Album Review: Far East Movement ‘KTown Riot’ EP

[Disclaimer: This review talks about adult content and uses profane language.]

Far East Movement pay homage to their hometown with their new EP KTown Riot. The quartet collaborated with many artists and producers to create this EP that gives back to their community. The whole EP focuses on the group’s experiences growing up and living in K-Town in Los Angeles, California. From an official statement on their Facebook page, Far East Movement stated:

…we named this mini album KTOWN RIOT to show love to the city that’s had our back since day one and the word RIOT mean growth from chaos, and we’re proud to see how the community has grown And inspire us to grow as artists and people.

Far East Movement doesn’t stray from their well-known sound or style, which adds familiarity to the songs. But with their Far East Movement flair, each song on the KTown Riot EP keeps fans and listeners entertained throughout, whether the sound is familiar or not.

1.The Illest ft. Schoolboy Q

The Illest starts out completely different than where it ends up. But listeners can tell from the subdued, and slightly muffled, music that the beat will eventually build upon itself and escalate into a club song. The beginning of the intro already adds a layer to the original beat and music. Halfway through, the beat builds, then briefly stops and introduces a new beat used for the first verse and bridge. As the hook comes back into play, we hear the marimba-inspired music from the beginning of the song. The lyrics show listeners how the guys party. And when they party, they party hard.

Got a v-mail from my K-Town chick that wanna hook up and blaze

The use of “my K-Town chick” tells the listener that this EP is about K-Town and all its vices. Partying hard, getting into trouble, hooking up with each other, smoking, and heavy drinking are all present and doable in K-Town. It’s what makes living there (and visiting) an experience.

No motherfuckers can out-drink us

The Illest is your basic hip hop party song, but with Far East Movement personality throughout it. They’ve cut down some of the verses from the original and just stuck with Schoolboy Q’s rap verse. Rapping about drinking Tanqueray all night, smoking cannabis, and entering the club alone, but not leaving alone. To close out the song, Prohgress tells listeners explicitly why they are the Illest:

“I” is for the way these beezies love how I bang
And “double L” is for the way I blow that smoke in ya face
We roll on “E’s” and we be easy rollin that bank
And “ST” is for the Illest shit we rep every day

2.Bang It To The Curb ft. Sidney Samson

If The Illest was about partying and hip hop nightlife, then Bang It To The Curb is about driving around recklessly with the music bumping and the stash in the dash ready to go:

Hit the stash in the dash, better puff puff pass
Flyin faster than the 5-0, bang it to the curb!

Bang It To The Curb shows what it’s like driving around in K-Town. Bang It To The Curb starts out similarly to The Illest in that the listeners are eased into the song and not thrown into the club right from the beginning. A female vocalist starts the song off with the hook, and then we get some hardcore house music fit for the club. Musically, there aren’t as many layers as in The Illest, but that suits this song much better. The beat is hard-hitting and the quick, high-pitched house music fits the tempo and feel of the song.

R-Reppin 213, California lotto

Using one’s area code in a hip hop song is the way to represent your city and hometown. A subtle way to show love to where one is from and still calls home. The use of 213, the area code for downtown Los Angeles, is actually a very small area that is completely surrounded by another area code. Using 213 shows that K-Town is very exclusive and tight-knit. They may be surrounded by a different area code, but the only thing that matters is what’s happening in the 213.

3.Grimey Thirsty ft. Rell the Soundbender & YG

Grimey Thirsty is all about the instrumental. The song showcases producer Rell The Soundbender’s ability to fuse hip hop and dance music. Grimey Thirsty is a song that the DJ would play toward the end of the night in the club; it gives off energetic club vibes needed as the night comes to a close. Always leave on a high note, and dance to Grimey Thirsty, the ultimate club song.

The first rap verse is essentially about rolling up to the club, drinking in the club, meeting a girl in the club, and hooking up with that same girl girl. Rapper YG has a verse about halfway through the song where he raps about being pulled over by the police and searched for an hour because the police want to find something to pin on him. The song title really says it all: Grimey Thirsty. That’s what the club scene is like: the guys, the girls, the venue. They’re all grimy and everyone in the club is thirsty, which leads to large amounts of alcohol and a lustful thirst.

In regards to YG’s rap verse, the term Grimey Thirsty correlates to his view of the police that pull him over because of his race. The cops are grimy human beings, and they thirst at the slightest reason to find something on him.

Police pull me over
Driving while black
Search the car for an hour
Trying to find the strap

4.Level (Palm Trees) ft. La’Reda & Sha Sha Jones

The second half of the KTown Riot EP gives off a laid-back, more subdued tone compared to the club-heavy tracks in the first half of the EP. Electro duo La’Reda gives a breath of fresh air to this EP in Level (Palm Trees). The previous tracks are more similar to Far East Movement’s usual musical style and genre, but La’Reda adds their mixed beats and sounds of EDM and melodic tunes to create a laid-back vibe that perfectly depicts the sunny days in LA. Sha Sha Jones’ vocals also perfectly embody the feeling of this song, a feeling of finally making it to the top.

Level with these palm trees

The sounds and lyrics of the song portray the feeling of dreaming of bigger and better things. The rapping perfectly fits into the song and doesn’t feel forced. The pace matches the beat and music beautifully. The final third of the song sees a change in music and pace, with more of an EDM feel, but then we are back to the laid-back, chill vibe.

