Is CL Collaborating With Grimes For Her American Debut Album?

CL’s debut american album has been hyped a lot since it was announced last year. With an anticipated early 2015 release, we just can’t help wondering which direction she will take and who she will collaborate with. 2NE1’s leader has been praised by American media on her versatility with not only her talents, but her ability to transform herself with her looks. Grimes, an experimental Canadian singer-songwriter and producer is a known fan of K-pop, and a recent picture that she uploaded to her Instagram account makes us wonder if they are just friends hanging out together or if Grimes will have a hand in producing CL’s album.

CL and Grimes
There are a very few names that have been already mentioned before that could possibly be collaborating with CL for her album. Diplo, a friend and frequent collaborator may have a big and important part on her album. His beats paired with CL’s fierce rap and vocals create a perfect match that was already seen in their live collaboration for the Style Icon Awards.

Moreover, Black Eyed Peas frontman has previously collaborated with 2NE1, with an alleged full album, and has featured CL and Park Bom in one of his songs, and has now enlisted CL to join him and Black Eyed Peas on their new album. CL will feature on their 20th anniversary album to be released later this year. Without a doubt, CL is in the right track with the aforementioned collaborators, but what CL needs is a producer like Grimes.

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Grimes had already expressed admiration towards CL before. She posted on her Tumblr the music video for The Baddest Female with a caption, “CL is so cool.” Then when her American solo debut was announced, she couldn’t help but express her emotion via her Twitter. Even Lorde couldn’t resist and retweeted Claire’s (her real name) excitement.

Grimes Posting CL's Music Video

via Lorde's Twitter

In order for CL to achieve success in the American market she needs to come out with a very new and fresh sound that will set her apart from the current Pop artists that reign American Top 40. Yes, she has to have that commercial appeal in order to gain attention, but Grimes can give her that innovative sound that will make stand out. Grimes’ music is so different; she experiments with different sounds and genres that are not that far from what’s being produced in K-pop. She’s definitely not afraid of trying new things.

Take Grimes’ most recent track, Go, which was originally penned for Rihanna. This song is Claire’s attempt to go into the commercial route, but it still has that Grimes feel of her unique music. The song has dubstep, trap, synths, and other experimental sounds that she creates herself. If Claire takes this route with CL, she could seemingly showcase her beautiful vocals and rap on a song like this.

If both ladies want to work on a more danceable track, but with a serious topic, then Grime’s Oblivion would be a perfect example of what they could come up with. Grimes’ tracks usually deal with sexism, misogyny, drug abuse, and alcoholism, and Oblivion deals with sexual assault. Her dark and obscure lyrics create a perfect juxtaposition with the music she does, but also bring awareness to these topics. CL has already stated that she wants to represent Asian women and break the typical Asian female stereotype. “I want to break that. I want to tell the world that there are some badass Asian female girls and that we can be cool. That we’re nothing different. I want to break that standard and stand up for all the girls,” she stated in an Elle Magazine interview. Grimes and CL could make the perfect girl power anthem that we have been longing for.

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Grimes producing CL debut American album would be ideal. Not only producing her music but also giving creative direction. Did we forgot to mention that they are both Jeremy Scott’s besties? Her visuals are always stunning and have a very different approach from what’s already out there. Claire’s music can’t be put in one genre given that her music is very unique, making it the perfect sound match for CL. Both artists are chameleonic in their artistry. What these women could achieve together would be amazing; their personalities and talents combined will be like a match made in heaven.

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Gaeko & Yankie ‘Cheers’ Song Review

Gaeko and Yankie have collaborated with Beenzino and Babylon on the new track Cheers for Amoeba Culture’s NEWorkend project. The four artists worked together to give us life during theses cold winter months. Cheers will take you away to a tropical location to forget about the Winter blues.


