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6 Songs to Get You Ready For B.A.P’s Comeback

B.A.B.Y’s worldwide can finally rejoice because B.A.P’s long awaited comeback is finally underway! After a turbulent and what felt like a never ending 12 months, the guys are finally back and is set to release their latest music video for “Young, Wild & Free” on November 15th. In order to properly prep you for this […]

How Beenzino Differs To Other Korean Hip Hop Artists

There are two prominent types of Korean hip hop artists; the one group of artists who are lyrically deep and poetic in their rhymes and the group that’ll immensely try to mimic and imitate American hip hop. Korean hip hop artists are either swagged out from head to toe — rocking snapbacks, sporting various designer […]

GOT7’s ‘If You Do’ Music Video & Song Review

Is Park Jinyoung (founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment) prepping Got7 into becoming the next 2PM? The probability is high considering the guys of Got7 are stepping away from their cute and somersaulting high kicks concepts into a more mature and sexier phase in their careers with their latest music video and song “If You […]

Artist Spotlight: Kevin Kim (ZE:A)

What makes you love a group? How do you choose a bias? Or is it in the opposite order? Do you unexpectedly stumble upon a member and then find yourself falling in utter and complete love, to later on being converted into that person’s’ actual band? Sometimes, that’s the best way to do it. Discovering […]