”One day we’ll be level with the palm trees”

The lyrics are a perfect metaphor for wanting to reach success that puts one at the top of the top. Experiencing all the lows throughout life only adds to the process of reaching that pinnacle moment in life and will make it so much sweeter.

5.Melody ft. Play-N-Skillz & Fingazz

At the beginning of Melody, it seems like a sweet serenade, and then it changes within the first few lines of lyrics…

I can tell you want to fuck with me

The song is still a sweet serenade, just Far East Movement-style. There’s no beating around the bush with this song. They clearly say what’s on their mind to the girl and expect her response to mirror their thoughts and actions. The sweet vocals pair nicely with the funk-inspired music and beat. The whole song is about throwing away all their inhibitions to have a melodic love-making session, or two. The lyrics may be explicit and to some, crass, but they get the point across:

…get you singing melodies you never sung before
Cause you can (get it, get it)
Yeah you can (get it get it)
Go ahead and hit that D sharp you know that’s my chord, oh lord (get it, get it)
Yeah you can (get it get it)
Screamin higher than Mariah back in ’94…

Obviously this song is not about a simple hookup. There is more involved, there are deep feelings. He wants to experience a melodic love session with this woman:

I suppose you and mean could just drift away
and leave behind our former selves

6.Up To No Good ft. Adrian Delgado

Up To No Good has a slight R&B feel to it fused with hip hop. Adrian Delgado’s vocals add to the R&B feel, especially his falsetto. Up To No Good is a great song to round out the KTown Riot EP. It’s an anthem that states:

K-Town always up to no good

It’s about living life to the fullest even if it means getting in trouble. Be adventurous and don’t regret anything and K-Town is the place to do that. In the KTown Riot mini documentary K-Town Riot Part 1, OG Chino states

the things that go on in Koreatown probably don’t go on anywhere else in America.

Koreatown is the place to go to break the rules.

Keeping to the overall theme of the EP, Up To No Good talks about the various rebellious acts one can do:

Cause I’ll be the reason you’re up to no good

They’re seeking trouble and the song is paying homage to the fact K-Town is its own entity where one can have a lot of fun, and get into a lot of trouble.

Overall Thoughts:

I am pleasantly surprised with Far East Movement’s KTown Riot EP. I expected the usual EDM, club hits, but the second half of the EP showed a softer side to them, musically. The first half is definitely for getting ready to go out and for at the club, the second half adds more emotion to the mix. They stick to the theme of showing listeners what it’s like for them living in K-Town.

Overall the EP flows well from hard-hitting, club hits to softer, more laid-back songs. Somehow they manage to make all the songs work well with each other. The layout has a lot to do with that. Rapping about all the lavishness of partying in K-Town and then rapping and singing with more focus on doing things with just one girl.

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Album Review: BEAST “TIME”

After having a formidable comeback with their sixth mini album Good Luck this past August, BEAST found a way to make a great comeback with their newest mini album TIME. This highly successful K-Pop group takes the listener, hence the name, back in time with their sounds and through a rollercoaster of emotions. If you pay close attention to how the group arranged their tracklist, you can really appreciate how they build a story with this album: The nostalgic journey of a man longing for his lover.



The first track of the album is the lead single, 12:30. The ballad starts out with a beautiful and soothing piano. As the drums kick in, they lead the way for Yoseob to open the song. Then, every member gets their own part and demonstrates their beautiful vocals. The tone in their vocals seems very melancholic and gives a feeling of sorrow that pairs well with the meaning of the song.

As time goes by, the hands of the clock start separating, and they are used throughout the song as a metaphor of a relationship that has grown apart and become distant, thus leading to the inevitable breakup. Even if the song is a ballad, the chorus gets very subtle yet powerful electronic beats and dubstep sounds that reference the chaotic relationship described in the lyrics. And so the story begins…



After the inevitable breakup on 12:30, the next chapter for this story is Drive. BEAST buries us into a man’s feelings after breaking up with his lover. The guitar riffs give a sense of masculinity along with Junhyung’s rap, which is predominant in this song, and his voice really lets us know of the frustration and anger inside this man. The riffs continue throughout the song, but they range from powerful to very soft riffs, which let us know about his unstable emotions. The trumpet and drums in the chorus give off a jazz feel, taking the listener on a trip to when this genre was at the height of its popularity.

The jazz in the chorus allows for an exaggerated nostalgic feeling of the driver. What he really wants to do is just drive and forget about everything, but even driving doesn’t let him have a time to reflect on himself and forget about his lost relationship. From his GPS with his lover’s house as a favorite location to that time he put on her seat belt to protect his love, a drive that was supposed to make him forget has become a very nostalgic trip down memory lane.


It’s All Good (좋은 일이야)

The previous song really took the listener on a journey where a man was having trouble dealing with his recent breakup. It’s All Good (좋은 일이야) places him in a reflective and accepting stage when dealing with his emotions and breakup. The guitar at the beginning of the song creates a very cool acoustic vibe. Right after the first “It’s all good,” drums and synths come into the song. The music arrangement really states how this man really believes that everything is good and how determined he is now of accepting the breakup. It allows the listener to paint a picture of the story where this man is alone in his room reflecting on his past relationship. He understands now what the problems were in the relationship and how they are better apart than together. He wants to let his lover know that it’s all good now.

The harmony in the chorus is perfect; it even seems that there is only one member singing it. This perfect harmony reinstates one more time how this man’s believes after his reflective time.