The music that makes up Cheers automatically gives off a summer, laid back vibe. You can instantly feel the warmth of the sun and the air of summer nights. The instrumentals are all basic, but the way they are being played adds to the summertime feel. The electric guitar is used in a more subdued manor than in rock and punk songs. It sounds so subdued and calm with the amp turned up. The percussion, again, is pretty simple and basic. It keeps the beat going while adding in some wooden blocks that adds the beach vibe to the song. The exhaling (ahhh) throughout the song is not creepy nor distracting, instead it reminds listeners of the almost automatic reflex of exhaling with joy after quenching one’s thirst. There are trumpets that come in throughout the song, and clapping and a piano toward the end. They all continue to keep the summer feel and only add a little more instrumental thickness to the song.

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Yankie starts the song off with a smooth flow that adds to the laid back vibe of the music. His verse sets the mood of the song perfectly, which is on the weekend everyone is ready to let loose and enjoy themselves. People are quite different from their work selves and their party selves. Yankie starts out the night, which includes meeting up with your friends at the club.

Beenzino then raps about what happens next in the second verse. In the club drinks are ordered and free flowing, and the lust that comes with the weekend party scene is at an all time high. Beenzino’s rap flow has a bit of punchiness to it, but nothing too extreme or intense to throw off the groove of the song. The tone of his voice gives off the feeling of having a good time and not caring if he breaks the law or not.

Gaeko’s rap is at a slower pace than Yankie and Beezino’s. He crisply articulates each English word with a little more punch than the Korean words. During Gaeko’s verse some of the instrumentals are cut out creating a shift in the song that breaks up the monotony of the music. The change is a cue that tells the listener that there is a slight interruption in the flow of the song, which then encourages the listener to pay more attention.

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Babylon sings the chorus throughout the song and his vocals have a higher pitch and vocal tone. Although his tone is higher, his vocals are full and easy on the ears. Babylon’s vocal quality matches the overall vibe of summertime and having a good time. His falsetto oohs at the end of the song briefly show off his vocals abilities. The chorus clearly shows that he is capable of singing and singing well, but his oohs at the end tease listeners into wanting more music from Babylon.


Cheers not only displays the multiple talents of all of those involved with the song, but it gives listeners happiness and the feeling of being carefree and enjoying one’s self. Whether you listen to Cheers in the summer, the winter, or throughout the entire year, it will always make you feel great and let you escape to a warmer place with friends, fun, and drinks.

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Flash K-Pop Music Video Reviews: Jonghyun, Jung Yonghwa, Mad Clown, From The Airport, Eddy Kim, GFriend

There’s a lot of really great music coming out of Korea nowadays and listening to every chart-topping song, let alone watching every music video, is near impossible. Here at KultScene, we’re going to try something new: Reviews written in the span of the entire music video, inspired by the idea of flash fiction. Once the video stops, the review comes to an end.  These reviews aren’t in depth, and are essentially just first reactions, but it’s a good introduction to many of the songs that you’ll want to check out this week.

Mad Clown Fire

First things first, Hani from EXID is blatant media play since it’s actually Jinsil singing and Hani is just lip-synching. I like the lighting and Hani’s eyes really are mesmerizing so I guess it’s okay, but still kind of sad for Jinsil. The big-band beat and Mad Clown’s rap nicely go together to create a dramatic song that describes the craziness of the lyrics. As usual, Mad Clown doesn’t disappoint with his rap, but instead delivers every line in an aggressive, statement-like way.The lyrics of the song don’t really match the music video, other than showing their craziness, but it’s really beautifully filmed. Jinsil’s voice isn’t too cloying in comparison to Mad Clown’s intense raps, but instead her raspy voice sounds exactly like how a confused, lover should sound. The bleeping and blurring out curses is really amazing for mainstream Korean music, as if Mad Clown is protesting the clean-cut rapping that is prominent in Korea. Overall, I’m impressed.

Eddy Kim My Love

We’re behind scene, and Eddy Kim takes a pause to look at a piano, sits down, and tells the person he’s talking to wait a minute. This piano medley is nice, like something you’d hear in a hotel lobby, and then Eddy Kim’s voice starts up to sing a sweet, powerful melody. The song is really interesting because it uses an orchestra rather than any electronic beats, which are popular nowadays. The singing into the phone while his girlfriend rides a bus is a really cute touch, showing how Eddy feels his love even though they’re apart. It doesn’t really sound like it, but Eddy Kim’s songs always makes me think of Michael Buble. Between the song looking good and Eddy Kim appearing as handsome as ever, My Love is a winner.

