melts my heart with the melody of this song and Yonghwa’s vocals. I actually also put this song on my “Easy Listening K-Pop Edition” playlist. The piano and strings blend perfectly with the drums and guitar and bass. Everything fits so well and the song makes me feel weightless and happy.

      I picture CNBLUE performing this song in a lush, green field with a light breeze and the sun shining upon them. The English translated lyrics say:

      Like a child, just like heaven, a melody to spread all over the world
      Like a child, just like heaven, a melody to make you smile

      How can one go wrong with the feeling of being a child again and the glorious elements associated with the belief of Heaven? Like a Child is a song that fits any season and any mood. This song can be played all day every day. If you’re feeling a little down, play Like a Child. If you’re in a great mood, play Like a Child. If you’re getting ready for a job interview, play Like a Child. It’s a mood changer and a mood maker; a beautiful song.

      There are so many amazing B tracks out there and this is only a very (very) small portion of them. If you have suggestions of B tracks that I should check out, leave your choices in the comments below! I’m always looking to broaden my K-Pop horizons.

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      Intro To WINNER

      YG’s highly anticipated boy band WINNER is finally debuting. Although the group has already a large fan base around the world, there might be a few folks that may not know anything about the members.

      WINNER consists of five members: Kang Seung Yoon, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Minho, and Nam Tae Hyun. They opened for BIGBANG in their Japan tour and starred in various CF prior to their debut. They successfully concluded their ten episode run of WINNER TV , where we all got to meet them without the stress of competing, went on to open senior label mates 2NE1 on their All Or Nothing tour, and appeared on Taeyang’s Ringa Linga video as backup dancers.

      WINNER members

      The group has already released various photos and teaser videos that demonstrate how their image has changed from their trainee days. They have matured their cool boys style into fashionista men. The launching show will be on August 8, 2014, followed by the online-release on August 12, 2014, and offline-release on the 14th.

      [WINNER’s 1st Teaser, The Visitor]

      [WINNER’S Debut Album Teaser]

      The Name:

      They were formerly Team A in the show WIN: Who Is Next? where they competed against Team B. They won the show and got crowned as WINNER, which became the name of their group.

      The Members:


      The leader Kang Seung Yoon might seem familiar: he was a former contestant of Superstar K2 and appeared on High Kick 3. He debuted as a solo artist on YG Entertainment with three successful singles: Wild & Young, It Rains, and Stealer. He was born in 1994.

      Kang Seung Yoon

      Kim Jin Woo is the oldest member of WINNER. He is the main vocal of the band and started training in YG since 2010. Throughout the run of WIN: Who Is Next?, he showed that he was a hard worker. He worries a lot about his members, and, as their hyung, he takes good care of them. He was born in 1991.
      Kim Jin Woo

      Lee Seung Hoon is one of the rappers and main dancer of the band. He was a former KPOP Star 1 contestant when Yang Hyun-suk saw his potential and signed him as a trainee for YG Entertainment.  He was born in 1992.
      Lee Seung Hoon

      Song Minho started as an underground rapper, who then went to train as an intended member for BLOCK B and later on dropped the project. He debuted as a rapper on the group B.o.M, but the band disbanded after not having popularity. His rapping skills were recognized by his seniors, T.O.P. and Tablo. He got recruited for YG in 2013. He was born in 1993.
      Song Minho

      Nam Tae Hyun is the maknae of WINNER. His droopy eyebrows gave him recognition throughout WIN: Who Is Next? He is one of the vocals of the band and one of the most popular members. Beside having a beautiful voice, he helps the members with producing and composing the songs. He was born in 1994.
      Nam Tae Hyun

      Everything seems to point out to the right direction for WINNER. They will have a very successful debut as the newest boy band from YG, since BIGBANG. They debut has been highly expected by many and the time has come for WINNER to show what they have.

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      K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 07/27-08/02/14

      Once a week, KPOPme will post a list with all the latest music videos and singles released. We will aim to recompile every single song  each week, but between the multitude of K-Pop groups and OSTs released weekly, sometimes we’ll miss something. Please let us know if we do! We aim to please.

