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Teen Top “Ah-Ah” Music Video & Song Review

The bright boys of Teen Top are back with an entrancing dance track and music video titled “Ah-Ah” fresh off its sixth mini album, “Natural Born.” Check them out as they bring the true meaning of funk back! Song “Ah-Ah” has an upbeat disco funky tune which is reminiscent of music from the ‘90s. Despite […]

5 English Covers by Korean Male Singers Pt. 2

How did you discover your favorite artist? Was it through a TV show, or by word of mouth? Surprisingly enough, a lot of my favorite artists, whether they’re solo artists or in a group, I discovered on YouTube. Usually while rummaging through random song covers. It starts off with a cover that they’re singing from […]

BoA ‘Kiss My Lips’ Music Video & Song Review

Hear ye, hear ye, the queen is back and looking more radiant than ever! BoA wrote, composed, and produced all 12 tracks on her eight Korean studio album and title track Kiss My Lips. Let’s see what this veteran idol has in store for us in commemoration of her 15th year anniversary.

MR.MR “Out” Music Video & Song Review

After11 months since their last single MR.MR, the chic idols of the industry, is back with its second mini album and title track, Out, along with the addition of two new members, Sanghyun and Jaemin. Aside from the departure from the group of youngest member, Ryu, back in March of this year, there has been little talk of what […]