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Jonghyun Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

A steady beat mixed with classic piano introduces a song that’s like a pop ballad trying to grow up into a hip-hop track. Jonghyun’s acting and the music video are impressive, but these up-close facial shots are a jarring thanks to these jerky camera movements. He’s singing about being crazy, emphasized by the gas mask and being chained up, but it looks like it’s just an excuse to show off his ripped body. Iron’s speedy rap is a completely different sound from Jonghyun’s breathy falsettos and high notes, which is really a different sound than what I’m used to hear from SHINee, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. The song completely shows off Jonghyun’s best skills, dominating high notes, while the video shows off his body’s best aspects to entice any fan of SHINee to watch. A little bit over the top in general, though, with all of the special effects that aren’t limited to explosions and mechanical giant spiders. But Jonghyun’s a singer first and foremost, and this new style really matches his personality.

GFriend Glass Bead

So here’s the Into The New World similarities, especially the girl that looks like ex-Girls’ Generation member Jessica. The athletic styled outfits, the retro-style sweet pop song is really like something that I’d expect to hear from late 2000’s K-pop girl groups, so I see why everyone’s comparing GFriend to Girls’ Generation. But while the images are similar, the dancing is really impressive. None of the vocalists stand-out particularly, but it’s likely that as GFriend releases more music several of their vocalists will stand out. An all around good song, even though it’s nothing that we’ve never seen before. The concept is cute, sweet, and totally needed in K-pop, which is becoming so overly sexualized that it’s losing the innocence that made songs like Gee and Tell Me viral hits in 2009.

From The Airport Sight

I don’t know if this is supposed to be the response, but when I pressed “play” and heard Sight I wanted to close my eyes. The music video almost demands this, by hiding the two members of From The Airport amid shadows, star-like lights, and occasional bursts of light that essentially blind the camera. The song has a bit of a heavier bass beat than many of From The Airport’s songs, with an occasionally heavy handed rock sound as the backtrack to their heavily synthesized vocals. The profiles of the two members don’t distract from the sound of their song, but aren’t really supposed to be the point of this video. The song climaxes with From The Airport being completely dissolved by light, and then continues with mere music, highlighting not the singers but the sounds themselves.

Jung Yonghwa One Fine Day

Clubbing, two people see each other across the room, and then we wake up in a depressing, green and gray environment. A slightly misleading title? This video is really visually beautiful, I actually feel like it would do well as a magazine spread. Yonghwa’s side profile is really prevalent, and changes his overall style and feel as an actor.The cinematography is really the thing that makes or breaks this video, but it’s a little disappointing as a song overall. This is CNBLUE’s lead singer, who is a popular actor, Yonghwa simply… singing and acting? So what is new to this? Nothing. This could just as easily be a music video for a song from the soundtrack of a drama that Yonghwa is starring in. The song isn’t particularly memorable, although Yonghwa’s voice perfectly depicts the emotion described in the lyrics. It’s a heartfelt song, but if you’re a lead singer with such a distinct voice, just going the ballad route is a little bit boring.

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4 Amazing Talents To Watch For From ‘K-Pop Star 4’

Every season of the SBS’s survival audition program K-Pop Star has us on the edge of our seats. The hidden talent keeps coming up during every run of the show. This competition has given us a lot of artists that we now love, many of whom have had tremendous success in the Korean music industry like Lee Hi, Park Jimin, Akdong Musician, and, the show’s latest winner, Bernard Park. Season 4 so far has us discovering hidden gems with amazing vocals, unique timbres, and even some contestants that are very young but are singing better than professional singers out there. Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment, Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment, and singer-producer Yoo Hee Yeol will surely have a hard time this season to choose the next K-pop star. These five new faces are the new amazing talent that we need to watch for from K-Pop Star 4.