      Here are the release from the end of July and the first few days of August. Some of the biggest names (JYJ, HyunA) made comebacks, and some interesting debut songs (HA:TFELT, Red Velvet) were also released this week. Check them all out!

      [Music Video]

      JYJ Back Seat

      Red Velvet Happiness

      HA:TFELT (Yeeun) Ain’t Nobody

      Clazziquai Project Madly

      Sunny Hill Once In Summer

      Tae Wan Good Morning feat. Vebal Jint

      BESTie Hot Baby

      4L Move

      LC9 East Of Eden

      HyunA Red

      High4 A Little Close feat. Lim Kim

      Sonnet Son Love Again


      Davichi It’s Okay, That’s Love [OST It’s Okay, That’s Love]

      Bob Girls Oh My Boy (Summer Edit)

      Sunny Days Half Of The World Are Men

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      Let’s Discover: MAMAMOO

      This Let’s Discover is a true one in that I will focus on rookie group Mamamoo. I’m not sure how many people have heard of this girl group, but I want to give them the spotlight. Personally, I didn’t discover them until a few weeks after their debut, and I decided to see what their music video was like. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this group. These four ladies have an immense amount of talent and I look forward to watching their career blossom.

      Mamamoo consists of four girls: Solar, Moon Byul, Whee In, and Hwa Sa. They debuted in June with Mr. Ambiguous. The song has strong jazz and swing elements to it, which is the perfect style for their sultry vocals. I did not hear anything about Mamamoo leading up to their debut, or even after their debut. Nevertheless, Mr. Ambiguous is a great debut song.


      (Top, L-R) Whee In, Hwa Sa (Bottom, L-R) Solar, Moon Byul

      As I mentioned above, the jazz and swing elements in the song make it stand out among other K-Pop songs. The song sticks to traditional instruments and does not heavily rely on machine-made sounds. It is not overly produced and, to me, it gives off a crisp feeling, because of the different sound from the mainstream K-Pop songs out now.

      Aside from the refreshing sound, the music video for Mr. Ambiguous boasts appearances by well-known celebrities. Wheesung, K.Will, Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE), Bumkey, and Baek Ji Young, among others, all make appearances in the music video. Even if these girls do not have a strong commercial following (yet), they are certainly given love by some of the big names in the business.

      From the music video, it’s clear to see that these four ladies are talented individuals who shine as a unit as well. The style theme they chose for their debut sticks to the older sound of their song. They wear fitted, yet modest dresses, sensible heels and just the right amount of makeup to act as an accessory rather than a separate character. Their hairstyles and colors are also simple and do not take away from their vocals, which was the right decision for this debut. With voices like these, the outfits, hair, makeup, and accessories should accent their vocals, not overpower or overshadow.

      Mr. Ambiguous was a perfect debut song for Mamamoo. And the fact that part of Mamamoo’s choreography incorporates fake mustaches was enough for me to like them. Their mini album Hello contains six songs all of which stick to the older, jazz, and swing sounds.

      As I listen to the mini I picture myself in a lounge enjoying a cocktail while Mamamoo perform their songs flawlessly on stage. Their songs transport me to an era before I was born, but one that I long to experience.

      Aside from a kick-ass mini album, I literally just found out today that Mamamoo sings a song from the OST of my favorite drama at the moment. Love Lane appears in the drama Marriage, Not Dating, and when I fist heard it played in an episode, I immediately paused the episode to look up the song. I was excited to see that it was Mamamoo, and not in the least surprised based on the vocals in the song.

      I hope Mamamoo gains the love and support they deserve. I’m interested to see if their future comeback will stick to the jazz and swing-themed music or branch out into other genres. Quite frankly, with the vocal ability of these four ladies, they could probably pull off any genre. Only time will tell.

      What do you guys think about rookie group Mamamoo? Do they have what it takes to thrive in the constantly-changing K-Pop genre, or will they thrive in other ways? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.