Close My Eyes (눈을 감아도)

This track fast forwards the storyline to a few months after the previous song. This man thought he was ready to move on, he had accepted not having his lover in his life anymore, but he was wrong. He saw his ex-lover with her new relationship and all his feelings came back. The different range of vocals, instruments, and sound effects create a confusing feeling. There are a few trova and R&B rhythms on the song that create a state of confusion, but they enhance this man’s confused feelings and frustrations.

He is angry and confused. He thought that he had moved on but his feelings came back after looking at his lover. He doesn’t know what to do and starts pondering on those questions that everyone asks themselves after a breakup. Do they think about me even if they are with someone else? Do they still feel the same way I do? Did their feelings come back again?



TIME’s last chapter comes with Stay. It’s been a few months or maybe years now, and this man hasn’t had any contact with his ex-lover. He still thinks about her and wonders where they would be if they had stayed together. He states that even if he knows that his lover doesn’t have any feelings for him anymore, he really wants to be with her again, stay by her side, and wishes for his lover to not forget him as time passes. He wants his lover to reflect on what he had that her new lovers would not give her. He just really wants her back.

The track takes the listeners back to the ‘90s and continues with the nostalgic theme of the album. The song starts out with an intro that is very similar to the chorus of the song. The placement of every part of Stay (the chorus, the bridge, and the climax) is what really makes this song reminiscent of the great classic ‘90s songs. Back in those days, most songs started with a few words from the chorus and then the bridge, the chorus, and then lead into the climax at the end, ending the song with the chorus (i.e. Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time).

Stay sticks to this formula and gives a very fresh and modern twist to it. Its flow conveys the overall feeling of the album. This is the only song on the album that is very upbeat, but it sums up the emotional rollercoaster of the man of the story that BEAST created with TIME.

So Hot (Physical Album Bonus Track)

This bonus song talks about a man and woman having a one-night-stand. So Hot has a very sexy feeling in the music and BEAST’s vocals. It still continues to have a nostalgic feeling that makes the listeners think that this song is the beginning of this man’s story. If we think about this song as the beginning of this man’s relationship with his longing ex-lover, we can finally know how this couple met. We get to picture his flirtatious ways and everything he does to attract the woman that he felt attracted to. There is something about her that makes him lust and desire this woman, and he wants her to enjoy and get rid of her inhibitions.

After hooking up his lust turns into a more intense attraction that makes him want to turn this one-night-stand into a relationship. This ultimately leads us to the title track, 12:30, the inevitable breakup that started this man’s emotional journey.


Concluding Thoughts

I have always been attracted to albums that tell a story and have a very clear concept to it. With TIME, BEAST really went back to creating an album that flows very well and has a story that can be very relatable to the listeners. The album is produced impeccably and the use of the ‘90s formulas for music gave a fresh yet known feel to it. This album really showcased the group’s maturity with more up-tempo ballads and having their classic “BEAST moments” with songs like Stay and 12:30. TIME is the perfect companion when dealing with a break-up. The emotional rollercoaster that the music and lyrics take you through could really help any listener that’s going through the same as the man depicted in the album.


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5 Overlooked K-Pop Singles

Have you ever been extremely excited when a K-Pop group releases a great single and then disappointed in humanity when it doesn’t become as popular as it deserves? Well, we’re right there with you here at KultScene and below are only a fraction of K-Pop singles that deserve much more love. So read on to see if your favorite overlooked single made list, and hopefully we can introduce you to some new tunes as well.

Artist: Ajax
Album: 2MYX
Song: 2MYX

Let’s start this article with some ‘80s throwback music. Ajax’s 2MYX is laden with ‘80s sounds musically, and I absolutely love it. The beat, the synths, the drum beat, everything is great. The chorus is extremely catchy, and the members’ vocals are pretty impressive as well. The music reminds me of a Michael Jackson tune along the lines of Why You Wanna Trip On Me. The rapping fits well with the song; there’s a slower part with the accompaniment of an electric guitar that continues throughout the remainder of the song. All in all, 2MYX is a great jam if you’re feeling like a throwback day musically.

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Artist: Roh Jihoon
Album: The Next Big Thing – EP
Song: Punishment

I thought Roh Ji Hoon was going places, and I’m surprised he hasn’t had a comeback recently. Punishment showcases his single abilities beautifully and that handsome face of his. Aside from his handsomeness, the piano in Punishment sets the tone for the song and is prominent throughout. Roh Ji Hoon beautifully executes his notes and manages to put emotion into Punishment.

The video views from Cube’s channel and 1thK’s channel add up to around 1.5 million views, which makes Punishment the most viewed video on this list. But it didn’t catapult him to stardom like I anticipated it would.

Artist: Able
Album: Able의 1’St 앨범
Song: 미스테리 (Mystery)

To be honest, I’m not sure how I found this song, but I’m happy I did. Mystery has the ‘90s boy band backing music and vocals. The English may not be as clear as it could be, but that doesn’t matter. The guys sing the song very well and the style of the song is quite enticing. The quick beat and pace of the song will also keep listeners interested until the end. Mystery is just a fun song with a great beat. You may forget about it after listening to it, but when it pops up on your shuffle it’s a must to listen to.

Artist: Bigstar
Album: Hang Out EP
Song: Run&Run

Yes, Bigstar’s Run&Run is the second most popular song on this list in terms of video view counts. However, they just have over 1,00,000 views in over a year since release. When Run&Run came out, not many people knew about it and it took awhile to gain some popularity. Bigstar is a talented group and this song showed their fun, goofy side as a group. The video is fun to watch and the chorus and choreography (the easier parts) are extremely addictive.