4. Jung Seunghwan

Jung Seunghwan became a hot topic not only in the show but in the music charts in Korea after his performance of Kim Jo Han’s I Want To Fall In Love.” His rendition topped various music charts in Korea. Jung managed to impress all three judges and was even promised by Yoo Hee Yeol himself to have a spot on his music show, Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. His voice full of emotions, which is perfect for gayo (Korean popular music,) has made other competitors fear to go up against Jung Seunghwan, and has the viewers falling in love and supporting him. Keep an eye on the judges; Jung’s performances has one ending up in tears.

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3. Lily M.

Lily M. is one of the youngest and most talented singers on K-Pop Star 4. She is a Korean-Australian actress-singer that has the judges falling in love with her every time she performs. Her unique raspy voice, falsettos, and her natural control over breathing while she sings has Park Jin Young amazed at what she can do at such a young age. Yang Hyun Suk has picked her as his favorite this season, and has stated many times how he wants to train her at YG Entertainment. Did we mention that Lily M. is only twelve years old? Imagine what she will be able to do when she’s older and after proper training! We just cannot wait for her to debut formally as a singer.

2. Lee Jin-Ah

As soon as Lee Jin-Ah opened her mouth she had not only the judges and guest panelist amazed, but also all the shows viewers amazed. Her unique voice when she spoke had everyone wondering how her voice would change once she sang. To the surprise of everyone watching, her unique voice also translated to a unique vocal style, which everyone fell in love with. Yoo Hee Yeol even said during her first audition that her voice was like a fresh breathe of air. Not only did her voice impress everyone that witnessed her audition but her self-composed song also impressed everyone. Her songwriting skills so simple but accompanied by the keyboard and her music arrangement, Lee Jin Ah’s song made such an interesting combination that left everyone who listened to it wanting more. Park Jin Young himself couldn’t even seem to categorize her in any genre and said how she is a complete new genre of music that he has never heard of. The childish tone in Lee’s voice makes everyone rejoice and have a nostalgic reaction to her music.

1. Grace Shin

27-year-old New Yorker, Grace Shin had previously auditioned for the show, but due to visa problems she wasn’t able to be part of the show. As a true comeback kid, Grace came back and auditioned again. She had previously managed to impress only Park Jin Young in her New York audition, but this time around she impressed all of the judges. Her vocal range is so high that even Yang Hyun Suk commented that her skills are better than those of many established recording artists. She was only criticized for not showing enough emotion during her first audition, but starting in the ranking auditions she proved the naysayers wrong by showing the judges that she can convey emotion with her features while she sings. Her powerful vocals will surely keep her in the competition and could lead to her taking one of the top spots.

Bonus Video:

Here’s an amazing rendition of 2PM’s Again & Again by Grace Shin and Lee Bong Yeon that had Park Jin Young, who wrote the song, amazed by their version.

This season of K-Pop Star has many unique incredible talents. We can anticipate that the live shows will leave us all in shock with everyone’s performances but make sure to keep an eye on this four contestants.

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9 K-Pop Songs for Twerking pt. 2

Even if twerking is still frowned upon by people in Korea and abroad, it hasn’t prevented K-pop artists from releasing songs suited for this type of dance. The perfect track to twerk to needs to have a hard and heavy beat — bonus points for a bass drop. And in an era where hip hop is beginning to adopt EDM music more and more (um, hello Diplo!), the repertoire extends. So in order to keep the list going, we came up with a second installment of best K-pop songs to twerk to.

1. f(x) Rainbow

When one thinks of twerking, the aggressive and hard motions are the first thing that comes to mind. But in order to get to that point, we need to start somewhere. f(x) is not a sexy or even hip hop group, but the beat on Rainbow gives way for some slower, cuter twerking.

kpop twerking songs jimin

via funnykpopdotcom

2. TOP Turn it Up

In order to segway into a sexier yet still slow paced twerk, Turn it Up is a good choice. For his duo project with GD, TOP flexed his way through the whole song with his signature deep, husky voice. This together with the jumpy beat created a great contrast that’s easy to follow.

kpop twerking songs wassup

via fywassup @ Tumblr

3. EXO-K Two Moons

EXO is probably one of the most unthinkable groups to release a twerk-ready song, and yet, they released Two Moons in their first mini-album. The song is the only one in their discography with a strong hip hop influence, lead by the rapping of the members and SHINee’s Key. Two Moons is also jumpy, and the chant-like “hey’s” emphasize and set an explicit mark for twerking.

