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Review: Block B Showcase in New York

Early Sunday evening in the middle of nowhere Long Island, Block B held their first showcase in New York. The seven member idol group played at NYCB Westbury Music Theater in Long Island, which was a bit of a hassle to get to for many fans. Buses were arranged to bring fans who met up in New […]

The English Club In K-Pop

Expats living abroad in the same country tend to bond with one another, and that’s definitely true about Korean idols who speak English. Whether because of similar work activities (like working at Arirang, Korea’s English language channel), or simply because they lived similar lives at one point, transitioning from Western society to becoming iconic Korean […]

Let’s Discuss: Why Does ZE:A Get So Little Love?

ZE:A is one of the best, most consistent idol groups out there today. The group has several amazing songs, and some duds, but since their debut in 2010, ZE:A has struggled to place in charts to reach the fans. Even its recent song, Breathe, has gained little attention. The group has filmed over 20 music videos since debuting, featured in […]

K-Pop: Korean Music or Music From Korea?

K-Pop is definitely a distinct genre from Western music, but it’s not exactly Korean music either. Obviously, K-Pop is created in Korea, but it’s not like there’s anything unique about it. It may not sound like mainstream Western music (meaning American music), but Western producers write many K-Pop songs. SM Entertainment in particular makes use of […]