Run&Run is one of those songs that needs to be listened to while watching the music video (at least once) so listeners have an idea of what is going on in the song. The video helps to clarify the story within the song.

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Artist: Wonder Boyz
Album: 타잔 Tarzan – Single
Song: Tarzan

Tarzan is my favorite Wonder Boyz song. It was the first time that I really noticed them. I had their previous mini album, but didn’t pay much attention to them. This song boasts great music, a great beat, great vocals, and great rapping. The flow of the song is quick and memorable. Not to mention the choreography in the video is also pretty great. Moreover, the English lyrics are easy to sing along to and follow as well.

The dance version of the music video only has over 600,000 views, and it deserves much more. There are two music videos for the song, the dance version (below) as well as the story version. Both of which are quite enjoyable. Tarzan is an extremely catchy song that sounds amazing with the volume turned up as loud as you can handle.

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Best of the K-Pop B Tracks: Part 3

Are you ready for the next installment of our Best of the K-Pop B Tracks series? Part 3 introduces new artists to the series and talks about one or two artists from the original post and from Part 2. The majority of these songs are not single material, but nonetheless, they are great tracks to enjoy on their respective albums. The following seven songs share some similarities as well as differences with each other, but all of them are great tunes.

Artist: Miss A
Album: Touch
Song: Lips

We’re starting Part 3 of this series off strong with Miss A’s Lips. The song starts off with a strong beat and club/EDM-inspired music. The ladies’ vocals are strong and powerful during the verses. Then more feminine and soft when the chorus appears. The chorus is addictive and easy to sing along to, which helps listeners get into the song. Lips is the perfect song to dance to at the club on a Friday or Saturday night. Just unwind and let go.

Artist: SHINee
Album: Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You
Song: 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking

Next up of course is a SHINee song. 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking like Lips starts out strong with a synth and strong beat before and during Key’s intro. The music for 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking is insane. The almost overproduced beats seem like they would be too much, but somehow the music manages to work for the song.

The vocals and music are both quick, which keeps listeners interested. There aren’t any pauses in the music. Instead it slows down and thins out in some spots. The guys’ vocals are, as usual, flawless. The harmonies and falsettos are superb as well. 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking is a fun song to listen to when you’re feeling like hitting those high notes as you sing along.

Artist: LC9
Album: Skirmish
Song: Skirmish

LC9 came onto the K-Pop scene with Mama Beat and haven’t really been heard from since then. This next song is from their debut mini album titled Skirmish. The lead-off track is of the same name and one of my favorites. The beat and music are completely different from other K-Pop songs.

The music makes the song seem like it should be a hard-hitting song. But the vocals, especially in the beginning, are softer and inviting. After the chorus, the music becomes more minimal, and then builds again as the chorus approaches. The style of singing in Skirmish is what attracted me to the song. The members drag out their words and loop them together to give a wavy flow to the lyrics. Skirmish is a great song to bob your head to while listening to it with headphones.

Artist: Henry ft. Seul Gi
Album: Fantastic
Song: Butterfly

The next song is considerably different from the heavy EDM songs above. Henry’s duet with Seul Gi from his second mini album is a beautiful song that showcases both singers’ vocals. The two sound great together and the song, Butterfly, uses piano, guitar, and drums as the basis of the music.

It feels like a small lounge song with the duet singing to you in person. Butterfly is a pretty song that isn’t overpowered by the music and Henry’s and Seul Gi’s vocals compliment each other extremely well. When you feel like taking a break from the world listen to Butterfly.

Artist: Mamamoo ft. Geeks
Album: Hello
Song: Heeheehaheho

Mamamoo is a rookie group that deserves much more recognition. The soulful ladies have amazing vocals and great songs. Heeheehaheho is from their debut mini album Hello and is a little slower than the other songs. But it beautifully showcases the ladies’ vocal talents. Heeheehaheho is a R&B song that slows down life for a few minutes. It’s a simple song that brings out the soul in each members’ voice.

Artist: 2PM
Album: 미친거 아니야? GO CRAZY!
Song: Mine

2PM’s Fall release, 미친거 아니야? GO CRAZY!, gave us the likes of Go Crazy!, a crazy party song. But a few more tracks into the album we get Mine. Mine is a song that starts out with strings, piano, and funk, jazz-inspired music. Jun.K kicks off the vocals with his soulful tone and draws you into the song. The music is simple and provides a strong beat for the 70s-inspired vocals. We get soul, falsetto, Taec’s rapping and of course some 2PM flair.

Artist: Clazziquai Project
Album: Blink
Song: Life etc.

The final song for this installment of Best of the K-Pop B Tracks, is Clazziquai Project’s Life etc. from their Blink album. Alex does all of the singing in this song while Horan adds backing vocals. There’s a lot going on musically, but it does not distract from the song, it adds to it. Alex’s calm and soothing vocals makes a perfect pair with the zealous music.

The music may seem chaotic but it is essentially the main star of the song. Alex does sing throughout the song, but there are a lot of musical breaks where the listeners can just jam to the music. Alex adds to the story with the lyrics and his vocals. Life etc. is a fun song to listen to whenever you need a quirky pick-me-up.

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Album Review: Clazziquai Project’s “Blink”

Clazziquai Project has had a musical career spanning ten years, and 2014 marked their 10 year anniversary. With that, they released their full-length album Blink. The album sticks to the trio’s jazz, electro, pop genre, but boasts a more mellow feel compared to their previous releases.