kpop twerking songs hyuna

via Tumblr

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4. WA$$UP Shut Up U

WA$$UP were named “twerk dolls” since their debut, and while their first music video included a whole lot of booty shaking, there wasn’t much of twerking. Not only that, but music and vocals were a bit all over the place. That changed with their latest relase Shut Up U, which sounds like f(x)’s Rainbow with a dancehall spin. The difference in tempos in the track allow for differet twerking speeds.

kpop twerking songs top

by yellowgiant


MADTOWN debuted last year after a few teasers with a song written by the same guy who wrote EXO’s Growl. With that being said, it came as no surprise when the guy’s debut track YOLO had great groove and flow and a great beat to twerk to. The chorus gives way to a fast tempo, fun twerking opportunity complete with “YOLO” verses.

kpop twerking songs secret

via Tumblr

6. G-Dragon Niliria feat. Missy Elliott

Having built up momentum, Niliria is where the party really begins. G-Dragon and Missy Elliott’s different rap flows and the change in beats, like Shut Up U, lets the twerking go from slow to hard to deep to slow again throughout the whole song, potentially creating a Bohemian Rhapsody of twerk.

kpop twerking songs wassup

via hungryapp

7. GD X Taeyang Good Boy

What happens when you mix EDM with R&B and rapping? A GD and Taeyang song, of course. The ‘88 liners teamed up this year to release a club banger perfect for twerking, especially the hook. The tempo is fast, the beat hard, and it calls for the volume to be turned up.

kpop twerking songs minzy

via onehallyu

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8. Masta Wu Come Here feat. Dok2 and Bobby

Continuing with YG Entertainment releases, Masta Wu came back last year with Come Here. Right off the bat and without a warning, the song opens with fast paced claps. Each of the guy’s verses have a more fluid flow than the hook. Other than twerking and booty clapping, there can’t be a better suited dance for this particular song.

kpop twerking songs nari wassup

via hungryapp

9. 2PM Superman

Continuing with the hip hop and EDM hybrids comes Superman by 2PM members Jun.K and Wooyoung. Yep, you read that right, not Taecyeon or Nichkhun, but the group’s vocalists. Like Go Crazy!, Superman is a fun song that makes you want to let loose. However, this song has that special beat and change in tempos and flows that make it the best canvas for a twerking masterpiece.

kpop twerking songs exo kai

via Tumblr

What’s your favorite song for twerking, even if you don’t twerk per se? We’d love to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

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Best BTS SoundCloud Songs

[Disclaimer: Some of the content below contains profanity.]

BTS is, without a doubt, a very talented group. The majority, if not all, of the members have a hand in the writing of their songs, and some of them have even ventured into producing music. But before these seven talented guys became a huge success, they were writing and recording demos. Luckily for us, some of those have made it onto their SoundCloud. With a total of 21 tracks on the site, BTS gives fans a little bit of everything. Singing, rapping, singing and rapping, great beats, and catchy tunes. The following highlights a few tracks from BTS’ SoundCloud that you should listen to.

1. Beautiful

Beautiful displays the rapping and singing skills that BTS as a group holds. The sound and music is light and enticing. The boys’ younger, more raw vocals truly showcase the base for their talent. The rapping isn’t too harsh, which parallels the soft vocals throughout the song.

2. Born Singer

Born Singer is another of the singing/rapping tracks on BTS’ SoundCloud. Similar to Beautiful, Born Singer, again, highlights the groups’ individual skills and skills as a cohesive group. The rapping is much more intense and hard hitting, whereas the singing is softer and more delicate.

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3. Monterlude

The next song only showcases Rap Monster’s skills. But instead of highlighting his impressive rapping, Monterlude introduces fans to Rap Monster the vocalist. Now, he does not have the strongest vocals in the group, but the way he delivers the lyrics to Monterlude perfectly embodies the emotion of the song.

4. All I Do Is Win

We have to give Suga some love, his solo rap track All I Do Is Win displays his quick rap with an attractive beat. The song may be short but it perfectly embodies Suga as a rapper. He is hard hitting, fierce, and confident in his delivery.

