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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/03/14-08/09/13

In case you may have missed some of the latest released songs and music videos, KPOPme has you covered. Here’s a look at all of the K-Pop releases from the first week of August. This week has given us songs by artists including SPICA, VIXX, Lyn, Brown Eyed Girls, seen debuts by Rok Kiss and […]

Let’s Discuss: Is JYP Still One Of The Big 3?

This is a bit of a loaded question – JYP Entertainment has been one of the three most prominent entertainment companies in the K-Pop industry for years, and it’s still treated as such. However, nowadays, the main competition is between YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment, and it’s worth looking at why exactly this is the […]

K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 07/27-08/02/14

Once a week, KPOPme will post a list with all the latest music videos and singles released. We will aim to recompile every single song  each week, but between the multitude of K-Pop groups and OSTs released weekly, sometimes we’ll miss something. Please let us know if we do! We aim to please. Here are the release […]

Intro To Red Velvet

SM Entertainment’s upcoming girl group is raising a lot of expectations, but most people don’t really know anything about the four members of Red Velvet. After doing a little bit of digging, here’s what is known about Red Velvet. The four members, Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, and Joy, have all been part of SM Entertainment for […]

Let’s Discuss: Sulli & f(x)’s Future

For some time prior to the actual announcement, fans were wondering where Sulli was. While idols sometimes miss a promotional cycle due to injury or illness, it is extremely rare for an idol to just disappear without any warning. When Sulli stopped appearing with f(x) to promote Red Light, fans assumed that it was a […]

Let’s Discuss: INFINITE & The SM-Woollim Merger

Let’s go back a little less than a year ago in Seoul: INFINITE gets up on stage at the first night of their world tour, performs a bit, and then starts to talk. With tears on their eyes, they apologize and promise fans that things won’t change, and swear that INFINITE will always be INFINITE. No, a member […]

Artist Spotlight: Dickpunks

K-Pop may be the most popular thing coming out of Korea today, but Korean rock bands are gradually becoming more and more popular. Dickpunks is one of Korea’s most popular bands right now, so here’s an introduction for everyone who may not know them. First, the name. Freaking hilarious. Second, there’s no way to describe […]