Clazziquai Project released music videos for their three singles, MadlyStill I’m By Your Side and Call Me Back. Alex and Horan’s complimentary vocals lead us effortlessly through the album.

Still I’m by Your Side

The lead-off track is upbeat from the beginning, with Alex opening the song. The chorus is easy to sing along to and the English lyrics help connect to fans who understand and appreciate English lyrics in Korean songs. Still I’m by Your Side has a peppy beat and a multitude of instruments and instrumental sounds being used throughout the song. If you strip the song of the vocals, the music will undoubtedly be able to stand on its own. But with Alex and Horan’s soft vocals there’s no need to abandon their voices. Still I’m by Your Side is a great lead-off track for Blink, and It draws listeners in from the opening beat alone and keeps them interested throughout the song.


Madly is slower than Still I’m by Your Side, with Horan opening the vocals. This song doesn’t have as much going on music-wise as Still I’m by Your Side, which is perfect because the tempo and style don’t need a lot of instruments and sounds. Again, Alex and Horan’s vocals depict people who are madly in love and wish for love; the softness, and emotion in the vocals bring you into the song.

Crave You

When Crave You first begins it seems like it will be a ballad, which this author is not a fan of. But shortly into the song you realize Crave You is more than that. The chorus is simple and to the point. It’s a song that you’d hear in a coffee shop, and, again, the music compared to the main track of Blink is more minimalist. This allows the vocals to bleed with emotion. The build up to the chorus is what makes this song. You can feel and hear it coming, it’s subtle but enough to change the tempo and feel of the song.

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Android starts with a voice introduction and a strong beat. Horan sings throughout the song. One thing about Android is that the entire song is sung in English. Listening to the lyrics, it brings about a multitude of options for the meaning. The song could be sung from the point of view of the Android, but also from the point of the view of the person using it, wanting to be free from technology that humans are so dependent on these days. Android is a a tun and quirky track.

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby is the first ballad on Blink. A somber piano plays the introduction, and then Horan adds her quiet, emotional vocals. The music is reminiscent of a slow jazz song sans the saxophone and other horn instruments. Maybe Baby gradually builds with more instruments and stronger vocals added into the song. It ends similar to how it begins, with a piano outro, but the notes are more major than minor like in the beginning.

Love Satellite

Love Satellite is a fun track after a love confession song. The beat is strong and addictive. Horan and Alex’s harmonies and short and abrupt lyrics match the beat. Alex’s falsetto during the chorus makes it seem like you are actually among the stars. The music and vocals take you out of this world and make you feel like you’re soaring through space while listening. The musical break also adds to the celestial feel of the song.

Come on and Go with Me

Come on and Go with Me is one of my favorite tracks of the album. The intro sets the tone for the song. It’s clear that the song with upbeat, but with a mellow tone throughout. Horan opens up the song vocally, and Alex adds his harmonies before he comes in. Come on and Go with Me perfectly showcases Horan and Alex’s beautiful vocals. The instrumentation and sounds used do not drown out their voices. Instead, they compliment the vocals and we are able to hear and understand and feel them more.

Life etc.

Life etc. has a completely different sound than the previous tracks. It reminds me a little bit of some of Philip Glass’ work. It has that out-of-this-world sound and feel. The piano used adds a feel of being at a large event for your company. There are many elements in Life etc. that remind me of different scenarios or composers, which is fitting for the title. Life has many elements and influences, and this song has that feeling. On the surface, Life etc. sounds chaotic, but once you really listen to each instrument has a purpose and they’re not overpowering or distracting.

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Call Me Back

Call Me Back is another single from the album with an accompanying music video. With Call Me Back we are back to the mellow, chill feel of the rest of the album. The song even has some rapping in it, which adds another color to the track and album. Call Me Back is a song that brings the listener to a relaxed place. Somewhere that does not have stress or worries. That’s the type of feeling Call Me Back evokes.

Think About It

To round out this great album we have Think About It. Think About It sticks to the theme of the album with similar musical qualities and instruments. Think About It is the true ballad of Blink. Alex’s beautiful vocals portray the feeling perfectly. As I mentioned before I’m not a fan of slow songs or ballads, but Clazziquai Project has a special place in my heart so I can’t not like this song. It’s a beautiful song, but one that I may not listen to as often as the others.

My overall thoughts of this album are that it is a beautifully produced and everything flows together. The songs are all intertwined with the style of music and interments used, but each song has its own flavor. I suggest Blink to Clazziquai Project fans as well as music lovers who may have never heard of them. Blink is the perfect album to put on when you’re in a chill mood or need some relaxing, but entertaining music to listen to.

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5 K-Pop Songs For Morning Commutes

Getting out of bed is only half the battle during the week, but actually making it to work in a relatively decent mood is the next step. Music can serve as a great pick me up, so when you’re on your morning commute to work or school, listen to some of our favorite K-Pop songs. For people who like to take the day more slowly, there are some songs for you, while those of you who need something fast-paced to get you really revved up, there’s also that. Whether you’re in a car, on public transportation, or your own two legs, these songs will really hit home.

K.Will – A Bright Day

Before getting into anything that will definitely wake you up, take it slowly. Listen to A Bright Day; think about what the day ahead of you will hold. Will it be a great day, an okay day or, unfortunately, a difficult one? Hopefully, it will be a fulfilling one, and make this commute well worth it! Mediate for a few minutes while listening to K.Will, and then move on to some other songs in this list that are a bit more upbeat.


