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Rock Bottom on Top in London [INTERVIEW]

Sitting in the venue’s pub, World’s End in London, a few hours before the show I started to feel vibrations in my chest and feet. Although loud, it was clearly not due to the heavy metal being played in the bar. I realised soon after that it was the soundcheck of the people I was here […]

NCT U’s ‘The 7th Sense’ & ‘Without You’ Music Video & Song Review

SM Entertainment have long had an image of a more sweet and safe counterpart to YG Entertainment’s edgy western influenced looks and sounds. SM, however, have built their foundation on truly innovative concepts all based in more palatable (for a Korean audience) pop music. Songs like TVXQ’s “Rising Sun” and Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A […]

Artist Spotlight: 4Ten

When 4Ten released their first album “Jack of All Trades” earlier this month, the title and tracklist got me thinking about their career so far. The term “Jack of All Trades” when referred to pop groups brings to my mind groups like 4minute, SHINee, and TVXQ. Groups with talent across the board or talent so […]

4minute ‘Hate’ Music Video & Song Review

Looking like a schoolyard gang and Posh Spice cosplayers, 4minute return with yet another big track, “Hate”. Produced by Skrillex, it follows “Crazy” into chaotic banger territory but with a certain pristine quality. Again, unfounded comparisons between YG Entertainment artists are bouncing around due to the sound and look of the music video. As we […]