5. Rap Monster

Similar to Suga’s solo is one of Rap Monster’s many solos on their SoundCloud, Rap Monster. The song personifies the young rapper. The beat is the first thing we hear and it immediately grabs you for the entirety of the song. Rap Monster’s delivery, at first, is steady and crisp. As the short solo continues, he quickly increases his words per beat for a portion of the song, which perfectly shows off his impressive rap skills.

6. 어른아이

Rap Monster, Suga, and Jin are the perfect combo to pull off this style of song. Jin’s soft vocals perfectly match the high pitched piano, while Rap Monster and Suga’s deep and raspy voices beautifully create contrast and add another layer to the already good song.

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7. Too Much

The beginning of Too Much is something completely different than what you might expect from someone who calls himself ‘Rap Monster.’ Sampling Drake’s song by the same name, the introduction immediately grabs you with the hollow piano and Rap Monster’s raw vocals at the chorus. He goes between his impressive singing and flawless rapping throughout the song. Too Much is a beautiful song that impressively showcases the leader’s multiple talents.

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The Colors Of K-Pop: Orange

Next up in our Colors of K-Pop line-up, the color orange!

Even though orange is the next in the rainbow’s acronym Roy G. Biv, it is not a color that is extremely popular in South Korean music. Only a few songs had the song title,

Seo Taiji Orange

Korea’s King of Culture Seo Taiji recently made headlines for his 2014 comeback and appearance at MAMA 2014, but its song Orange that we’re highlighting today. From Seo Taiji’s 2000 album Ultramania, the song features Seo Taiji’s typical metal-synthpop style. Orange is not one of Seo Taiji’s most well-known songs, but it’s definitely worthy of listening to.

Orange Caramel Playlist

The number one search term in South Korean music and the word “orange” was, unsurprisingly, Orange Caramel! If you haven’t listened to Orange Caramel’s zany songs yet, here’s a playlist for your listening pleasure. The playlist includes top hits by Orange Caramel, including Lipstick, Aing, and more.

Kwon Sohyun Orange

4Minute’s youngest member Sohyun may look a little different to you now, but when she debuted as a member of the young girl group Orange, she still had a lot of her charge. The group’s debut music video is absolutely sweet and adorable. Unfortunately, Orange disbanded due to numerous anti-fan cafes, but Sohyun ended up debuting with popular girl group 4Minute.

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The Colors Of K-Pop: Red

K-Pop is a musical genre that is as colorful as music can be. There are a lot of bright colors in music videos, K-Pop acts with color in their name, etc. Here are some of the most popular songs in Korea that have the color red in their name.

HyunA Red

You may know this song. It has over 16 million views on YouTube, and Hyuna’s Red made a lot of headlines for its sex-filled concept. Red reached number one on several music charts, and the music video stayed atop of China’s Yin Yue Tai V-Chart for four days. The rapid-fire rap, HyunA’s twerking, and electronic-EDM-hip-hop elements seems like a mess at first, but Red is an enthralling song, filled with red-related passion.


One of SMTOWN’s from 2006, multiple SM Entertainment artists including TVXQ, BoA, Kangta, The TRAX, Super Junior etc. lent their voices to the song. Some of the artists are no longer active or have since left the company (the three members of JYJ, ex-Super Junior members, The TRAX, Black Beat, CSJH The Grace,) but the song is still an upbeat summer song that will make you want to head to the beach and enjoy the sun. Fun fact: Pre-Girls’ Generation SM Entertainment had only less than ten active female singers.

Shinhwa Red Carpet

Shinhwa may be one of the longest running groups in K-Pop, which made its comeback in 2012 after a four year break. On that comeback album, The Return, Red Carpet stood out as a strong dance track. The song was written by member Minwoo (known as M,) and is a synth-dance mix up that emphasizes Shinhwa’s vocal line.

f(x) Red Light

One of the most experimental songs out of SM Entertainment in years is f(x)’s hit song Red Light. The song is an electronic house song with a rhythmic beat that is addictive. Red Light‘s promotional period was cut short due to member Sulli going on hiatus, but it still did well on multiple music charts, including reaching the top 5 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart.