You’re already awake and on your way, but you may not be completely awake.  The soft snapping and piano instrumental at the beginning of R U Ok? transitions into a faster beat that will wake you up a little bit, to the point where you may be bobbing your head along to it.


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EXO-K – Angel

If you still have gunk in your eyes and you’re not so sure if all of your buttons are done properly, you’re probably not ready for something really loud and wild. EXO-K’s Angel, from the group’s debut album, is a simple ballad that has some great high points throughout the song that will definitely lift up your mood. 

Roy Kim – Love Love Love

The singer’s acoustic guitar and gentle voice will gently raise your level of awareness. The melody has its fast points and also soft, harmonious moments that ends in a crescendo that will result in anybody feeling a bit more awake after listening.

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SHIMMixes – K-Lubbing

This song is a bit jarring, so this may actually be a great replacement for coffee. It’s not a K-Pop song per say, but one of the greatest mash-ups of songs from May-September 2013 by SHIMMixes. The entire mix will have you dancing in your seat, so that by the time you’re at work you’ll be pumped.

What’s your favorite song to listen during your morning commute? We’d love for you to share your picks, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

K-Pop Songs to Start Your Morning

An array of K-Pop songs to get your weekday morning started off right. The following tune selections are upbeat and will get you moving during the morning hours. Because as we all know, it’s extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning, especially when school and/or work are the reasons for doing so. All of these songs will get the blood pumping through you and get you out of bed and excited to tackle the day.

Neon Bunny – Oh My Prince

Neon Bunny’s soft vocals are the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning. The bass and club-inspired music of Oh My Prince will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head. It’s a great song to listen to as you begin to wake up in your bed. The song will get you out of bed and moving around. Oh My Prince isn’t too intense that it startles you as you start to wake up. Instead, it will aid in your level of coherence and it will help put you in a good mood to start the day.

BTS – 여기 봐

For a little Pharrell/ Neptunes-inspired tune, just turn to BTS’ 여기 봐. The song is made up of elements that will put you in a great mood. The tune, the music, the instruments, the vocals, the rapping, all of it flows together effortlessly and has an upbeat and carefree vibe. Blast 여기 봐 as you make your coffee and breakfast and dance around the kitchen. It might also be a good idea to pick out your outfit for the day since you will be in an euphoric state due to the relaxed feeling of 여기 봐.

History – It’s Alright

It’s Alright is quite different from the previous tracks on this list. But, the song has a great beat, and how can you deny a song that states “It’s Alright” throughout the chorus? A great way to start your day is by already telling yourself that everything is alright. If you’re familiar with History, then you are aware of their vocal abilities and flawless harmonies. It’s Alright is another upbeat song that puts you in a good mood, which is the best way to begin your day. It’s Alright also utilizes musical elements from numerous genres and eras, such as funk, the ’80s, and others. The different sound will enhance your mood.

Kanto – Fly High ft. Olltii & Sik-K

This next tune may seem like a buzz kill at first. And in comparison to the songs listed above, it kind of is… But Kanto’s rapping and vocal tone are captivating. The song builds upon itself, and although it starts out slow, you won’t want it to end. While listening to this song you become engrossed in the beat, music, and rapping. Not to mention that the chorus offers an inspirational phrase to start your day:

We can fly

When Fly High ends. you will feel like you can take on the world. And who doesn’t want to start their day off feeling like that?

Taeyang – Body

The final song to get your morning off on the right foot is none other than Taeyang’s Body. Just take the final 3+ minutes of your morning and revel in the vocals of Taeyang. This song will get you pumped up and ready to tackle the day and you will feel beautiful and loved throughout the day. That is the power of Taeyang. Aside from the lovable lyrics, Body is an extremely catchy song with a great beat and overall feeling.

These are only a few K-Pop tunes to get your day started. Let us know if you have a favorite song that gets you pumped up to start the day. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Favorite Japanese Original Releases by K-Pop Artists

We all already know that K-Pop artists venture into foreign markets, especially Japan. So it is a no-brainer that they love to surprise Japanese fans with original releases. Some songs even make it first to Japan, and years later, they get their Korean version, but other don’t. Let’s take a look at one of our favorite tracks released in Japan by K-Pop artists.

1. Super Junior K.R.Y. – Promise You

Super Junior’s sub-unit group Super Junior K.R.Y. released Promise You as their first official single in Japan. The song really enhances Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung’s vocals. It has amazing melodies from the boys, and the electric drums and orgel sounds really make the song very special.

2. 2PM- I’m Your Man

Known as the beastly idols, 2PM dropped their though image when they released an original song in Japan, I’m Your Man. They showed us a more romantic and manlier side with this song. The track has a very sexy feeling that fits very well with 2PM’s sultry vocals.The video itself has a very sexy vibe (especially when the members are all dressed in suits), and, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love it if any member of 2PM was telling you that he is your man?

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3.SHINee- Breaking News

It’s very interesting to see how SHINee’s original releases in Japan are always very different from their Korean releases. Most of their Japanese ones are very cute and bubbly, but when they released Breaking News, it was a closer concept to the ones that they release in Korea. They left that bubbly concept behind and came back to Japan with a tougher version.

The song really showcases everyone’s talent in the band, from Jonghyun and Onew’s amazing vocals, to Minho and Key’s rap. Not to mention the fashion was great in the music video, and the choreography was amazing, which is where Taemin really shines through as a talented dancer.

