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Playlist Sunday: Spring

We’re already a few weeks into Spring, but it has only started to really feel like it. The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the lively, lovey-dovey K-pop songs about love being in the air are rolling out. That’s why for this week’s playlist we’re welcoming Spring with our favorite […]

Playlist Sunday: Kisses

Kisses and kissing aren’t always openly talked about in the K-pop music scene. But there are many songs about first kisses and kissing in general. They can be as innocent as a peck on the cheek or as steamy as a full on lip-to-lip, tongue-to-tongue contact. Sometimes these kissing songs aren’t as blatant as others, […]

Playlist Sunday: Favorite Engrish Lyrics

Every English-speaking K-pop fan had a relief moment when they realized they could sing along to their favorite songs because they had lyrics they could understand. These, however, did not always make sense. More than being coherent sentences, they were more like words in English that sounded good or rhymed. We have come to call […]

Playlist Sunday: YOLO

Life can get overwhelming real fast –that’s no surprise. But in the midst of it all, we shouldn’t forget to unwind, let loose, and live in the moment, you know, just say YOLO from time to time. That’s why for this week’s Playlist Sunday we’ve decided to carpe diem –seize the day– and compile a […]

Playlist Sunday: International Women’s Day

Say what you will about pop music, but people all around the world look to mainstream music and artists for role models. And while we’ll always find negative messages and images, it’s important to highlight the positive ones. That’s why for this week’s playlist, we’re honoring the empowering K-pop tunes to celebrate International Women’s Day […]

Playlist Sunday: Animal Edition

This week, KultScene’s staff highlights some of our favorite animal-influenced songs. While some songs are more closely related to animals, whether it be their title or the outfits that the singers wear while performing or the lyrics of the song, these six songs from TVXQ, EXO, T-ara, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon will hopefully make you […]

Playlist Sunday: ‘90s Jams

The ‘90s were a monumental period for K-pop. Idol groups were just beginning and hitting it big with the teenagers and younger generation of the time. Aside from the popularity of the singers, the music, clothing, and music videos perfectly depict the trends of the ‘90s in South Korea, which was similar in different parts […]

Win Korean Cultural Books from Tuttle Publishing

KultScene joined up with Tuttle Publishing to get you a taste of Korean culture. For the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing reviews of some popular Tuttle prints, starting with Lawrence Tabak’s young adult novel, In Real Life. And don’t worry, we have you covered also. Enter now to win one of four books! Anyone in […]

Playlist Sunday: Heroes

Having picked villains as last week’s Playlist Sunday theme, we thought we had to offer the antithesis for this one. So, naturally, we all came up with a few songs that use heroes as the theme in the song itself or the music video. Our picks range from crime fighting super women to the group […]