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Best December 2015 K-Pop Releases

It’s December – or at least it was – which means it’s time for the big labels to churn out their holiday ballads and festive company music videos. They’re usually cute and fun to watch, but unfortunately they’re also usually nothing sensational as well. Last year, one of our writers wrote about how scarce and […]

Artist Spotlight: DMTN

For a group who debuted five years ago and whose members each have an extensive track record, DMTN is one K-pop boy group who has yet to see any remarkable success in comparison to their juniors. It also doesn’t help that the group has been MIA for two and a half years now, which is […]

7 Uniquely Shot K-Pop Music Videos

Does the song make the K-pop music video or does the K-pop music video make the song? Of course, a good song should always be able to stand on its own, with the accompanying music video only serving as a mnemonic aid, so the answer might seem obvious to some. But consider the following uniquely […]

KCON 2015 NY’s M! Countdown Concert Recap

This year’s KCON might have been the best one to date for American K-pop fans as they learned that not only would the annual event in Los Angeles be expanding into a three day experience and moving into the legendary Staples Center, but that it would also become bi-coastal. For the first time in its […]

Which BIGBANG ‘MADE’ Letter Are You? [QUIZ]

Yes! BIGBANG is back! Most definitely, incredible! After a number of solo activities, the kings of K-pop are here again to reclaim their thrones. From the months of May to August, the group has been putting out several single albums titled ‘M,’ ‘A,’ ‘D,’ and ‘E,’ respectively, and has been achieving wide commercial success. Even […]

The Future of Virtual Reality in K-Pop

When it comes to innovations in music, K-pop is one genre that does it best. The Internet was sent into a frenzy recently when popular idol group INFINITE released an alternate version of their latest music video for “Bad.” Just what made this particular video so groundbreaking was its use of 360 degree virtual reality […]