4. 2NE1- Scream

The ladies of 2NE1 always manage to keep their fierce and badass concept that they are known for. They released Scream as part of their greatest hits compilation album Collection in 2012. The song itself is so fierce that it almost made us forget about their staple song I’m The Best. The electronic beats and hard basses of the song make you want to get up and start dancing. The song was so good that two years later, 2NE1 released the Korean version of the song in their newest album Crush, but the Japanese version reigns supreme.

5. BIGBANG- Feeling

When BIGBANG released the Japanase version of their hit album Alive, they included an amazing song called Feeling in their tracklist. Not only was it an original song, but it also included a collaboration with german producer Boys Noize. Feeling is a really fun song that really gets you in the mood to go party. BIGBANG really lets loose on this song; you can actually hear how much fun they had when they recorded this song. And as their fellow labelmates 2NE1, they included the Korean version of the song in their repackage album Still Alive.

6. Girls’ Generation- Flower Power

When Girls’ Generation released their Japanese single Flower Power, they surprised everyone. Not only was the song very catchy, but the tracks’ music was really good. The bass that flows throughout the song enhances the sexy yet innocent vocals that the girls did. The song is perfect for when you are getting ready to go out with your friends. The chorus is extremely catchy, and who can forget the amazing choreography? Why is it that Girls’ Generation always release amazing original songs in Japan? We want more of this from them!

Which one was your favorite Japanese original release by a K-Pop artist? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Best of the K-Pop B Tracks: Part Two

Have you ever listened to a K-Pop group or artist’s comeback/debut song and liked it, but then found one or more songs that you liked even more on their album? This list continues to highlight some of the best B tracks from various artists. For more amazing B tracks check out the predecessor to this article, Best of the B Tracks.

Similar to the previous article on the Best of the B Tracks, we’re starting this one off with some SM Town love.

Artist: EXO-K
Album: Overdose
Song: Thunder

We start out the list with EXO’s Thunder. D.O.’s strong and soulful vocals lead us into the song and form there it only gets better. Thunder is a different pace for the sextet in that the production is slightly more scaled back compared to some of their other songs. The guys’ vocals all compliment each other and the style of the song very well. The chorus will surely have you singing along as soon as you hear it. Moreover, at the end of Chanyeol’s part of the rap toward the end of the song, the harmonies are brilliant. It’s a short bit, but it definitely adds depth to the song and reminds fans of the vocal abilities of EXO-K. Thunder is my favorite song off of their Overdose mini.

Artist: EXO-K
Album: Mama
Song: Machine

Although EXO isn’t that old of a group, they have an extensive music collection. So I had to add this song to the list as well. Machine is probably my favorite EXO song. The harmonies, the beat, everything about it is amazing! Although I cannot speak Korean, I find that I can sing the entire song. Now whether or not I am actually saying anything is another question.

Regardless, this song keeps a quick beat and, again, shows off the guys’ harmonies and singing abilities as a group. There must be something about EXO and the parts right after the rap verses, because Baekhyun and Suho’s lines are some of my favorites in the song. The song slows down as Baekhyun’s vocals take over, as Suho’s higher pitched part builds into the final stretch of Machine.

Artist: Taemin
Album: Ace
Song: Pretty Boy

Continuing on with the SM family is none other than SHINee’s Taemin. Taemin’s debut song Danger was a great song, but one of his B sides really stuck out to me. As his promotions for Danger got underway, Taemin performed Pretty Boy along with Danger on a few music shows, and I’m glad he did.

Pretty Boy begins with a trumpet and a swing/big band feel. In all honesty, for me, the song doesn’t really begin until the hook and the chorus. That’s when Taemin picks up the pace and adds more depth and passion to his vocals. Aside from being extremely catchy, Taemin’s use of English makes the chorus ideal for singing along to if you’re not fluent in Korean.

Artist: MBLAQ
Album: 100% Ver.
Song: 아찔한 그녀

For this next song, we’re going back a couple of years to MBLAQ’s fourth EP. What I like about 아찔한 그녀 is the beginning. It starts with a conversation between a man and a woman, and it’s clear that the girl is annoyed with her boyfriend. The music is light-hearted and the perfect paring for the short conversation and the backbone of this song. Every time I listen to 아찔한 그녀, I feel happy. MBLAQ’s vocals, the music, and the overall feel of the song is cheery and gleeful. The guys’ harmonies throughout are spectacular, and G.O’s high notes at the end… beautiful.

Artist: BTS
Album: Dark & Wild
Song: 2학년

Let’s bring it back to 2014 now. The beat, the rapping, and the overall vibe of 2학년  is what makes me love this song. It’s the second to last song on BTS’ full length album Dark & Wild. The song opens up hard with an addictive beat and getting right into the song. Rap Mon further increases the face value of the song with his rap before the vocalists take over for the build up to the chorus and the actual chorus.

My favorite part, or parts, of this song are the rap verse by Rap Mon, J-Hope, and Suga. Listeners can clearly hear the guys’ different styles as they rap, and each one perfectly fits the song. During Suga’s rap, the music completely changes, which makes you pay closer attention all of sudden before you were lost in the music and knew what to expect. Then, BTS throws Suga’s part for a little depth and to keep their listeners on their toes.

