Best Music Video FASHION OCT releases

Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: October Releases

October saw very interesting fashion in the music video releases that had audiences oohing and ahhing. As we’ve seen time and time again, fashion can be used as a tool, and K-Pop stylists are always surprising us with fun outfits. The favorites this month include the debuts by Strawberry Milk and MADTOWN, as well as the different sides of Zhoumi and Red Velvet.

These are our picks for the best music video fashion among the K-pop releases during October:


MADTOWN YOLO Best Music Video Fashion

Images via Official MV

The newest boy group from J. Tune Camp, MADTOWN, debuted this past October with a very youthful image and sound. The boys dressed in typical idol group fashion, graphic shirts, jeans, caps, and flannels wrapped around their waists, to give them that playful and youthful image. They wore old and new Givenchy pieces scattered on their wardrobe and look quite stunning in their black and white outfits. The styling makes the boys approachable and sexy with a edgy-cool vibe. Did I mention how addicting the song is?

Red Velvet- Be Natural

Red Velvet Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV and SM Entertainment Official Facebook

Red Velvet switched their bubbly image in Happiness for a more sexy and mature look. The girls came back with a cover of the late ‘90s female group S.E.S.’s Be Natural, accompanied with a very sensual choreography. In the music video, they dressed in fitted suits and heels, while their hair went back to a natural dark brown, no longer sporting the different color ombre. This look gives the girls a sense of self confidence and a very powerful image.

And even though they executed this new image well, it was a little bit confusing for a lot of fans. Red Velvet is a rookie group that debuted with youthful and playful looks, and then came back with an image that not even their seniors like Girls’ Generation has ever done. Now, the expectations for Red Velvet’s new concept are very high, and we can’t wait to see what their next image will be.

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Epik High- Born Hater

Epik High Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

Epik High came back with a highly successful track, Born Hater. The song not only featured a great concept for their music video but had amazing stellar collaborations with Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Song Mino, Bobby, and B.I. This music video had one of the best stylings that I have seen in a very long time. The styling concept for each character in the video are spot on. Each character represents one of the seven deadly sins, and if you look closely to each of their styling, you can clearly see how their outfits really represent what sin they are. For a deeper understanding of conceptual music video check out our review of Epik High’s Born Hater.

ToppDogg- Annie

ToppDogg Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

The ‘90s fever doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Case point, ToppDogg released a new music video where the styling, the concept of the video, and the music are a perfect nod to all those acts that we loved growing up in the ‘90s. Their big baggy jeans and shirts all tie together perfectly with their hair styles. ToppDogg reminded us of bands like Seo Taiji & The Boys and H.O.T. with the choreography and styling. The song itself was also very fun and catchy. It made a few of KultScene’s writers fall in love with ToppDogg.

Super Junior- This is Love

Super Junior Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

This is Love by Super Junior has the members dressed up in coordinated suits. This music video really showcases how the group has become more mature and left their boyish images behind. Through the song, the men of Super Junior showcase their manly charisma and took everyone’s breath away. The black and gray color blocked suits really bring out a sexy yet serious side to the group. Even Heechul with that long hair wig looks handsome, as it gives him a sultry rocker vibe along with the wide brimmed hat. But overall, who doesn’t love a man in a beautiful, tailored suit?

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Strawberry Milk- ‘OK

Strawberry Milk Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

Strawberry Milk is a Crayon Pop sub-unit that debuted this past October, consisting of twins Choa and Way. The music video is an explosion of color, and the styling reminds us of that of Orange Caramel. The funky accessories and props really stand out through the video, thus creating perfect outfits that can easily be cosplayed. The overall styling of the twins is feminine and has them in flirty silhouettes, like tier dresses and puffy circle skirts that emulate fruits. There are even some cute pajamas in the music video, and all their hairstyles are cute.

Zhoumi – Rewind

Zhoumi Best Music Video Fashion October

Images via Official MV

There is no denying that Zhoumi is a very handsome man with a great frame. But on his music video for his solo debut Rewind he assured us of how beautiful he is indeed. The makeup and styling go perfectly well together and enhance both his feminine and masculine features.

Moreover, his tall and lean body showcase the clothes perfectly. He’s styled in various smart pieces (trousers and blazers), but they have different prints that really makes them unique. My favorite look is when he is wearing the leather biker jacket, turtle neck, chelsea boots, and leather pants with zipper and quilted details; he looks sexy and masculine in a Brit punk kind of way. Even Chanyeol who is featured in the song and music video has very interesting outfits. The printed jacket that he has over his shoulders is to die for. And can we talk about that shirtless seen at the end? It surely had us rewinding the music video just to see that scene over and over again…

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