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Podcast Guide For Fans of All Things Korean Pop Culture

Korean Pop Culture Podcasts You Must Listen To It seems like a day doesn’t go by without me overhearing a conversation between two people about what podcasts they’re listening to.Hit podcast “Serial” may have started the trend, but now we’re seeing a full-blown podcast industry where many popular topics are getting covered daily by experts […]

Intro to KNK

Five was once the magic number of K-pop boy bands, but it’s been quite some time since quintets were a thing in K-pop. Bigbang, B1A4, FTISLAND, and, after the departure Hyunseung, BEAST are some of the few popular active acts to have only five members nowadays. And now we have KNK, a new boy band […]

5 Things To Know About Toronto Kpop Con 2016

It’s been said before, but it seems like this is the time to be a North American fan of Korean music. The next few months in particular are introducing an influx of Korean acts performing in front of American, Canadian, and Mexican audience. This year, there will be not one or two but numerous K-pop […]

4 Modern Takes on Traditional Korean Hanbok That We Love

Music, films, television shows, and food are some of the mainstays of Korean pop culture nowadays. With more and more interest in South Korean society than ever before (just open up Sephora’s website!), it’s hard to avoid some aspects of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) in our daily lives. While Japanese kimonos and Chinese cheongsams being […]