Artist: Rain ft. Epik High
Album: It’s Raining
Song: My Groove

Now we’re really going back with Rain’s My Groove. I’m taking it back to my ’90s/’00s R&B and hip-hop days. My Groove reminds me, musically and production-wise, of a late ’90s, early ’00s R&B track. I love when songs remind me of growing up and bring on the nostalgia. Obviously, when you have any song with Rain’s sultry vocals and Epik High’s beats and rapping, it’s bound to be a good listen. And My Groove does not disappoint. The song may be repetitive, but there are a lot of English lyrics, and, as I mentioned, I can’t really complain about a song that musically brings me back to the 90s and ’00s.

Artist: Primary ft. Jinbo & Dok2
Album: Primary and the Messengers
Song: Mine Tonight

Primary’s Mine Tonight starts out with a strong beat. Listen to this song with head phones and you’ll really be able to tell. The music throughout the song obviously the driving force, but it doesn’t take away from Jinbo or Dok2. Jinbo’s smooth and laid-back vocals brings Mine Tonight to life. This song really doesn’t need much of an explanation as to why it’s great. Just take a listen and you’ll be able to tell for yourself. You might wonder how a rap can be incorporated into a song like this, but when Primary and Dok2 are in control, it will work out and it definitely does in Mine Tonight.

Artist: Crush ft. Zion.T
Album: Crush on You
Song: Hey Baby

If you haven’t listened to any of Crush’s music before, I suggest you do. He is an incredibly talented producer, musician, and vocalist. His voice is smooth as honey and has a quality that entices you to listen to him. Hey Baby is my absolute favorite song from his Crush on You album. And even if Zion.T wasn’t featured on the song, it would still be my favorite. The fact that two of my favorite Korean vocalists are on a track together makes me itch for more collaborations from the duo.

Hey Baby begins with an ever so addictive beat boxing introduction. The entire song is reminiscent of ’80s Michael Jackson and some modern Justin Timberlake. Crush’s and Zion.T’s vocals bring this song to life. The beat is super catchy and it’s easy to sing along to and best to do so with volume turned up all the way.

Share with us your favorite B tracks from your favorite K-Pop artists. Who knows, maybe they’ll make part 3 of the best B tracks. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

K-Pop Stand Out Remixes

What’s really amazing about K-Pop remixes is that they give you a new view on a song. They transform a dance song to a more acoustic version or make it ready for a dance party or a club. Sometimes they even make you wish the original version of the song was the remix. There are a lot of K-Pop remixes out there, but only a few stand out; from fans to recognized artists, the remix list is endless.

  1. SHINee-Hello (Glen Check Remix)

 SHINee’s track Hello is on of their most loved songs in their roster. It was without a doubt a great choice by K-Indie band Glen Check to create a remix of this song. This remix takes us back to the time when Electro was at the peak of the electronic music scene. Glen Check managed to take SHINee’s song and recreate it in a very unexpected way. Full of hard basses and electro beats, this remix really has a life of it’s own.

  1. G-DRAGON – Who You (Jake K Remix)

 G-Dragon’s song Who You talks about how much a man feels bad and really misses their ex lover. The original track itself is very fun but sad at the same time because of the lyrics. Jake K managed to make the song happier, thus creating mixed emotions for the listener. The song was made to a more upbeat sound while still managing to get the song’s message across. Add it to your Breakup Playlist and cry while dancing to this remix.


  1. 2NE1- I’m The Best (HUGLIFE Remix)

 2NE1’s staple song I’m The Best is already a very powerful song. Convert it to a Trap song and it totally brings out the fierceness of the song. The bass is so strong, and the drops followed by the “Oh my god” are amazing. This was really a great remix by HUGLIFE for 2NE1’s song. It would even fit perfectly as part of their show, really. It fits their strong personas perfectly.


 4. EXO- Growl (Sakana-P Mellow Remix)

 There is no doubt that EXO’s Growl is one of the best K-Pop songs released in the past  few years. Sakana-P’s mellow remix gives a more vibrant sound to EXO’s song while still keeping the wow factor of the original track. It was a really bold move to remove the distinctive sound at the beginning of Growl, but the piano is beautiful and goes very well with the song.


  1. Red Velvet- Happiness (Lee JeSup Remix)

 Lee JeSup’s remix of Red Velvet’s Happiness is truly outstanding. It’s completely ready for the club, and it managed to keep the song’s happy mood. He brilliantly keeps the intro (which lets face it, nobody likes) but lowered the volume of it so it wouldn’t stand out as much. The electronic beats of the remix track mixes well with Red Velvet’s vocals, and them being a very young group, the remix fits them well.


  1. KARA- Mamma Mia (Lee JeSup Remix)

 KARA’S comeback with Mamma Mia is so fun. It’s a very cool ode to the ‘80s, and Lee JeSup kept that same vibe on the remix. The clapping sound that he added makes the listener feel like if you are watching a live performance from KARA. It makes you want to stand up, get your disco pants, and start dancing.


  1. Got7- A (‘collapsedone’  Acoustic Remix)

 Got7’s A is a very cute and addicting song. An official remix by ‘collapsedone’ appeared on Got7’s GOT LOVE mini-album as an acoustic remix. The voice track that is used doesn’t have an acoustic arrangement, but ‘collapsedone’ managed to add an acoustic track to the song. Close your eyes while listening to the song and imagine the members from Got7 playing guitar and singing to this song; it’s magical!


So there you have it, a few stand out K-Pop remixes. And because mashups remixes are always fun here, we say goodbye with a mashup of SHINee’s Lucifer and Super Junior’s Bonamana.

 Which one was your favorite remix? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.