IU Red Shoes

A song meant to show the transition of IU from Korea’s little sister to a more mature singer, Red Shoes describes a woman trying to find her way. Red Shoes uses a big band sound, evoking swing and jazz music. It, and other songs from IU’s Modern Times album, won multiple awards and gained much acclaim in South Korea.

Heyne Red Lie

Not to be confused with Hyuna, Hyene is an up-and-coming solo singer. Her cute voice may be typecast to sickeningly sweet love songs, but Red Lie is anything but, with lyrics like “love please go away.” The song and cinematography of Red Lie are really unique and definitely worth listening to. Fun fact: There’s very little red in the video. Perhaps a shout out to red being the color of lies, as the title suggests.

Son Dambi Red Candle

Composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun, Son Dambi’s Red Candle is a sophisticated track that depicts celebrity life. The gentle intro into the song seduces the listener to the gentle Latin-fusion style that’s different than Son Dambi’s typical dance song. Dance is prevalent and the music video is absolutely beautiful with a black-and-white film noir feel to it.

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K-Pop Stand Out Remixes Part 2

There are so many K-Pop remixes that stand out for us here at KultScene that we just had to continue our list of stand out remixes. Whether you feel like twerking or just dancing like crazy with any of the remixes, this time around the list went a little more club influenced. Making it the best additions to your personal K-Pop dance party playlist.

1. T-ARA – Sugar Free (Aeria Remix)

When T-ARA released their comeback single Sugar Free it gained the attention of many fans and the media due to plagiarism claims. Aeria’s remix for Sugar Free really makes the listeners forget about those past allegations and enjoy the good and addicting chorus of the song. The trance remix blends in very well with the original voice track and makes it remix that is perfect for the club.

2. 2PM – Go Crazy (BOYTOY Crazy Remix)

If 2PM’s Go Crazy wasn’t danceable enough, BOYTOY’s remix gets the track ready for the clubs or a fun night out with your friends. The remix is packed with electronic and dubstep beats that create a chaotic track that goes well with the title of the song. This crazy remix includes a few clapping sounds that make the listener feel that you are watching 2PM live. If you really think about it, this could have been a very good rendition for one of 2PM’s stages.

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3. 2NE1 – Happy (Aeria Remix)

Yes, we have another Aeria remix on our list, but we just can’t help it. Their remixes are very well produced and they have remixes of the best songs in K-Pop. 2NE1’s Happy is one of my favorite songs from their CRUSH album, and when I found this remix, I instantly fell in love. The bubbly feeling and happy vibe of the song translate perfectly into the remixed track.

4. Mino – I’m Him (Mr. Haneul Remix)

Feeling like you want to twerk? Mr. Haneul remix of Mino’s solo song, I’m Him, from WINNER’s debut album brings out the twerking vibes from the original song. The trap in the remix makes the listeners wants to dance, twerk, wiggle, or whatever style of dance you feel like doing while listening to this track.

5. EXID – Every Night (Moises Karo Remix)

EXID’s Every Night remix by Moises Karo really brings out the sexiness of the song. He took the ringing phone theme of the song and made the listeners feel like you are in a sexy phone conversation with the ladies of EXID. If you listen carefully, the vocals and the sound of the ringing phone change to the left and right speakers through the remix creating a sense of desperation, like when you are hearing your phone ring, and you can’t find it. Which, in a way, if something is unavailable to you, it makes you want it even more. The strong bass through the track ties in the remix combined with the different arrangement of the girls’ vocals, making it a very sexy and sultry house track.

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SAINT & G-BUCK – Gijibae

Saint & G-Buck collaborated to create a remix that samples CL’s The Baddest Female. Diplo and CL even sampled this track on their SIA 2014 performance, and it gained a lot of recognition for it. The remix uses CL’s chorus of the song and Saint & G-Buck loop it throughout the song and blend it with amazing trap beats.

Below is CL’s and Diplo’s performance in SIA 2014. CL even did a live cover of Diplo’s Revolution that slayed the original version.

