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5 Most Social Media Savvy K-pop Idols

The use of social media is steadily increasing along with the development of smartphones in our world and K-pop idols are no exception. Social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram aren’t just platforms for idols to update their fans about their activities, they also help to break the physical barrier separating us from them, […]

5 Tear-Inducing K-Drama OSTs Pt. 2

If you ask me what makes a good K-drama, rather than a star-studded cast or a fresh storyline, my answer would be a good soundtrack. OSTs (original soundtracks) are instrumental to dramas because they create the appropriate mood for the various scenes which play out, thus adding a lot of vibrance and emotion to the […]

Artist Spotlight: Yoon Hyun Sang

SBS’s “K-pop Star” has had four seasons so far, and each season produces fresh new talent for the ever expanding Kpop industry. The winners of said competition normally achieve commercial success when they make their debut (think Akdong Musician and Bernard Park) but what happens to the rest of the contestants who do not make […]

Which TWICE Member Are You? [Quiz]

Competition reality show “Sixteen” aired its finale 2 weeks ago and amidst much controversy, JYP’s new girl group TWICE was formed. The group was designated from the start to have seven members, but at the end of the competition two previously eliminated members were added, resulting in the group to have a total of nine people. […]