Will you be adding any of this remixes to your K-Pop dance party playlist? Which one was your favorite remix? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

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5 Overlooked Female K-Pop Singles

Is there anything worse than discovering a song and then realizing that it has not received the love and support it deserves? In short, yes, but for the purpose of this article, no, there is nothing worse than that discovery. Below is a short, and by no means complete, list of overlooked K-Pop singles by female artists. Theses ladies, in most respects, get shafted quite a bit and we wanted to shed light on a few hidden gems of the K-Pop music scene.

HELLOVENUS- What Are You Doing Today?

HELLOVENUS’ What Are You Doing Today? was released in December 2012. Even though it is a fun song that may not be everyone’s style, the peppy, synth-dominant music will grab your attention during your first listen. But, the girls’ vocals will either pull you in more or make you turn and run the other way. Make sure to give the song a chance! The song perfectly embodies the phrase, “bubblegum pop;” the sweet, innocent vocals are prominent throughout the chorus. Leading up to the chorus, the girls only give listeners a small fraction of the sweetness they are about to unload.

About two-thirds of the way through, the song starts to get repetitive. But there is a saving grace, the rapping. In a song like this rap verses are not expected. The rapping is perfectly placed. It breaks up the monotony of the song and adds rock guitar to the instrumental. HELLOVENUS’ What Are You Doing Today? is a fun song that should be in everyone’s music library.

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Kiss&Cry- Domino Game

From the opening musical and vocal notes, it’s clear that Domino Game and Kiss&Cry are different from the mainstream female K-Pop acts. There’s something familiar about the style of Domino Game, yet one cannot put a finger upon what it is. The music utilizes horns on top of a pop, ballroom dancing-style beat. This creates a sound that is current, but not widely used in K-Pop.

The ladies’ vocals sound great together and individually. But together they create a force of power that rings through the speakers. Domino Game is a song that does not sound like any other K-Pop song. The use of the horns, the guitar, and ballroom dancing-style music helps make the song stand out. It’s so unfortunate that the group has disbanded.

D-UNIT- Talk To My Face

There is a lot going on music-wise and in the music video, but somehow it all works. If you just listen to Talk To My Face you will notice there are a lot of sound effects and layers of music throughout the song. Although there is a lot musically, the vocals are never compromised. Even when watching the music video, which also has a lot going on, the vocals and dancing are still the highlight of the video.

Talk To My Face is a song that will make you get up and dance. You simply can’t sit still while listening to this song. The music video adds to the song, but the song is also capable of standing on its own. The music video has a fun video concept, a lot of bright colors, and a fun dance. When Talk To My Face first came out, I was surprised and impressed. The vocals are not overly sweet, but they aren’t fierce either. They fit the group’s image for this particular song and create a pleasant listening experience.

퍼펄즈 (Purfles)- 1,2,3

Who is 퍼펄즈 (Purfles) you may ask? To be honest, we’re not really sure here at KultScene. They just appeared out of no where and debuted with this amazing song. 1,2,3 showcases these talented ladies’ vocals as well as gives K-Pop fans, and music fans in general, a strong dance track.

From the opening acapella notes to the strong club beat, 1,2,3 is a diamond in the rough of constant releases of K-Pop songs. These ladies are fierce and show it through their powerful vocals and their dancing in the music video. 1,2,3 is a song that will be on repeat.

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Mamamoo ft. Bumkey- Don’t Be Happy

Mamamoo is one of the most underrated girl groups to come out of K-Pop. Although their debut was only this year (2014), they deserve much more recognition and popularity, hopefully in time.

Don’t Be Happy was a pre-debut release single and is actually different than the album version (Bumkey has a more prominent role on the album version). Don’t Be Happy showcases the ladies’ soulful and powerful vocals. Mamamoo’s style is different than other K-Pop groups and songs currently out. Swing and jazz are major influences,which add to the refreshing style of the quartet. I really cannot say enough about Mamamoo or Don’t Be Happy. And once you listen to the song and hear their amazing vocals, you will understand why.

There are many female K-Pop singles that have been overlooked throughout the years. What are some that you enjoy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.